The Super Curvy Collection – You Asked, We Answered!

Wow, how far we have come. When we started in the early 80s, our sizing was limited to B-D cup sizes. Since then we have added SIX different sizing groups. And now, we finally launch the missing piece in our Curvy Collection – SUPER CURVY

Designed to fit those between the CURVY sizes (DD-F) and ULTRA CURVY (I-J/K/L), the SUPER CURVY is made for G-H sizes – featuring a fit for smaller frames, with fuller busts.

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When we launched our original Curvy Collection just six short years ago, we could never have imagined the overwhelming response we got. Since its arrival, the Curvy Collection became one of our top selling Cosabella Collections of all time!  Along the way, we heard your requests for more sizes in the Curvy Collection, with bigger cups paired with the small bands. We began developing and sample testing and launched our Ultra Curvy Collection in early 2021. We then had to go back to the drawing board to redesign and resize and re-test our Super Curvy Collection until it was perfected. That took a long time…but it is finally here!!! 

Just like the Curvy Collection started, we began with the Never Say Never Super Curvy Sweetie Bralette. As we go forward, we will be adding more styles and more colors to the Super Curvy Collection, just like we did with the Curvy Collection. We will add more styles to the Super Curvy Collection, until we have multiple style options, just like the Curvy Collection. 

The SUPER Curvy Wireless Bralette styles have fuller cups for more bust coverage with a smaller, more supportive band to fit your smaller band size, now for G- H cups. The Never Say Never Super Curvy Sweetie Bralette was designed after our original, top selling Never Say Never Sweetie Bralette for A-D cups and our Never Say Never Curvy Sweetie Bralette for DD-F+.

The SUPER Curvy Bralettes are wire free, with special features like wider straps, power mesh lining, mesh side slings, fuller coverage cups, added support seaming in some styles, and supportive bands. The Never Say Never Super Curvy Sweetie Bralette is a pull on style wireless bralette. New styles and new colors will be added each season.

How to Find your Best Super Curvy Fit:

First, take an accurate measurement. Your bust size and shape can change often, with lifestyle, diet, exercise, medication and hormonal changes. For your most comfortable fit, size yourself, or get sized every 6 months. Also, bra sizes do not necessarily equate across brands. Some brands run large, some brands run small, some stores may fit you in your “sister size” because they do not actually have your true size in stock.  The best way to start is to measure yourself and use those most current accurate true measurements.

Learn how to measure your size here!

Then, Refer to our Super Curvy Sizing Chart.


** Please follow our unique size chart carefully. Trying outside of our size guide will not get you the fit and support as it was designed**

The Super Curvy Collection fits very true to size and was extensively sample tested. Please follow the sizing guide. We do not recommend “sister sizing” or trying outside of our size guide. It is also never a good idea to “guess” your bra size. What if your size fits in two size ranges? Bralettes by design are more flexible, without individually wired cups. Your size may show up in two size ranges on our sizing guide. When that happens, examine your chest shape for volume. Do you have full volume breasts, where they fill the entire cups of your current bras? Then choose the larger size listed for your size. Do you have less volume/shallow breasts that don’t fully fill your cups? Then choose the smaller size listed for your size. You only need to do this when your size is listed in two size ranges. If your size is only in one size on the chart, then choose that size. The Super Curvy Collection fits very true to size.

Don’t fit in our Super Curvy Collection? Check out our other sizing groups:

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