Cosabella’s Guide to Curvy Bralettes

From its lack of an underwire to its incomparable comfort, the bralette has been a lifesaver to women for years. Security, comfort, and style all in one product are almost too good to be true. Especially for those of us with larger chests. But never fear, curvy bralettes do not have to lose one of these qualities to ensure another.

Unsure where or how to get this dream come true? Keep reading to find out, and learn some of the best tips and tricks that will help you get the most out of your curvy bralettes. 

Get the Perfect Size

First, like any other piece of clothing, bralettes can only do their job if they are the correct size. Sizing can be a rather tricky thing to figure out. But believe it or not, knowing which styles are best for your breast shape can make this process much easier. 

For example, women with full or round breasts should consider using a bralette with a triangular plunge shape. Asymmetric breasts are best supported with stretch fabrics and shallow contours. Women with teardrop-shaped breasts should look for bralettes with a sweetheart demi shape.

Shopping for your breast shape may feel defeating. But it will help you find a high-quality bralette with perfect support.

Wash Your Bralettes Right

We all have thrown our bralettes in the washers along with our shirts, jeans, and other pieces of clothing. But did you know that this is one of the worst things you can do for any of your bras? In fact, learning how to wash them correctly will expand your bralette’s life by years. 

Whether it is by stretching the straps until they break or letting the hooks catch on every item inside, the washing machine can and will find a way to destroy your bralette. Hand washing your luxury bralette is the gentlest and best option for them. Even though it is more time-consuming.

You can do this in any tub or sink and it is much easier than you’d expect. If you wanted to there are even detergents you can buy that are designed for lingerie. 

If you still must use the washing machine. The best way to avoid ruining your bras is to use a lingerie bag for protection. Clasping the hooks together is another way to avoid damaging your bralette.

This little step of extra care will help preserve your bralettes and save you money in the future. It will also save you the devastation of ruining your favorite one. 

Experiment With Curvy Bralette Styles 

Not only are bralettes used as traditional bras, but they are also worn as shirts themselves. Styling them with outfits unlocks a whole new level of fashion. It also gives you the full bralette experience everyone has been raving about. 

You could style your curvy bralettes under an off-the-shoulder top or sheer shirt. Some people wear a bralette as a crop top all on its own. Backless tops or cute cardigans are also items that could be used to display your bralettes.

They are so cute, who wouldn’t want to show them off? Their versatility makes options endless and gives bralettes a quality and value that regular bras do not have.

Where to Find Your Dream Curvy Bralettes 

If you’re excited about all that the perfect curvy bralette can offer, but don’t know where to find one, do not worry. You can find the perfect luxury curvy bralette in a size that fits your larger chest at Cosabella. Our pieces come in a wide variety of sizes and styles. 

Continue reading to see which curvy bralette is best for you!

Never Say Never Curvy Bralette 

Our Never Say Never Bralette comes in many fun colors and patterns. Some of them include blacks, blues, pinks, leopard, and many more. 

Some variations of the Never Say Never Bralette, such as the Curvy Plungie Longline Bralette, are designed for women with smaller band sizes and fuller cups. They also contain adjustable straps for added security. 

The Never Say Never Curvy Bralette has a plunge neckline for natural cleavage, life and support.

Other variations of the Never Say Never Bralette, like the Extended Racie Racerback Bralette, are designed for women who have fuller busts and need a larger band size, up to 40DD. This bralette has a supportive band underneath the cups. This allows you to feel secure and safe while wearing it. 

Never Say Never Extended Bralette for larger bands and larger cups.

Forza Bralette 

The Forza Bralette is a sleek, black bralette that contains a power mesh lining and provides the fullest coverage possible. Its mesh sling will give you comfort and support. 

Woman wearing the Forza Bralette, made for curvy sizing.

The Forza Bralette’s designed for women with small band sizes and fuller cups. It also has adjustable straps for added support. The minimal design of the Forza is perfect for modern girls who want a smooth style and secure fit. 

Magnolia Curvy Bralette 

This curvy bralette comes in a deep navy or a classic white, and was designed with bustier women in mind. Like the Forza Bralette, The Magnolia Curvy Bralette was created to provide as much support as possible. It’s lined with power mesh and has two thick adjustable straps. 

The Magnolia Curvy Bralette is perfect for brides to be.

This bralette’s elegant lace fabric, designed for brides, sets it apart from any of our other bras. This one was created to be the support every girl dreams of on their wedding day. 

Cara Free People Bralette 

The Cara Free People Bralette is one of our laceless bralette options. This bralette uses a combination of microfiber and power mesh to support women with fuller busts and smaller band sizes. This curvy bralette comes in three versatile colors: black, white, and rose dust as part of our collaboration with Free People. 

The Cara Bralette from Intimately Free People collaboration.

The mesh panel on the front of the bralette provides a touch of modesty to this style. This alone makes it a great contender for the everyday bralette of your dreams. 

Ballet Curvy Bralette 

This luxury bralette is a new take on lace. It comes in two colors: black and turchese, and was made to support the curviest of busts, up to a 40H.

The shape of the Ballet Curvy Bralette is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. It works alongside two adjustable straps that were created for comfort and a supportive band. You can not help but want to show off this bralette. This bold design is a flawless mixture of comfort and style and is very hard to forget. 

The Ballet Bralette has intricate floral lace and scalloped edges.

Puglia Curvy Bralette 

The Puglia Bralette and its unique swirl lace design come in two color options: Fiore and Tre. The serrated edge of this bralette adds a classic touch to the design and lays nicely across the skin.

This timeless bralette was designed for women with fuller busts and smaller band sizes. It is lined with supportive power mesh that adds an extra layer of support. The Puglia Bralette also has adjustable straps for a more specific fit. 

The Puglia Bralette for curvy sizes is made with intricate lace, made for fuller busts.

The sweetheart neckline of this bralette provides a flattering shape for larger busts. It also allows comfort and style to once again coexist together. 

The List Goes On and On

Not sure if you found the bra that suits you? Explore more curvy bralette options to choose from at Cosabella. We have an extensive list of styles from the fun and flirty Paradiso Curvy Bralette to the sleek and stylish Evolution Curvy Bralette

Each bralette is designed with you, your body, and your comfort in mind. You won’t believe your eyes or your curves. 

Get Luxury Curvy Bralettes Best for You

Whether you are new to the bralette world or you have been here for years, finding the perfect curvy bralette for your body can be difficult. It may even seem like the search for one that is secure, comfortable, and stylish all at once is a lost cause.

But now that you’ve read our guide to the best curvy bralettes around. So you are more than ready to find, style, and care for the curvy bralette of your dreams.

Visit Cosabella and check out our selection of curvy bralettes mentioned in this article and so many more. Happy Shopping!