Explore the Best Strapless Bras for Summer

The look of a confident and stylish woman begins with her undergarments. She chooses which styles to wear depending on her outfit, making her feel put together yet comfortable. With the warmer seasons approaching, finding something stylish and breathable with support is a must for her to look her best. With revealing outfits on rotation for summer, an essential lingerie style during the summer is a strapless bra.

Women love to wear cute crop tops with denim cut offs as well as mini dresses with no sleeves to show off our tan skin! Looking for the best strapless bras for this summer? Continue reading to learn about what to look for in a strapless bra and shop Cosabella’s best-selling strapless bras for summer.

Engineering the Best Strapless Bras

For many of us, the most troubling concern with strapless bras is the fear of the bra falling down. Yet, there are other concerns about fit and support to consider. What makes a good strapless bra? Some of the below points are critical for a good strapless bra.

A Good Seal

Strapless bras that feature a silicone band will offer stability in keeping your bra in place. It is important to have clean skin, free of moisturizers, for a good seal. When laundering, we suggest hand washing and always hanging your bra with silicone beading to dry. This protects the silicone material from becoming brittle and losing its sealing properties.

A wideband with stretch material is also a great design in keeping your strapless bra from falling. Advancements in engineering and textiles give the best strapless bras a soft feel without compromising support.

Side Structure

Depending on the look you have decided to achieve, you may want a strapless bra with a side structure in mind. Boning material in the sides of a strapless bra help to give a structure and support. For the best strapless bra, look for boning that has hidden seams with quality stitching that secures the boning structure without sacrificing comfort.


Whether you have a small or full bust, there are clothing styles in which your bra should provide lift. Underwire style bras are the standard for lift. Quality underwire bras will have durable material wrapped around the wire that holds it in place and creates a cushion between your body and the wire.

Comfortably lifting your breasts is achieved with supportive padding as well. This is additional material built beneath your breasts rather than full coverage. Your padded summer strapless bra should contain minimal padding that is made from breathable material that absorbs moisture.


Providing support and lift that is also comfortable in a strapless bra has required innovative thinking among brands. Fabrics that are made from polyamide offer moisture-wicking and softness. Paired with elastane, the best strapless bras offer comfortable stretch and softness.

A wide band with a hidden hook and eye enclosure will keep you comfortable and confident. A wider band does not sacrifice style if it is seamless and stitched well. A wider band with quality stitched lace will also offer breathability in strapless bras for warm weather.


Aside from structurally sound design, women’s lingerie should be beautiful whether that is sheer fabrics, printed patterns, or intricate lace. The best strapless bras offer the utmost attention to providing comfortable security and exquisite beauty while wearing. 

Quality Materials and Craftsmanship

Women with style invest in quality outfits that are both on-trend and classic to stand the test of time. Quality materials and workmanship in your undergarments assist your body in looking its best. Choose a strapless bra with breathable fabrics, and pay close attention to the stitching.

Cosabella’s has been perfecting its lingerie collections in collaboration with authentic Italian artisans for over 35 years. We take pride in our work and believe every woman deserves to feel beautiful and confident. Continue reading to shop Cosabella’s most popular strapless bras.

The Best Strapless Bras for Your Style

The summer months give us the joy in clothing that inspires us to feel a little flirtier. Today’s fashions encourage us to confidently embrace sharing not only our style in outerwear but also our taste in luxurious lingerie.

There’s something incredibly sexy and confident in a woman who can tastefully choose outfits that pair well with her delicates and show the slightest hint of intricate lace. Whether you are feeling adventurous or embracing the romance of your femininity, we have many cute strapless bras that are made in Italy from the finest in materials and authentic craftsmanship.

Explore Cosabella’s best strapless bras for summer and your unique style.


The bandeau strapless bra is a strip of fabric covering your chest. Women enjoy the simplicity of a bandeau because of the pullover style, usually made of stretchy material. This style pairs very well with casual clothing. It is a favorite for summer wear because it is so comfortable and light.

The Never Say Never Flirtie Bandeau bra comes in 9 beautiful colors. This wireless bra has gentle side boning for support and the exquisite details in the lace make this a bra that looks great alone or layered under a partially buttoned shirt.

Woman wearing lace bandeau strapless bra in pink.

We like the look of an open jean jacket and bandeau for a confident yet casual style. For a softer look, consider a light cardigan, a lace bandeau strapless bra, and a flowing skirt.

If you’re looking for the ultimate in simplicity with moisture-wicking ability, Cosabella’s Free Bandeau Bra is made of 80% viscose, available in black and beige. This type of fabric is industry-recognized for absorbency and breathability. Wear this style beneath heavier cotton fabrics to keep you cool and supported. 

Woman wearing strapless bandeau bra in black.


The Marni Strapless Bra is made from microfiber that feels buttery soft. This smooth strapless underwire gives a polished look and features a hook and eye closure in the back, available in black and beige. This underwire strapless bra gives support without pinching or poking. Wear this style with low cut strapless dresses that require a smooth, nearly invisible look – perfect for all those summer weddings.

Woman wearing strapless bra in beige, with underwire and padding for lift.


A tube top style of strapless bra offers the additional benefits of smoothing and contour. It has great coverage with a wider band and is perfect for all body styles.

The Never Say Never Starie Tube Top is made with an intricate lace bodice, while fully lined at the bust. This gives the bra a beautiful look from behind and coverage where you want it. Silicone detailing adds extra protection from slippage. This style comes in black and can match to any Cosabella Never Say Never underwear style!

Woman wearing all-over lace tube top, with built-in strapless bra.


A bustier style has a built-in strapless bra that lifts, supports, and slims the midsection. A bustier gives more length and structure than a bandeau or tube strapless bra.

You have to see Cosabella’s Ballet Bustier to truly appreciate its beauty in function and style. Made in Italy from fine lace in the front and a sheer back enclosure. This strapless bra top offers all the structure expected from a bustier without bulk. 

Woman wearing red lace bustier top with built-in bra.

A bustier strapless bra is classically sexy. We envision an evening out with friends wearing the Ballet Bustier and a light leather jacket. Lose the jacket when you hit the dance floor.

Find the Best Strapless Bras for Summer

Whether you have perfected your style or looking for fresh fashion options, plan your summer outfits by beginning with your undergarments. 

Summer fashions give us the opportunity to bare a little more and show our quality in taste for not only our outerwear but also our fashionable delicates. Cosabella offers the best strapless bras for summer to wear under your favorite outfits, or pieces that can be worn as tops with built-in strapless bras for all-day wear.

Shop Cosabella’s for the best strapless bras. Made with authentic Italian craftsmanship and creating timeless feminine wear for over 35 years, Cosabella’s has a beautiful design for every woman.