Everything to Know About Cosabella’s Best-Selling Bralettes

Since the invention of the modern bra in 1869, women around the world have been searching for the most comfortable and beautiful bras possible.

Styles come and go, but comfort remains top of the list for many women when they’re choosing a bra. Enter the bralette: without underwires and thick layers of padding, bralettes offer enough support to be comfortable without being constricting.

Cosabella’s best-selling bralettes combine the comfort of a high-quality bralette with timeless, classic style. They’re made in rich colors and soft materials to make them the best possible version of the best possible bra. 

What Makes a Good Bralette?

A good bralette balances support with flexibility. It provides the coverage you want without sacrificing style and helps you feel confident and sexy, whether you’re out running errands or lounging on your couch.

We also understand that not every bralette will work for every type of body. A curvy woman will need more support and shaping in a bralette than a more petite frame. Some women prefer intricate lace, yet some may want one constructed of smooth fabric.

Regardless of the size or shape, a good bralette is made of luxuriously soft materials. However, whether it’s lace or spandex, a bralette needs to be gentle enough to wear right next to your skin all day long without irritation. 

The material also needs to be stretchy enough to move with your body without being so loose that it loses its shape. Good elastic and smart design make the most comfortable and versatile bralettes. 

What Makes Cosabella’s Bralettes the Best?

The best bralette for one person isn’t necessarily the best bralette for another. That’s why at Cosabella, our well-known and best-selling bralettes come in a wide range of styles, shapes, colors, and fits. No matter what your body type or your style preference, we have a bralette for you.

There are styles to support you under your clothes and bralettes so pretty you’ll want to wear them as a top. Most of our styles come in a full range of sizes, from Petite to Ultra Curvy

The color range is similarly inclusive, with neutrals and pastels alongside jewel-bright tones. Our team of master artisans creates each color out of natural dyes in our color lab in Italy. Each one is adjusted slowly until it’s perfect. Whether you want your bralette to blend in or stand out, there’s an option for that. 

All of our styles are hand-crafted with the highest-quality materials. Every lace, cotton, and mesh in our bralettes are picked for their performance, feel, and look. The finished product is an elegant bralette you can wear again and again. 


Buying bralettes online can be intimidating when you don’t know if the garments are true-to-size. Cosabella bralettes take the guesswork out of online shopping by providing a thorough range of sizes. Bodies don’t come in sizes small, medium, and large, so Cosabella bralettes offer a more nuanced range of size options. 

The core collection offers four sizes, covering the most common bra sizes, including band sizes from 30 to 38 and cup sizes from A to D. The Petite collection uses similar construction for band sizes 28 to 30 and cup sizes from A to C. 

The Curvy, Ultra Curvy, and Extended lines offer the same bralette styles in a slightly different construction to give curvier women the support and structure a larger bust needs. These sizes don’t give up any of the sophistication and comfort of the core collection, either.

Woman wearing best-selling bralette in extended sizing.

To accommodate larger busts on smaller frames, the Curvy collection offers slightly wider straps, mesh linings, and more fitted bands. These best-selling bralettes come in band sizes 28 to 40 and cup sizes DD to H. Ultra Curvy covers band sizes 30 to 36 and cup sizes up to L. 

Woman wearing Curvy Bralette with plunge neckline.

The Extended line is designed to support bust sizes with both a larger band and a fuller cup size. These bralettes are sized with bands from 38 to 40 and cups from C to DD. 

Finally, the Beauty line is made for women with a larger band size and a smaller bust. These same beautiful bralettes come in band sizes 36 to 42 and cup sizes A to D. 


Size is just the beginning of fitting for bralettes. There are dozens of minor adjustments that go into each style to make sure the length of the straps, the depth of the cups, and the width of the band will fit perfectly against your body. 

Many of our styles, like the Never Say Never Sweetie Bralette are true bralettes. There are no hooks or closures; it slips on over your head. Even without being able to adjust the band size, you can still customize the fit of this bralette because it’s available in every one of Cosabella’s size lines. 

Woman wearing best-selling bralette from Cosabella, the Never Say Never Sweetie.

You can adjust the fit of your bralette by trying the same style in a different size line, but you can also adjust parts of many of our bralettes. Some styles have a back clasp that lets you adjust the band to your body. 

The shoulder straps for most of our bralettes are adjustable, too. Some have a traditional slider to adjust the length, but other styles, like the Tosca Racerback Bralette, let you adjust the width with laces. 


There are over 20 color options for bralettes at Cosabella. Each color is chosen carefully in the color lab in Camo, Italy. The artisans at the color lab use natural dyes and Renaissance-era techniques to create each shade. They use fresh water from the nearby Alps to set the dye. The purity of this water helps set the color into the fabric so that it stays vibrant for longer. 

This same care and attention to detail creates both the simple solid colors and complex patterns on Cosabella bralettes. These bralettes have color options for subtle and loud tastes, from icy blues to blush pinks and rich plums. 

Ultimately, wearing our bralettes should make you feel confident to be yourself. That could mean having comfortable undergarments that stay hidden or bright pops of color that help you stand out. Either way, Cosabella’s color lab has you covered. 


Just as critical as the look of a bralette is the feel of a bralette. Bralettes are in direct contact with one of the most sensitive parts of your body, so the fabric should be soft and gentle on your skin. 

Cosabella uses polyamide and elastane in most of our bralettes. This fiber is elastic, with long, thin fibers. It’s durable without being rough, and it won’t lose its stretch over time. This fabric is made specifically to be worn next to the skin without irritating it or chafing. 

Some Cosabella styles also use cotton fibers and mesh. These styles aren’t as lacy as the others, like the Hallie Free People Bralette. The cotton fabric is breathable and soft, just like the polyamide and elastane, without creating the lace effect.  

Free People x Cosabella Hallie Bralette

Each fabric that we use is chosen for its feel and its performance. The best bralettes are as functional as they are fashionable and as comfortable as they are practical. 


The best thing about bralettes is how versatile they are. There are dozens of different bralette styles, from sporty and functional to flirty and sexy. Depending on the fabrics and colors you choose, you can have a full-coverage look or a barely-there look. 

Cosabella’s best-selling bralettes are pretty enough to wear on their own as a top in the summer. You can pair them with high-waisted skirts or jeans for a casual fashion statement.

Or, you can layer a bralette under a loose, flowing top to stay cool and stay covered during the warmer months. A peek of lace at the neckline, or a full view of the back lace band of a bralette can add color and visual interest to an outfit as well.

If your preference is to have your bralette disappear completely under your clothes, there are smooth styles and fabrics for that too. For example, a Soire Confidence Bralette in a neutral tone won’t show through your clothing, keeping you supported and covered. 

Soire Confidence Mesh Bralette is one of Cosabella's best-selling bralettes.

Shop Our Best-Selling Bralettes

A lot goes into making a bralette the best that it can be. Our best-selling bralettes are a labor of love, from the materials we use to the sizes and styles we create. Our inclusive fittings and wide range of styles and colors mean there’s a bralette in our collection for everyone.

There’s a reason these bralettes are so well-known. Choose a Cosabella bralette from our extensive collection of comfortable and stylish bralettes. The perfect fit and the right shape will give you the confidence you need to go about your day.