What are the signs for new Bras and Panties

Experts recommend you to replace bra’s approximately every 6-12 months or after 180 washes. If your bra collection is large and you have a good rotation, this can extend the life of your underwear. Also consider the following, do you take care of your bras during laundering? Are you following the proper care instructions? This can also extend or decrease the life of your bra and panties.

Kalahari in Congo
Kalahari in Congo

Ligerie expiration?

No matter the rotation and care every bra has an expiry date. The expiry date is not when you see a failure, a hole, a broken seam – that’s beyond the expiry date. If that’s what you have been used to, consider recalibrating and learning about lingerie maintenance, keeping your bralette or panties in good shape, making you feel good without the compromise of material fatigue.

Never Say Never and Free Cut Micro
Never Say Never and Free Cut Micro

Bra Maintenance and signs of replacement

A good rule of thumb is to have four everyday bras on rotation also two for activewear and two speciality bras (total of 8). For example for certain style dresses you might have special bras for them, but a lot of people like to have more, you decide based on your wardrobe. By spreading the wear across a rotation, it gives longevity to the bras.

Signs you need new Bras:

* Are the back straps stretched out? The back of your bra naturally stretches over time, the hook and eye fastening gets you back to a snug fit, however, if the band still feels loose on the tightest hook, then it is time to ditch that bra as the band is no longer holding its elasticity.

* Are your Bra Cups feeling too big? When you start noticing gaps between your cups and your breasts, this means either the cups have stretched or your breast size has diminished, which can happen during weight-loss, you will be getting less support, so time to get fitted again (to check if your bra fits), and replace it.

* Cups too small? This is a more obvious one, not only is it uncomfortable but it will look unsightly as it shows through your clothes. Get yourself measured then use the Cosabella size guide, you will be amazed at how good a well fitting bra will feel.

* Are the Shoulder Straps feeling too loose? Constantly adjusting your bra strap as it slides off your shoulder is a sign you need to replace the bra, the straps play an important role in helping to support the weight of your breasts and help ensure the cups hug smoothly, however is this is always an issue why not try one of the Cosabella Racerback bra’s

* Underwire break or poke-through? We all know the pain of an underwire poking through the material and digging into delicate skin, pushing the wire back in and sewing the hole will be a temporary cure, it will poke back through again. Do yourself a favor, replace that bra, look to supportive wireless bras, or good quality underwired ones.

* Fabric breakdown? Depending on your wearing & washing cycle, it will determine the fabric life span, but eventually it will loose its stretch, when this happens your bra is no longer performing the lift and support as it should.

* Does your bra have hair or fuzz on the material? Do you see the little threads of elastic that look like hairs popping out of your bra? Then discard the bra, has given up its ghost. Most of your support from your bra comes from the band that is anchored against your body, without the elastic you have insufficient support. Your bra will no longer have the structure to lift your breasts.

* Color fade or dingy? if you notice either of these, you are probably due new bras. Usually resulting from many cycles of washing and wearing, when fibers fray, elasticity or moisture wicking become innefective. Another cause of your bra reaching this fate is either overuse (love to keep wearing your favorite bra), or you might be using it as a sports bra when it wasn’t designed for it. Keep the variety going, and rotation to prolong the bra’s life.

* Change of taste? Sometimes your style changes, while bras are usually covered up it is important to chose what makes you feel comfortable, you should always feel good in your underwear. Look out for lingerie set sales, where you can get a great matching bra and panty set.

Also its good to remember that bras for larger cups sizes have to do a lot more work in terms of offering support. Unfortunately this means bras for women with larger breasts have a shorter life span. When shopping for lingerie of all lingerie brands, sizes are not all standardized – for a great fit, either for a lace bralette or some boy short panties, have your measurements ready.

Khana in Sahara
Khana in Sahara

Panties life cycle and maintenance

For panties, most of these signs mentioned in the bra section also apply, its not always as easy though to tell when your underwear is ready to retire, however there are some sure fire ways to tell when your panties are done.

* Holes and loose threads? When you see these it may be time to just throw them away. This isnt always a sign they are too old, holes can appear after a few months or even two weeks, this could be from heavy wear, improper washing, or just low quality fabric and craftmanship. This could be the seams coming loose or just weakness in the fabric as well.

* Tears? this needs no explanation, if your panties are torn the only place for them is responsibly dispose of them.

* Stains? When face with stained underwear, it may be a first class ticket to the bin. Designated period pants are one thing but stained underwear is definately a no-no. It may surprise you how much better you will feel with some fresh new panties in your drawer, and you wearing them.

* Is your underwear stretched out? This may be the easiest to try to get away with, they are a little loose and so they are comfortable, right?  Your stretched underwear is like sleeping on a metal spring mattress, new fitted panties are like sleeping on a luxury foam mattress, the better you feel the better you look. High waisted panties rely on the elastic band to keep in place hugging your hips, when that loosens then they no longer are fit for purpose.

* Overall condition of you panties comes with some health risks, if the fit is no longer good your panties may seal in moisture that would normally be wicked away, leading to yeast or other infections. Frayed seams also pose a risk, they may irritate your skin leading to abrasions that can increase your risk of infection.

Finding high quality lingerie shouldn’t be like seeking buried treasure, so remember, cheap may get you more but it will be low quality and likely won’t last, it won’t fit correctly and not breathe as required.

Here at Cosabella we will always use high quality materials with the best craftmanship.

Always follow the care instructions.this will prolong the life of your underwear. Hand washing can prevent tears caused by frequent machine washing, if you dont have time to hand wash, place your items in a netted laundry bag and machine wash on a “delicate” cycle.

Never Say Never in Black
Never Say Never in Black

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