The best Bra for your Boobie shape

Booby Shapes and Bras Styles

In following with our popular article “The Best Panties For Each Booty shape” which covers common human body shapes for your booty, so you can look at ranges of underwear that would be most flattering and complimentary to your booty.  While the Booty Shape article was “cheeky” this one is more on point when it comes to shaping, orientation and the support that’s needed.

Are you wearing the right bra for the shape of your boobs?  Most times you will find that as your body’s shape changes over time, your idea of what your size and shape is doesn’t keep up and adapts to your needs.  We could all wish that our late teen bodies would remain throughout our life, if that were the case, our bra and panties and lingerie sets would never change and always fit.  Here we will bring a dose of reality to how to approach your Shape – then with some sizing, and finally some recommendations.

There are many boob shapes, here we cover the main known categories which are listed below.

* Athletic – more muscle, less breast tissue

* Bell – slimmer at the top, fuller at the bottom

* East and West – nipples point outwards in the opposite direction

* Asymmetric – one breast larger than the other

* Round – equally full at the top and the bottom

* Side Set – wide space in between breasts

* Tear Drop – round but slightly less full at the top

* Slender – thin breasts nipple pointing downwards

* Relaxed – Softer tissue, nipples point slightly downward

Booby Shapes

Boob shapes influence the design of bras when it comes to providing the support where style considers activity, look, and function with strap designs that adapt to body shapes.  Materials considered can be moisture-wicking microfibre with a stronger elasticated band to a comfy lace Bralette with lift and support.  Here we will look at the Bra styles and how they match up to Boob shapes, but before we go and dive in, we need to cover the different types of bras there are.  It isn’t all about cup size and band size, but more about how the boob shape influences the fit and comfort of the look/activity you are looking to engage in.

There are many styles of bras offered by many lingerie brands, and we focused on the styles that are the more popular variety to better describe them and put them in the context of the boob shapes mentioned above.

Padded Bra – A very popular category of bra that comes to win a variety of bands type and supports such as underwire or not.  The “padded” part eludes to added material within the cups also known as cookies.  The added benefit of looking fuller and avoiding that your nipples are seen distinctly through the bra gives an all rounded look.

T-Shirt – This particular type is a common “casual” bra that has padded or molded cups.  It is smooth and usually underwired.  It has similarities to the padded bra in how your boobs are held and are concealed when it comes to wearing tight-fitting clothing or T-shirts.  A lot of bra and panty sets include this style of Bra.

Push-up – When additional cleavage is desired, the push-up bras are designed in pushing the breasts inward and upward to the center of the chest.  Push-up bras are usually a demi-cup bras when it comes to cup style.

Underwired – For support and shape, the thin wire understructure sewn into the fabric positioned under the breasts give your breasts more lift, especially with larger breasts.

Convertible/Multi-way – This bra is designed in such a way that the straps can support over the shoulder, or cross-shoulder, halter, criss-cross or strapless.

Bralette – This particular variety has no underwire and no heavy padding, aimed at comfort and support with the material and design of choice, great for everyday use.

Strapless – No straps, for some this can be challenging due to the lesser support provided without the straps.

Balconette – this style offers less coverage over the breasts in comparison to the full cup style.  If you are wearing a lower-cut top and dress this bra will give you the support and uplift with a bit more upper chest reveal.

Front Open – As the name suggests, the open/close clip is at the front and between your breasts, where the two cups join.

Bandeau (Strapless) – This tube-top wrap around your bust has no cups, straps, or underwire.  This gives very little support and the thickness of the material might have some reveal.

Nursing – This bra is designed for breastfeeding, with cups that detach at the top of the strap and fold down to reveal the breast to the infant.

Racerback – Commonly used in fitness and sports, the “T” shape across the back where the straps cross is what defines this style.

Plunge – This style has angled cups that help eliminate gaping all the while accentuating the push-up look.  It is low in padding, and it is positioned to be in between a Balconette and a Push-up bra.

Cage – This style depicts the addition of body-shaping straps that are positioned above and under the breasts for an elegant look.  Additional straps on the back are at times are a designer element for a balanced front-to-back look.

Additional Types:  Sports bra, Stick-on, Transparent, Bridal, Beginners, Full Figure, Lace, non-padded, Demi, Seamless, Tween, Wireless, and beyond.  Some are more utilitarian, others are for the sexy look, or the dress/event.  

Here is the part where a good match-up is worth considering.  Hopefully, you now have a better idea of the shape of your boobs, wearing the right style bra will make you feel better, for example, if your straps continually slip off your shoulders you should try the Racerback bra.

Now we will cover the best bras for booby shapes and why.

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Athletic shape, go for a padded plunge, push up, or Balconette bra, these will lift the volume of the boob from the base to give you a more rounded, even look.

Bell shape, something with a firm hold of the full cup and underwired would be a great choice giving both comfort and support, and Balconette bras lifts the weight of the boobs upfront from the base while an underwire plunge bra will give you maximum cleavage.

East and West, a side support bra will give you forward projection, comfort from a T-shirt bra, and a Plunge bra for cleavage. A full-cup bra that is stretchy will also give you a good look.

Asymmetric shapes, a good choice are padded bras as you can adjust the padding (cookies) to give you a more even look allowing for stretchy cups.

Round shape, opt for underwired for support, a full cup for extra comfort, and maximize your assets with a plunge or Balconette bra.

Side Set, an underwired Balconette will align your boobs, a plunge is also a great option to gently push your boobs into a more central position.

Teardrop, go for a well-fitted under and strong straps, a full coverage underwired style will give you lift.

Slender shape/Relaxed, support is needed so an underwired T-shirt bra with molded cups will give you a fuller look and your boobs will look more rounded. A push-up bra will lift and shape. If you are lucky enough to have a department store that does Bra fittings when you are shopping for lingerie (aka as langerie) – being assisted to get measured can go a long way.  Keeping your measurements in mind with your booby shapes, shopping for wireless bras, strapless bras, Bralettes, and the full variety of styles are made a lot easier.  It is worth mentioning that at Cosabella, we have industry-leading comfort and support when it comes to Bra styles, making your day more pleasant and enjoyable.