Best Underwear for Summer

There’s no better feeling than the warm sun on our skin, and we’re giving some serious thought to what else will be touching our skin this summer.

Since we’re breaking out of our work from home routine, the underwear we’ve been wearing this past year probably needs an update.

No matter what you’re looking for, we have you covered. Whether you’re looking for a little more coverage or simply want to banish visible panty lines when wearing a sexy new skirt, our underwear won’t disappoint.

With warmer weather approaching and all the new fashion trends that come with it, let’s make sure we have the right underwear for everything we plan to wear this season. Here’s a look at our best underwear for summer to keep us cool, comfortable, and saying “Che Bella” all season long. 

Best Underwear to Wear With Wide Leg Pants: High Waist Bikini

The thought of skinny jeans going out of style is hard to handle. To get us ready to dive into the wide-leg pant trend, a looser fit means we can leave the thongs in our underwear drawer for now.

Wide leg pants with a higher waist are said to look more formal, so why not have a little more fun with what’s happening underneath them?

Soft and stretchy, we like the Never Say Never Indie High Waist Bikini that keeps the hourglass shape we’re going for, so we don’t hide our gorgeous curves behind all that added fabric. Mimicking the waistline of our pants means we won’t have to worry about any visible panty lines (VPLs).

Woman wearing black lace high waisted bikini.

Make sure the material lays flat, but best of all, this option gives us added coverage without having to wear shapewear in the summer heat.

Best Underwear for a Slinky Slip Dress: Simple G-String

They’re effortlessly beautiful, a quick throw-on for date night, and the closest thing we can come to without actually going out in our pajamas. And while we firmly believe the silkier the slip dress, the better, it also makes it easier for panty lines to ruin the minimalist illusion.

Woman wearing beige g-string thong, a great underwear for summer.

There’s no chance of a VPL with this soft and breathable barely-there Talco G-string. This will make it appear like we’ve thrown all caution to the wind and really did go bare under there. File these under ‘power panties’, since we’ll have nothing but confidence wearing these with reckless abandon.

Best Underwear to Perfectly Blend With Workwear: Shapewear Thong

Tried and true staples like shift dresses, pencil skirts, and dress pants get a 2021 rendition in sorbet pastel tones this season. Nothing says summer like light, airy colors. However, form-fitting and light colors (including white) mean we’ll need this Never Say Never Sexy High Waist Thong Shapewear.

Woman wearing highwaisted shaper thong in beige lace.

The tummy control is perfect for those pencil skirts that have just a little stretch, and gives us a smooth shape front and back in those shift dresses and jumpsuits. This option is a perfect choice when looking for more structured support for when we’re back in the office.

Best Underwear to Keep Cool Under Skirts and Minis: Hot Pants

Our favorite thing about loose skirts and dresses is we have a little extra room to sit down. It also doesn’t hurt that they blow in the summer breeze like something out of an old-time Hollywood love story.

Since ruffle minis and tennis skirts are due for a major moment this summer, we’ll want to be sure we can strut with confidence without any wardrobe malfunctions.

Woman wearing black low rise hotpant, perfect underwear for summer.

When looking for full coverage without having to break out the granny panties, we have just the pick. We are naming the Cosabella Amore Hot Pant the best underwear for warmer weather dresses for 2021.

Best Underwear to Elevate Work From Home Attire: Low Rise Bikini

Looking to keep it casual and comfortable and still feel fun and feminine?

Perfect for going to the grocery store or picking up a coffee order, the Dolce Low-Rise Bikini won’t let us down. We’re glad we have this comfy pair of bottoms on under our yoga pants.

Woman wearing low-rise bikini underwear with chevron lace waistband in light blue color.

This pair is also our top pick for best travel underwear for summer. We love the cotton blend bottoms, which are breathable and cool. The stretchy lace waistband will make them our go-to comfy pair under jeans, jumpsuits, joggers, and any other favorite travel outfit.

They also come in boyshort style which is our pick for best summer sleeping underwear.

Best Underwear to Team Up With Maxi Dresses: Mesh Bikini

While knits and tight clothing can leave us feeling sticky, breathable maxi dresses are so great at keeping us cool in warmer weather.

Since no one wants to be stuck in a wet bathing suit when going to an evening beach bonfire, we like being able to change into the best bottoms for summer. This lets us take full advantage of the slightest summer wind while staying comfortable. Try pairing soft, semi-transparent mesh with this look.

Woman wearing white mesh bikini underwear for summer.

Best Underwear to Stay Flawless in Rompers and Shorts: Seamless Thong

We don’t have to waste time coordinating an outfit, a rompers pair perfectly with strappy heels, wedges, and flat sandals, and they make any shape and size butt look great.

When choosing what kind of bottoms to romp around in, we recommend the Talco Low-rise Thong. The breathable material makes us want to wear them all the time, and of course, the style won’t interfere with that smooth silhouette from behind.

Woman wearing black low-rise thong with minimal rear coverage.

The low rise fit will keep them from sticking out of the top of shorts and keep a smooth appearance to a drawstring denim or linen look.

Best Underwear to Love the Look of That Bodysuit: Tiny G-String

We are obsessed with bodysuits this summer. A smooth, flawlessly fitted tank tucked in neatly and effortlessly makes us swoon. And while bodysuits are designed to be worn without underwear underneath, we get that not everyone is cool with a 2 for 1 shirt and panty combo.

Woman wearing black g-string, the perfect summer underwear.

To feel more comfortable with a little something underneath (and we do mean little), we aim for the least amount of material as possible. Pair your bodysuit with the Never Say Never Skimpie G-String for no VPLs while wearing. Looking for bodysuits for summer? Catch up on our Five Chic Bodysuits for Summer blog post here!

Best Underwear to Wear in Bed: Boyshorts 

Strictly speaking of sleeping, we want to stay cool and allow our skin to breathe at night. Stick to cotton and cotton blends for the best breathable options. We like the Dolce Boyshort that offers an ultra-soft cotton blend on the bottom and a soft and stretchy lace waistband.

Woman wearing moderate coverage boyshort with lace waistband.

When looking for something to wear to bed but you’re not yet ready for sleep just yet, we look for a flirty and fun option like the Ceylon Low Rise Boyshort. We like to complete the look with the matching camisole or bralette.

Too many choices and looking for something to wear with several different items in the closet?

Then we have to pick this Never Say Never Hottie Low Rise Boyshort. It gives us coverage in all the right places, and is versatile, sexy, yet still sensible. We’d pair this with skater skirts, midi dresses, colorful flowy dresses, and those new high-rise mom jeans.

Women wearing Never Say Never Boyshort with floral lace in a bright yellow color.

Get Ready For Summer

Now that you know the best underwear for summer, get ready to shop! Be sure to select underwear that not only matches your outfit, but the temperature, and you’ll be stylish all summer long. 

Check out all our best underwear for summer, including maternity and extended styles here. Have a safe, healthy, and high fashion summer from all of us here at Cosabella.