All You Need to Know About the World’s Most Comfortable Bralette

Ladies, it’s time to talk bras and bralettes. Let’s face it. If you can’t find a comfortable fit, the wrong undergarment can make life feel miserable.

After all, it’s not polite to adjust your bra in public. Of course, if it’s pinching in the wrong places, gapping at the straps, or causing rolls in undesirable locations, all bets are off. How do you harmonize your need for support with your longing for a comfortable garment?

What’s more, how do you find a sexy, luxurious design? Keep reading as we explore the perfect bra or bralette for your beautiful body.

Dove gray lace never say never bralette.

Finding the Perfect Bra

What is a bralette, and why should you consider wearing one? It’s a soft, wireless bra that provides medium support levels depending on the style, fabric, and construction.

Finding the ideal bralette for your body starts with great fabrics. For example, look for undergarments constructed from soft, flexible materials that won’t pinch, pull, or otherwise irritate your skin. Avoid cheap “lacy” fabrics that feel scratchy or lack elasticity. 

Fortunately, high tech textiles now abound, and it’s time that you start taking advantage of them. For example, microfiber bralettes can help keep you cool and dry all day long by wicking excess moisture away from your skin.

Getting the Support You Need with Bralettes

You’ll also want to consider the type of support best suited to your figure. Supportive bras provide the most comfort. Although you might not think bralettes fall into the “supportive bra” category, think again.

Bralettes have come a long way over the past few years, and they now provide more structure and comfort than ever before. If you know what to look for when you’re shopping.

Optimized levels of structure, wire-free designs, and no-inch bands mean they stay in place all day long. What’s more, adjustable straps and cup inserts equate to a better fit.

What if you’re still nervous about getting enough support with a bralette? Try looking for models with wider straps. These design features provide more lift all day long.

Finding the right intimates online can be tricky. So, here are some tips to help you get the right fit. 

How to Find the Best Bralette for Your Figure

Finding the perfect bralette starts with accurate measurements. So, grab a tape measure and get ready to write down some numbers. Your bust shape and size fluctuates based on various factors, including:

  • Lifestyle
  • Exercise
  • Diet
  • Hormonal changes
  • Age

Do yourself a favor and remember to get sized every six months. That way, you’ll always enjoy the ideal fit. Follow these step-by-step instructions to ensure an accurate bra size measurement. 

After taking your measurements, you may find they fall between two size ranges. What to do? Take a closer look at your bust.

What If You Fall Between Sizes?

While many women get tempted to go down a size, assuming the bralette fabric will have enough “give” can lead to a painful experience. Instead, examine your chest shape carefully, noting volume.

Would you characterize your breasts as having full volume? In other words, do they fill the entire cup? If so, opt for the larger size. 

Do your breasts have less volume, not completely filling the cup? In this case, you should select the smaller size.

With these tips in mind, let’s take a look at some of the most comfortable bralettes on the market.

1. The Magnolia Curvy Bralette

The Magnolia is a wireless plus-size bralette featuring satin band detailing and uber soft semi-sheer scalloped lace. Lined with power mesh, it also contains wide, adjustable straps that provide support where you need it most.

Explicitly designed for DD cups and up, it features a convenient hook and eye back closure and works well for those who need a smaller band width but a fuller cup size. The most recent addition to Cosabella’s romantic collection, you’ll adore its gorgeous eyelash lace design.

Whether you’re looking for special lingerie for an upcoming wedding or want to infuse a little romance into everyday life, you’ll feel  relaxed, confident, and sexy with this stunning design. 

The Magnolia is a wireless plus-size bralette featuring satin band detailing and uber soft semi-sheer scalloped lace.
Cosabella Magnolia Curvy Bralette

2. The Never Say Never Sweetie Bralette

The Never Say Never Sweetie Bralette boasts hundreds of online reviews and a 4.5-star rating. What do women love about this garment? For starters, it’s true to fit, comfortable, and sexy.

Perfect for sleeping or lounging, it features stretch scalloped lace luxuriously soft to the touch and an attractive sweetheart front. A pullover design with adjustable straps, it represents the ultimate in flirty comfort.

Available in petite and standard, customers can’t get enough of this lace bralette.

For those who require larger cup sizes (DD+) and smaller band sizes, the Curvy Sweetie Bralette version provides support, comfort, and charm.

Featuring wide, adjustable straps and lined with power mesh for support, the Curvy Sweetie Bralette has an elastic band for enhanced fit. 

Whether you order it in a petite, standard, or plus size, get ready to fall in love with its elegant floral Never Say Never lace. Say good-bye to frumpy, utilitarian bras and hello to stunning lingerie that will leave you feeling pampered!

