Feel Luxurious With the Perfect Wedding Night Lingerie

Your wedding night is one of the most memorable nights of your life. You’ve spent the whole day celebrating with everyone you love and will spend the night with newlywed bliss. Of course, your wedding day is all about feeling good, and one of the essential elements of that is your dress. But don’t forget to pay attention to what you wear under your dress. If you choose the perfect wedding night lingerie, it will make you feel even more spectacular. 

Which lingerie to choose, that’s the question. Don’t worry; our guide will help you decide which style is best for you. 

Before the Day Starts

You’ll wake up on your wedding day with butterflies; so much excitement is ahead! Will you be getting ready with your bridesmaids and girlfriends? Your photographer will likely start taking pictures as you get ready. You’ll want to look stylish.

Why not choose matching robes for you and your girls? That way, you will be stylish and comfortable as you get ready and won’t need to worry about getting any makeup on your dress. 

Cosabella x Journelle silk robe with lace trim.

Getting ready for the big day together is also a perfect excuse for a photoshoot! When else do you all get together to get ready these days?

Bridal Lingerie for Your Dress

Depending on the dress you choose, you may require very specific lingerie. If your dress is backless or strapless, you will need a bra that suits it. High neck, or plunge neck, most wedding dresses won’t work with a standard bra. 

You don’t want panties that you can see through the dress either. That would be a big faux pas! You may require panties with some support. Seamless underwear is also great for more fitted wedding dresses. 

Woman wearing seamless boyshorts for under your wedding dress.

When you have your final fitting for your dress, bring the lingerie you plan to wear under it with you. This will ensure your lingerie is a perfect fit with your dress. You will want to make sure it’s super comfortable, doesn’t move around, or ride up. The best lingerie is the lingerie you don’t even know is there.

Wear your garments around the house for a couple of weeks before your wedding to get used to them. That way, on the day, you’ll be able to get dressed and forget about what you’re wearing underneath. 

How to Choose Your Wedding Night Lingerie

Shopping for the best wedding night lingerie can be so much fun! You can spend hours browsing all the different styles, cuts, and fabrics. There’s nothing quite like taking the time to choose beautifully crafted lingerie. 

The thing is, there are so many options! How can you ever choose? Different body shapes suit different styles, so here are some principles you can apply when making that once-in-a-lifetime purchase. 

1. Decide on a Color 

There are so many pretty white, cream and ivory bridal underwear sets. But is that the right color for you? You don’t have to stay classic; what about lilac, blue, pink, or even black?

Think about the color that suits you; what does your partner like? You want them to enjoy your lingerie as much as you do. 

You will probably need more neutral tones to go under your dress if it’s light-colored. When it comes to deciding what to wear on your wedding night, the world is your oyster.

2. Which Shape Suits You?

Before deciding on which style to go for, you need to consider which style of lingerie will suit you best. 

If you have a larger bust, you may want to choose something with a bit of underwire support. Perhaps you feel more comfortable in a thong than in full panties. Do you suit skimpy styles like the Never Say Never Skimpie G-String or prefer to have a bit more coverage?

Woman wearing Never Say Never Skimpie G-String in white lace

The most important thing about your bridal lingerie is that it makes you feel like your best self. If you go for a shape or style you don’t usually wear or something that doesn’t suit you so well, you may not feel as confident on your big day. 

3. Which Style Do You Like?

Do you prefer something more classic? Or are you looking for sexier bridal lingerie? 

Would you prefer a classic bra and knicker set, or is a romper or negligee from the Magnolia Collection more your thing? What about a garter belt and stockings?

Woman wearing the Magnolia Romper with all-over white lace for wedding night lingerie.

The choice is endless, so decide which style represents you and then start to look for your perfect wedding night pieces. 

After thinking about what style you want to go for, you can decide on the material. Lace or silk will likely be your go-to fabrics for bridal lingerie. However, you may want a combination of fabrics. 

How about detailing? Do you prefer something plainer, or would you like lace details, little silk buttons or an exquisite hand finish? The beauty of bridal lingerie is that the attention to detail is never forgotten.  

4. Think About Budget

It will come as no surprise that good quality wedding lingerie won’t come cheap. If you buy cheap lingerie, you will probably regret it as it will most likely not feel comfortable, and may even look cheap. 

Knowing how much to spend on a bra can be so confusing. However, you know what your budget is. Don’t go for the cheapest possible option; keep some of your wedding budget aside for your underwear.

You won’t regret spending some extra dollars on lingerie that is well designed, beautifully cut, and lovingly crafted. You will notice the difference when you wear it, promise! 

5. Take Your Measurements  

Ill-fitting lingerie could be enough to ruin your wedding night, or at the very least, make it a little uncomfortable. We’ve all been there, a terrible fitting bra ruining our day. Don’t let that happen to you on your wedding day! 

If you are buying your wedding night lingerie online, you will need some idea of your measurements.

If you aren’t sure of your dress size, you can always take your measurements and check online what size your waist and bust correlate to.

When it comes to bra sizes, that’s where it can get a little more complicated! Every woman is different, and we all have entirely different-shaped busts. To find out your bra size, check out our size guide to find your measurements!

Lingerie for Your Honeymoon 

So you have found the perfect wedding night lingerie, but what about the honeymoon? Waking up leisurely in a beautiful hotel room, with breakfast in bed. You want the right underwear for the part! 

Nighties, playsuits, and the loungewear collection will leave you feeling comfortable and stylish during that once-in-a-lifetime vacation. 

Woman wearing matching pajama set with contrast piping, made of Pima cotton. This short sleeve and boxer set is perfect for wedding night lingerie.

With the right pieces, you can continue to look stylish long after your wedding night. 

Choose Your Luxurious Wedding Night Lingerie 

The main criteria for choosing your wedding night lingerie is that you feel fabulous. Spend time researching what you like, don’t scrimp on the budget, and get advice from your friends. 

This will be the most important underwear of your lifetime, don’t rush the decision. You now have an idea of the essential points to consider; keep these in mind when browsing.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to get shopping