Our Innovative Process

Cosabella lingerie: Where art meets technology

Continually adapting to new innovations

Dedicated to fine Italian craftsmanship, our family-owned labs adopt cutting-edge technology yet carefully preserve fine-tuned skilled carried down through generations.

From color development to intricate lace creation, Cosabella promises modern Italian artistry during each stage of production. We work hard to stay true to our 35+ year heritage.

The introduction of advanced technology to Cosabella has allowed us to remain on the forefront of lace and lingerie creation.

Color Creation

Cosabella lace and lingerie innovation

Our colors for our laces are studied meticulously to mix just the right shade of color.

Cosabella uses special, advanced technology to ensure consistency of color dying through both mass and smaller batch productions. Italian machinery in this field is world leading in assuring color fastness and multiple production consistency. We like to make sure all of our products are of the upmost quality.

Science Behind the Lace

Cosabella lace and lingerie innovation

We create our laces on a variety of industry-leading machinery that allows us to develop unique, exclusive lace designs in a selection of techniques.

Did you know producing a new lace design can take almost 3 years? Key elements such as fiber elasticity, color absorption, and texture are all analyzed during each stage of creation.

In Italy, we work with our lace partners to develop innovative, patented techniques on stretch laces, such as elastic-free edges, multi-color, multi-layer and corded stretch laces, as well as sustainable laces created from recycled fibers.

A Delicate Process

Cosabella lace and lingerie innovation

Artisans continuously refine our development process in pursuit of absolute perfection. Having this flexibility and dexterity in lace production allows us to fine-tune products and create such a wide variety of stretch fabrics.

By constantly introducing innovative technology in our lace labs, we are able to prevail on the forefront of fiber development.

Cosabella lace and lingerie innovation

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