The Best of the Best – Women’s Underwear

Every woman deserves to feel attractive and comfortable in what they are wearing. This applies to their everyday wardrobe all the way down to their intimates. Cosabella offers a wide selection of high-quality women’s underwear to choose from to make you look and feel your best. You just need to know what you like! Here is a complete buying guide for women’s underwear, where we will cover the different types of panties and buying the right size. 

Types of Women’s Underwear Bottoms

There are a number of different styles of women’s underwear to choose from. They vary based on coverage, waist, and style. While it’s all about preference, some styles are more beneficial with certain outfits or looks than others. Continue reading to learn more!


Thongs are underwear with minimal rear coverage. Thongs were designed to eliminate panty lines when wearing tight clothing, making the outfit look more natural and smooth. The lack of fabric is sure to grab your partner’s attention when the outfit comes off. One of our best-selling styles is the Soire Confidence Classic Thong!

Woman wearing women's underwear like the Soire Confidence Classic Thong in black sheer mesh.


Boyshorts are a more casual style of women’s underwear, that have a more playful and cute vibe. These styles provide full coverage with leg openings that rest at the upper thighs, like the Dolce Boyshort, in a new color of the season, Cielo. They provide a straight waist at the hip and are not constricting for all-day wear.


Hipsters, like the name suggests, lie at the hips. They are low cut but provide adequate rear coverage yet may be cut a little high on the sides. Hipster panties are best suited for everyday use and can be quite comfortable, so opt for a lacey style like Campania

Woman wearing women's underwear, Campania Hipser in all-over lace with bow detail.


A g-string is the most revealing of all of the underwear options. There is even less coverage in the back than a thong because as the name suggests, a g-string only provides a thin string. G-strings are best worn when wearing something tight or body-forming, yet also for people who looking to spice thing up. 


Bikini bottoms cover most of the bottom, and they are similar to the traditional style of underwear that many women are familiar with. The Ceylon Modal Bikini has a lace waistband that sits delicately at the hips and ultra-soft for ultimate comfort.

Woman wearing Ceylon Modal Bikini with lace waistband in light pink.


Every woman deserves the opportunity to feel attractive and sexy, even when they are pregnant. Cosabella offers a wide range of pregnancy underwear options that will give any pregnant woman the boost they need during this life-changing time for their body.

Woman wearing Maternity Boyshort with black lace waistband.

Finding the Right Size in Women’s Underwear

Cosabella’s mission is to design lingerie and loungewear for women of all shapes and sizes. Whether curvy or petite, every woman deserves options when it comes to their intimates. Sizes we offer include standard (small-large), extended (1X – 3X), and also one size.

Getting the size right can make a huge difference in the appearance and comfort of your underwear bottoms. When purchasing women’s underwear, the focus will be on the waist and hip measurements. Underwear that is too small will make the thighs and rear look larger, and it may even create lines in the skin. Large underwear is also unflattering. Both problems are extremely uncomfortable. What can you do to find the right size? 

1. Take your measurements

Whether you are happy with the number or not, compare the numbers to the guide to learn where you fall. Check out our complete size guide here.

2.  Be honest

Many people see the measurements and ignore them. They then buy a size they used to be or wish they were again. Unfortunately, this will only lead to the underwear staying in a dresser drawer. Buy the size you need right now.

3. Remember that brands vary

Different brands have different ideas of what a “medium” is. That’s why it’s so important to take your measurements and compare them to the brand’s particular size chart. Do not automatically assume that because you are one size at one store that you will be that size at every store. 

Buying Guide for Women’s Underwear

You have decided the cut, material, and size you want. However, you still have a lot of choices to make. Some people are clueless when they walk into a lingerie store. Here are some tips so that you can walk out with a purchase you feel confident about. 

Buying women’s underwear for yourself

1. Stay in season

When shopping, consider the season and get something suitable for the current climate. Try out the hottest colors and prints for the season!

2. Experiment  

No one sees your underwear but you (and maybe a certain someone special). This means you don’t have to be afraid to experiment a bit with different cuts, colors, and materials.

3.  Make it all about you

Do not buy your underwear to make your significant other happy or stay in style. Go with what you personally like. You are the one who will be wearing them, so buy what you feel best in.  Sexy is about being comfortable and confident. Thongs may be sexy on one person while another person may feel sexier in boyshort styles. 

Buying women’s underwear as a gift

1. Have fun with it

If you are buying a gift, this is a chance to have a little bit of fun. Find something a little different than they may normally wear for themselves. You never know what will happen when they show their significant other their new present. 

2.  Quality

Lingerie is considered luxurious, so spring for the fancy brand names and materials. At Cosabella, all underwear is high-end and made with high-quality Italian craftsmanship. It’s sure to meet anyone’s standards. 

3. Consider a gift card

Underwear is an intimate item that someone may prefer to choose for themselves. Instead of picking out the underwear yourself, think about gifting a gift card to let the person pick out what they like best. 


Whether you are buying women’s underwear for yourself or someone else, you have a lot of options in front of you. In all honesty, the best idea is to have fun while shopping and choose a couple of items. Soon, you will start to match your underwear with your outfit in the morning and trying new styles you never thought you’d like.