Pajama season with Cosabella 2022

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Did you know, pajamas can impact the quality of your sleep? Most people wear pajamas for comfort, but they are also hygienic and a sign of self-care. Skin sheds and renews even while you sleep, wearing pajamas eliminates the unnecessary spread of bacteria from shed skin scattering over your bed sheets. Humans spend up to 33% of their lives sleeping, given this, having the right comfort so as to live your best life when you wake up fresh and ready for your daily challenges. This is why at Cosabella we are serious about our PJ Collection.

Bella Collection long sleeve and pants
Bella Collection long sleeve and pants

You need to get the right outfit for the job and sometimes, sleeping is no different, the right sleepwear can make all the difference to getting the correct amount of good quality sleep. Pajamas get you in the mood for relaxing and sleeping, putting on pajamas is an effective way of telling your body it is time to start winding down.

Body temperature plays a huge role in the quality of your sleep, and sleepwear is explicitly designed to improve your sleep, including the ability to regulate your body temperature.

Not everyone knows the drawbacks of being too hot or too cold while sleeping, overheating during sleep decreases the production of sleep hormones, which does not allow adequate “rebuild” mode, similarly, if you are cold at night, it can deplete your immune system and not allow your body to get the rest it needs.

Bella Collection long sleeve and shorts
Bella Collection long sleeve and shorts

A good set of pajamas is made to ensure your body temperature is optimal for getting deep and healing sleep.

Unless you enjoy sleeping in your birthday suit, you will want to be sure your sleepwear choice is breathable. Avoid wearing tight sleepwear or dirty sleepwear, it may seem obvious, but it is just as important to wear clean sleepwear as it is to wear clean clothes/underwear.

Make sure your sleepwear is laundered frequently to ensure they maintain their breathability and comfort.

Choice of sleepwear is a personal decision, important points to consider are:

* Climate

* Body temperature

* Comfort

Bella Collection nightshirt and Bella Mens long sleeve and pants
Bella Collection nightshirt and Bella Mens long sleeve and pants

If you tend to get cold at night or are living in a cooler climate, then maybe a pajama set would be a good choice for you.

If you tend to get warm at night or live in a warmer climate, maybe consider a sleep shirt.

Whatever you choose, keeping your body at the right temperature and in a comfortable environment will create the optimum foundation for a good night’s sleep.

We at Cosabella have a variety of high-quality, comfortable, sleepwear to suit everybody’s needs, from pajama sets and pajama separates to chemise, sleepshirts, and men’s pajamas.

* Bella Long Sleeve Top and Pant Pajama Set, in Peruvian cotton and modal, with contrast or tonal satin piping. Classic original fit, long sleeve button top with patch pocket, straight leg pants with elastic waistband

* Florida Lounge Printed Tank and Jogger Set, designed ready for travel, lounge, and sleepwear, printed super soft and lightweight Pima cotton with contrast trim, scoop neck tank top, and jogger style pants with banded cuffs.

* Ski Trip Long Sleeve Sleepshirt, luxury fun holiday printed long sleeve sleepshirt, super soft printed cotton modal blend, partial button down v neckline, mid-thigh length with curved hem.

* Savona Extended Chemise, lace chemise in extended/plus sizes, detailed high shine, multicolored floral lace with soft micro modal, non-padded, wireless tall triangle-shaped cups, mid-thigh length, pull-over style with adjustable straps

* Bella Men’s Henley and Jogger Pajama Set, super soft Henley top and pant set, super soft Henley set in Pima cotton and modal, relaxed fit top with banded cuffs, jogger style pants with contrast color drawstring and banded cuffs.

Bella Collection long sleeve and pants
Bella Collection long sleeve and pants

Now for some fun pajama facts:

  1. Pajamas were originally only for royalty or the very rich.
  2. Mens and womens pajamas were the same from the early 1600s to the mid-1800s and consisted of a nightshirt, with a folding collar and deep neck opening at the front.
  3. Coco Chanel introduced lounging pajamas in the 1920s to be worn whenever.
  4. Wearing sleepwear throughout the day and not only at night has been popular since the early 1900s, this trend was made popular by Paul Poiret who created silk pajamas to be worn throughout the day as well as the night
  5. Nightcaps (the clothing not the alcohol) were popular throughout the 19th century, they were worn to keep your head warm, with the pointed end to be wrapped around your neck like a scarf, but not too long as to choke you while you slept.

Come shop our soft and comfortable PJs, our collections are waiting to give you that restful sleep.

Bella Collection short sleeve and shorts
Bella Collection short sleeve and shorts

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