Why We Are Made In Italy

Our Dedication to Italian Craftsmanship

Over 3 Decades of Made in Italy

Since our beginning, Cosabella is proud to be made in Italy by skilled artisans in our family-owned labs. As you may know, our founder, Valeria Campello, and her husband, Ugo, are from Italy and when they moved to Miami over 30 years ago, they wanted to keep that Italian heritage alive.
When Cosabella was founded, it was on the promise of bringing quality, handmade Italian goods to America.
Cosabella made in italy
Italian-made goods are world renowned for their fine craftsmanship and exquisite attention to detail and Cosabella is no exception.
Our artisans have carried timeless Italian traditions down through generation to generation. We work tirelessly to preserve these fine-tuned skills. All of our labs in Italy are owned by families, some who have been with us since the beginning.
These labs take steps to ensure our Italian heritage stays true in every step of this process. This could mean producing garments only in small batches, color dying our fabrics by hand or tying our Cosabella Cutie thongs with a bow.
Cosabella made in italy
Every garment created by Cosabella receives the utmost attention throughout each and every stage of development. From designing delicate laces to sewing the final thread, Cosabella prides itself on its authentic Italian craftsmanship.
We are dedicated to remaining true to our Italian heritage, as we have for the past 35+ years.
Cosabella made in italy