Which is the best t shirt bra?

It’s a classic for any closet

Get the T-Shirt Bra You Need

We know a classic T-shirt bra can be hard to find. But these smooth, form-fitting bras are an essential for any lingerie drawer. We’re here to help you find the best T-shirt bra for you.

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Find your right size

When’s the last time you measured yourself? A best-fitting bra will only work if it’s in the right size for you. Breast shape and size can change in as little as 6 months, so make sure you’re double checking your bra size at least twice a year to ensure the best fit.


When shopping for a new T-shirt bra, keep in mind that you’ll need one as comfortable as your cozy T-shirts. Fabrics like soft cotton or smooth microfiber will make these bras seamless and invisible underneath your shirts, but also keep you comfy.

smooth t-shirt bra

Shown above: Evolution Curvy bralette

Adjustable straps and band

To get a customized fit to your body, adjustable features like straps or band allow a bra to fit perfectly. Bonus points if the straps are able to transform into a racerback style for a quick fix to any top.

Lined for coverage

It’s important that T-shirt bras are fully lined for complete coverage, especially for wearing underneath those white tees. No one wants an unintentional peek-a-boo effect when it comes to their bras. Make sure your T-shirt bra is thick enough to conceal everything but thin enough to look seamless under any top.

smooth t-shirt bra

Shown above: Evolution Curvy bralette

Underwire or no underwire

Now, this one’s personal. Some women feel more comfortable going out of the house in an underwire bra, whereas others prefer to go wirefree. While both are good options, Cosabella carries several T-shirt bras that fall under both categories. We have wireless bras (bralettes, in this case) that still offer support with built-in features such as power mesh lining, wider straps or inner mesh side slings.

Try it on

The only way to really know if a bra is right for you is to try it on! Test out the functionality of a T-shirt bra by trying it on underneath a shirt you’d wear in real life. It sounds time-consuming but it’ll be worth it. And if you buy from Cosabella.com, you can enjoy easy shipping and returns on your qualifying purchase.