Breast Cancer Awareness – October 2022

Post-surgical Bralette

In this month of October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This is an annual campaign to raise awareness about the impact of breast cancer. Below are some facts that bring awareness to this challenging human condition that we battle continuously.

Cancer is a broad term for a class of diseases characterized by abnormal cells that grow and invade healthy cells in the body. Breast cancer starts in the cells of the breast, they can then invade surrounding tissue or spread (metastasize) to other areas around the body.

Sometimes the process of cell growth goes wrong and new cells form where the breast does not need them and old or damaged cells do not die as they should. When this occurs, a build up cells often form a mass of tissues called a lump, growth or tumor.

Breast cancer occurs when malignant tumors develop in the breast. 1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime, and although rare 530 men die annually. 65% of breast cancers are diagnosed at a localized stage, meaning there is no spread outside of the breast.

Savona Post Surgical Bralette
Savona Post Surgical Bralette

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in the US in women with breast cancer being diagnosed every 2 minutes. A healthy female breast is made up of 12-20 sections called lobes, each of these lobes is made up of many smaller lobules, the gland that produces milk in nursing women, both lobes and lobules are connected by milk ducts, which act as stems or tubes to carry the milk to the nipple. These breast structures are generally where the cancer begins to form.

Even though men do not develop milk producing breasts, a mans breast cells and tissue can still develop cancer, only 1 % of all breast cancers will develop in men. Only one in a thousand men will be diagnosed with breast cancer, a hard lump develops underneath the nipple and areola, however, men have a higher mortality rate than women, the reason for this is because men are less likely to assume a breast lump is cancer, the majority of men diagnosed are in the over 50 age bracket.

Early detection and diagnosis are vital for the best outcome. If you are diagnosed with breast cancer there are, in general, 5 treatment options, most treatment plans include a combination of the following –

* Surgery

* Radiation

* Hormone Therapy

* Chemotherapy

Targeted Therapies- some local, only targeting the area around the tumor, – others systematic, targeting the whole body with cancer fighting agents.

Breast cancer cannot usually be prevented but you can take steps to help the early detection of cancer before it spreads, with some that are deemed extremely high risk taking steps to have their breasts removed before they can be aflicted with cancer as described below.

Never Say Never Post-Surgical Bralette
Never Say Never Post-Surgical Bralette

Adults of all ages should perform breast self examinations at least once a month. While mammograms can help you detect cancer before you can feel a lump, they are generally not offered to women under 50 years old, and not to men at all. So it is essential for you to get familiar with how your breast look and feel, so you can alert your healthcare professional if there are any changes.

The most common form of treatment offered for breast cancer is surgery. This option includes a lumpectomy, partial mastectomy, radical mastectomy and reconstruction.

Most cosmetic surgeons will recommend you wearing a medical grade compression bra for the first 4 weeks, once your surgeon gives you the all clear from the compression bra you will need to wear a post surgical bra for the next few months.

Here at Cosabella we understand that you might be feeling low as possibly when dealing with these challenges and may not very feeling very feminine at this particular point, so we have designed a bra that will not only make you look and feel good, but give you a much needed confidence boost .

Savona Post Surgical Bralette
Savona Post Surgical Bralette

* Savona Post-Surgical Front Closure Bralette, the Savona Cathy Comfort Pocket Bralette is specifically designed to address your post-operative needs, its wireless front closure is designed for everyday sleepwear. Non-padded cups have drainage openings and breast form pockets, soft stretch tri-color with light compression

* Never Say Never Valeira Racerback Post Surgical Front Closure Bralette, this wireless, racerback bralette is designed for post-surgical reconstruction, mastectomy and augmentation, soft, stretch, scalloped lace. Designed in comfort fabrics with light compression, for everyday and sleep wear, front hook and eye closure, pockets for breast forms to be inserted.

Post Surgical Bralette - Never Say Never
Post Surgical Bralette – Never Say Never

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