The Never Say Never Sweetie Bralette features stretch scalloped lace luxuriously and an attractive sweetheart front.
Cosabella Never Say Never Sweetie Bralette

3. The Dolce Curvy Bralette

With the Dolce Curvy Bralette, you’ll never again spend the day tugging at falling straps, adjusting pinching bands, or dealing with cups that constrict your bust. Instead, you’ll feel both sexy and luxurious in this wireless bralette. 

Crafted from cutting-edge lace, the Dolce Curvy Bralette’s fabric provides exceptional support and comfort. Wide, adjustable straps will never dig into your shoulders, leaving angry red marks.

Featuring extra side sling for the ultimate bust support, the bralette also comes with a handy hook and eye closure at the back. What’s more, you’ll love its sleek design, clean lines, and choice of six gorgeous colors. 

The Dolce Curvy Bralette's fabric provides exceptional support and comfort.
Cosabella Dolce Curvy Bralette

4. The Never Say Never Padded Flirtie Bandeau

If you’re looking for an effortless bandeau, give the Never Say Never Padded Flirtie Bandeau a try. Lined at the bust for non-sheer coverage, it has a full stretch lace band with a scalloped edge. 

Silicone detailing means no worries about slippage. Yet, despite the practical aspects of this bralette, it features a striking floral pattern lace. A little additional padding provides a seamless fit that you’ll want to show off. 

The Never Say Never Padded Flirtie Bandeau is lined at the bust for non-sheer coverage, with a scalloped edge.
Cosabella Never Say Never Padded Flirtie Bandeau

5. The Soire Confidence Bralette

The Soire Confidence Curvy Bralette is manufactured from 100 polyamide with a lining of 85 percent polyamide and 15 percent elastane.

The result? A yummy feel that you’ll look forward to putting on. Power mesh lining and side slings keep gravity at bay all day long, and the lightweight, smooth fabric will keep you cool and dry. 

Like the Magnolia, the Soire Confidence Curvy Bralette has been engineered specifically for women with fuller cup sizes and smaller bands. The innovative design and flirtatious appeal mean no more lamenting about all of the “cute” bras you can’t wear.

The Soire Confidence Curvy Bralette is made with power mesh and specifically for women with fuller cup sizes.
Cosabella Soire Confidence Curvy Bralette

6. The Savona Bralette

The Savona Bralette is lightweight, comfortable, and comes in three sheer-colored floral lace fabrics that let you get your flirt on. What’s more, adjustable straps and a hook and eye closure make it easy to get the ideal fit. 

From its high shine florals to its vibrant pallet, no detail has been spared. What’s more, it creates a stunning silhouette that’s both comfortable and sexy. 

The Savona Bralette is lightweight, comfortable, and comes in three sheer-colored floral lace fabrics that let you get your flirt on.
Cosabella Savona Bralette

7. The Savona Curvy Longline Bralette

Hundreds of five-star reviews don’t lie! Women can’t stop raving about the Savona Curvy Longline Bralette. What do they love about the design?

  • All-day comfort without riding up or digging  
  • Fantastic fit
  • No over spillage
  • Good support
  • Wire-free comfort
  • Beautiful, sexy style

And that’s just a small sampling of customer reviews.

Stunning detailed lace gives the bralette a luxurious, feminine appeal. Yet, there’s no skimping when it comes to comfort. It contains a 5×3 hook and eye closure and a long line, which minimizes back rolls, creating a streamlined appeal.

Extra bust support and power mesh lining mean no more aching backs or shoulders at the end of the day. With six hues to choose from, you’ll want to order it in multiple colors. 

The Savona Curvy Longline Bralette has stunning detailed lace gives the bralette a luxurious, feminine appeal
Cosabella Savona Curvy Longline Bralette

8. The Soft Cotton Curvy Bralette

Sometimes, you want to nix the lace for the comfort of cotton, and we don’t blame you! That’s where the sporty Soft Cotton Curvy Bralette comes into play. Like the other bralettes listed above, it’s wire-free and crafted from the softest material. 

It features side slings for extra bust support and a fuller band for maximal smooth lines. The back closure features a 3×2 hook and eye closure for more granular adjustments, and the wide straps provide all-day comfort.

Available in a selection of five stunning colors, it will quickly become a wardrobe essential. 

The Coasbella Soft Cotton Curvy Bralette is wire-free and made of the softest material.
Cosabella Soft Cotton Curvy Bralette

The Perfect Bra for You

Whether you’ve got a petite frame, an ample bust with a small band size, or fall somewhere in between, Cosabella has the perfect bra or bralette for you. We’ve spent the past 35 years engineering undergarments that provide comfort while exuding elegance and sex appeal. 

Offered in many fits, including curvy, standard, extended, maternity, and petite, you’ll love our incredible selection. Learn more about our dedication to crafting luxurious lingerie designed for you.