Five Chic Luxury Bodysuits for Summer

Summer is rapidly approaching, and the hunt for the cutest summer outfits is on!  A bodysuit is one of the most versatile pieces you can add to your wardrobe. They are easy to wear and pull your outfit together especially when battling the heat. Whether you’re looking for an easy summer look or an elevated ensemble, Cosabella’s collection of luxury bodysuits are perfect to complete your outfit. Cosabella’s extensive collections of bodysuits is available in our signature size ranges to keep you stylish, even in the hottest days of the year.

Keep reading to learn more about how to choose the best bodysuit that shows off your curves, as well as how to style bodysuits for summer. 

Trendy or Staple Bodysuits?

If you constantly struggle with creating outfits, a bodysuit can help because it is an effortless statement piece. 

Bodysuits are the new simple t-shirt look, but they’re also the new little black dress depending which way you wear it. Essentially, bodysuits can replace your favorite top you always wear out, while also being elegant enough to wear to a nice dinner. You’re able to dress them down or up, which allows for the greatest use for any looks, events, or weather. While bodysuits are can be trendy during the season, they are also timeless because of their minimalistic silhouettes, making them a staple in everyone’s closet! 

Their one-piece design allows you to layer or keep it casual. Since the warmest days of the year are on their way, you will want to show off your cute bodysuits all day and night. Whatever your style is, you’ll be able to find a bodysuit that matches your aesthetic at Cosabella. 

How To Wear a Bodysuit

The right bodysuit will fit your everyday lifestyle and mold to your curves for an undeniably fashionable look. So how do you wear them?

Well, first, you need to assess your personal style. Are you into the relaxed and athletic look or maybe a chic and clean look? However, you may be into street fashion as well. Whichever category you fall into, choosing a bodysuit that fits your style is essential! 

To all the sporty girls, change your wardrobe up by swapping out your t-shirts with a bodysuit instead. One way is by choosing a neutral-toned bodysuit and wearing it with loose pants and a stylish sneaker. You can toss on your favorite zip-up for an added layer!

If you’re a lover of all things chic and clean, then bodysuits are right up your alley. Bodysuits are a great statement piece for outfits because they can add some sexiness to your look. A great way to style one of Cosabella’s luxury bodysuits is by choosing a nude or white bodysuit and pairing it with similar toned pants. Continue reading to shop our most popular styles.

What is the Best Bodysuit for Me?

Finding cute bodysuits that fit your style and personality can be difficult but it doesnt have to be. The best tip for choosing a bodysuit is to know what kind of style you want!

If you’re looking for a sexy look, then consider choosing a bodysuit with lace details. Lace is a surefire way to elevate up your look while still keeping it classy and chic. Yet if you’re looking for a statement piece, then consider choosing a bodysuit with a plunging neckline or a low back! These bodysuits can be sexy, bold, and fashionable and showing off your skin is perfect for summer.

However, if you wear extended sizes, consider a bodysuit that is adjustable and able to conform to your body. If you’re petite with smaller busts, then choosing a bodysuit with added volume and lift can make a difference.

Luxury Bodysuits

As we have discussed above, bodysuits are a staple clothing item. However, if you have never owned a bodysuit, you might need some help choosing a the style that is right for you. Cosabella offers signature bodysuits, as well as fun and flirty styles that are sure to make you feel great while wearing.

If you’re looking for a luxury bodysuit, the Savona Bodysuit is perfect for you! This wireless lace bodysuit allows for maximum comfort while still providing support. The adjustable straps conform to your exact measurements for a perfectly fitted and natural look. The soft and detailed floral lace comes in two beautiful colors, Black and Cinque. You never have to worry about awkward panty lines or discomfort with a thong back and a cotton-line gusset. 

Woman wearing Savona luxury bodysuit with luxurious floral lace and a v neckline with a thong back.

One way to style the Savona Bodysuit is with a light wash pair of jeans. However, in the summer, you might be looking for an airier outfit. That’s why a boyfriend fit or straight-leg fit can give you comfort and style! You can also style this bodysuit with wide-leg lounge pants, tapered pants, maxi skirts, or mini skirts.

Curvy Bodysuits

Brands like Cosabella are size inclusive across all their collections. We are changing the industry and making their bodysuits accessible to all women, no matter your size.

If you’re looking for a nighttime bodysuit to conform to your beautiful curves, then the Never Say Never Curvy Racie Bodysuit is perfect for you!

This racerback bodysuit was designed for women with fuller busts and curves. The soft and stretch-resistant lace is perfectly lined with power mesh to give your bodysuit longevity. At the same time, the lace straps provide full support and comfort. Lastly, the plunged front gives a sexy and revealing contour to your bust. Perfect for date night or a night out with friends!

Woman wearing luxury bodysuit made with all-over lace and a deep v neckline, made for curvier sizes.

The Curvy Racie Bodysuit can be worn in many different ways. If you’re looking for an easy outfit, then consider wearing all-black. This can be done with a pair of black jeans, pants, or a skirt! Just throw on your favorite heels and you have a sexy and stylish outfit in just a few minutes that is perfect for that summer date night. 

Extended Sized Bodysuits 

As mentioned above, Cosabella strives to offer sizes for every body, in our most popular collections, and our luxury bodysuits are no different.

The Ferrara Extended Bodysuit is perfect for a night in with the hubby. This sexy one-piece allows for comfort and flexibility for a wide range of sizes, with its wide supportive band for a lifted appearance and the adjustable straps allow for a perfect fit every time. The Ferrara Extended Bodysuit is intended for home and leisurewear, so all you need is a comfy cover-up and some lovely slippers! 

If you’re looking for a sexy bodysuit that you can wear out during those summer nights, the Mesh Temptation Extended Bodysuit is perfect. We designed this bodysuit for women who are looking for a sexy yet sophisticated look, and the leopard print is a fun print being too dramatic. This style is made with all-over sheer mesh, as well as adjustable straps and a thong back for comfort.

Woman wearing luxury bodysuit, made with sheer mesh and leopard print and adjustable straps and a thong back.

Long Sleeve Bodysuits

Long-sleeve bodysuits are a must-have in your wardrobe! During the warmer months, opt for a long sleeve style made with sheer mesh. The lightweight design allows for comfort in any weather and can be worn from day to night because of the versatility.

If you’re a fan of prints, then the Soire Confidence Printed Long Sleeve Bodysuit is perfect for you! The crewneck design creates a timeless and elegant look to any of your outfits. This bodysuit comes in four different prints that range from a snake print to a beautiful tropical print.

Woman wearing long sleeve luxury bodysuit made with sheer mesh, and a floral print.

Even with such a bold print, this bodysuit can look fabulous at any time. For a daytime look, choose lighter accessories, like nude pants and gold jewelry. For a nighttime look, choose black pants and a sexy black heel.  

Woman wearing long sleeve mesh bodysuit in black.

If you’re into solid colors, we have options for you as well. The Soire Confidence Long Sleeve Bodysuit is made of an all-black sheer material that creates a solid look to any of your outfits. But if black isn’t your color, then this bodysuit also comes in navy blue, which is perfect for a bit of pop of color.

Woman wearing long sleeve mesh bodysuit in navy.

These solid colors are easy to style with anything! The Soire Confidence Long Sleeve Bodysuit in black looks great with a Cosabella bralette under it and a pair of vintage shorts to complete your summertime look.

Shop Luxury Bodysuits 

Now that you know about the different luxury bodysuits that Cosabella has to offer, it’s time to choose one before selling out.

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