Signing up to the Cosabella Loyalty Program

We at Cosabella have rebooted our Loyalty Program called The Cosabella Collective. Anyone who has an account with us can join our Free Loyalty Program. The program is based on purchasing points, the more points you earn, you get additional benefits by climbing into the next tier and getting better benefits.

The best part is that during our sale events, you can build up these loyalty points, as well as be able to enjoy the benefits when you reach the different tiers. Shopping for a Bralette, bra, and panties, or any of our fabulous lingerie will keep your wardrobe fresh all the while having some loyalty savings.

Cosabella Lingerie
Three Tiers to be a VIP

There are 3 tiers to the loyalty program and this is how it works. Signing up for The Cosabella Collective gives you 250 points right away. Earning points give you better privileges and rewards that can go to your lingerie set.

  • Tier 1 has 5 rewards and requires 0+ points
  • Tier 2 has 7 rewards and requires 2500 + points
  • Tier 3 has 9 rewards and requires 7500+ points

Tiers have a scaling effect on the perks – You get additional access, percentage discounts and VIP Exclusives when reaching the top tier. For details on each Tier, see the full coverage of the Loyalty Program here:

Cosabella Loyalty Rewards:

  • You will receive a $5 reward for reaching 500 points
  • You then receive a $10 reward when you reach 1000 points
  • Going further, you get a $50 reward for getting to 5000 points

You can earn additional points today via engagement:

  • Get 50 points when you follow us on Instagram
  • Get 50 points when you follow us on Facebook
  • Get 50 points when you sign up for our newsletter

There are other ways to elevate yourself to the next tier and reach your rewards.

  • Get 100 points every time you leave a review
  • Get 150 points when you add your birthday
  • Get 2500 when you refer a friend that places an order.

You can redeem points in the checkout directly, your point balance is shown on your account’s rewards page, and there is no points limit.

Cosabella Loungewear
Be comfortable while you save.

To get the most out of your reward points, by being attentive to our Email promotions with our specials on certain lingerie collections and loungewear. You can find that our bra and panty sets, wireless bras, boy shorts and strapless bras are all being introduced with seasonal colors, and have promotional rotations. So catch your seasonal and favorite collection when you shop online, get the discount as well as earn your loyalty points.

The biggest point earner is referring your friends, and that will get you up in tiers in no time. Remember, the points accumulate if they purchase and reach the purchase amounts targeted. Given that we have amazing products that you surely enjoy, spread the love of bra and panties, underwear, loungewear and lingerie all around.

When shopping for lingerie (pronounced “langerie”) online, either for comfortable underwear, loungewear from our collections, understanding your sizes is real important for an open parcel and fitting experience. Finding your comfort in a lace bralette or a T-shirt bra you usually would know your cup size, however, usually it is the bust measurement that needs checking twice. Most lingerie brands have varying dimensions for a particular size, so checking the size guide is important to ensure the correct fit.

Join the Cosabella community, see us on Facebook, Instagram and register your email – The Cosabella Collective will reward you, your family and friends. Feel good about yourself, and enjoy the amazing feeling Cosabella designs offers and wraps your body in.

Sign-up today!

We look forward to you joining us – Cosabella team.

Note for The Cosabella Collective Clients in the United Kingdom (UK): Our site displays and transacts in the British Pound (GBP), however, the Loyalty program displays in Euros. All benefits and rewards are brought back in and converted in GBP, including Gift cards as well. Sorry for the inconvenience, we appreciate your understanding on this issue.