Underwire Bras That Are Comfortable Enough to Wear All Day

Underwire bras are famous for giving women the best lift, support, and shape. However, they’re not always known for being the most comfortable type of bra—especially for women who wear a larger cup size. 

If you haven’t found an underwire bra that you can wear all day, a poor fit is often the culprit. But other issues such as straps, fabric, and design can also be uncomfortable.

However, underwire bras can be comfortable, especially when they’re exceptionally made with high-quality fabrics and attention to detail. 

To help you find the most comfortable underwire bra you’ve ever worn, we’ve compiled a guide to selecting the best bra.

Keep reading to learn how you should shop for an underwire bra, and our top picks for comfort and quality!

Why Wear Underwire Bras?

Underwire bras are popular for several reasons, but your bra must be properly fitted to guarantee that the underwire properly contours your breast tissues—from under your arms to where your cleavage is. 

Once you’ve found the correct fit, the right underwire bra will take your breasts to the next level. You’ll experience support, shape, and lift that you didn’t know existed!

Underwire bras are designed to contour the natural shape of our breasts. They bring the weight of your breasts closer to the front, while also lifting them upwards and the right bra will encapsulate your entire bra tissues, which raises your breasts and creates a round shape.

Most women today typically seek a natural-looking, uplifted silhouette. Underwire helps accomplish this coveted look and with a properly fitted underwire bra, you will experience the utmost support. However, how much support depends on the type of bra you wear. 

Underwire Shapes

Underwire is the rigid semicircle that is sewn into the band of a bra. It is typically made of plastic, resin, metal, or steel.  

Because they’re designed to follow the curve of the breast root, underwires range in shape and size. You’ll choose from three underwire shapes, depending on your needs: J-shaped, plunge/rocker, and U-shaped.


J-shaped underwires are the most popular as they are found in most everyday bras, from demi bras to balconettes. They’re popular because they’re suited for a variety of breast root shapes. The lower center can accommodate touching—or close-set—breasts.  


If your breasts don’t require much support, you may like a plunge/rocker wire. These banana-shaped, shorter wires are comfortable for those with high-set breasts or short torsos, as plunge/rocker wires are typically used in plunge and push-up bras.


U-shaped wires are longer and used most often in strapless bras, or those not reliant on shoulder straps for support.  

You’ll also find u-shaped wires in bras made for breasts larger than a D cup size, since they’re not as wide or plunging as J-shaped underwires, they best fit women with narrow breast roots. 

How to Shop for a Comfortable Underwire Bra

Eight out of 10 women are wearing the wrong size bra.

Before shopping for a new bra, it’s essential to get professionally fitted by an expert who is familiar with all bra styles and how they fit

And don’t stay stuck on one size, as all brands and styles have different standards. You could wear two or three sizes, depending on the bra materials and manufacturing. Continue to try on different sizes until you find the one that’s perfect for you.

If you find that a particular bra fits perfectly in the band, but is too small or big in the cup size (or vice versa), try that bra’s sister size. Sister sizes are either one size up or down from your typical size. If you find that one breast is bigger than the other, round up.

If you go up in band size, you’ll move down in cup size. For example, if you typically wear a 34B, a 32C or 36A would be your sister size.

As you shop, try not to skip a bra because it’s more expensive. A perfectly-fitting, top-quality bra is worth it if it will give you the comfort and lift you need.

From flattering everyday bras to sexy push-up options, we’ve made a list of our favorite options. Each of these Cosabella bras is made with pride and care in Italy.

Soire Confidence Demi Bra

Demi cup bras are ideal when you want to look and feel sexy, but the low cut is also practical, offering a subtle cleavage boost. They’re also perfect for women with shallow busts if your breasts are fuller at the bottom. A demi cup will fit you properly without gapping at the top.

The Soire Confidence Demi Bra is an underwire sheer demi bra made of stretch mesh and seamless underwire cups. It’s molded cup with double layer fabrication offers smooth support, and the push-up pads are removable for adjustable cleavage. 

The flat-lock stitched seams and shiny elastic details on this bra will inspire confidence while providing the comfort and support you need all day long. 

The Soire Confidence Demi Bra is made of stretch mesh and seamless underwire cups while providing the comfort and support you need all day.

Selita Underwire Bra

If you’re looking for the soft, romantic touches of a bralette but want an underwire style, check out our Selita Underwire Bra.

Selita’s romantic floral lace, plunging neckline, and sheer mesh offer a luxury, elegant feel that’s sweet by day and sexy by night.

The details are soft and subtle, making it a versatile piece of lingerie that can be worn anywhere and everywhere without compromising comfort.

Selita's romantic floral lace, plunging neckline, and sheer mesh offer a luxury, elegant feel that's sweet by day and sexy by night.

Soire Confidence Molded Underwire Bra

The Soire Confidence Molded Underwire Bra offers stretchable microfiber mesh that is softer than it looks—and 50% lighter than the original Soire.  

This is a lightweight bra that’s designed to lay snug to your body and barely felt. You might even forget you’re wearing it.

The classic style comes in three perfect neutrals: black, blush, and white.

The Soire Confidence Molded Underwire Bra is designed to lay snug to your body and barely felt.

Evolution Push Up Bra

If you’re looking for more lift, try the Evolution Push Up Bra. It’s an underwire push up bra with removable padding, made of smooth microfiber fabric. 

Evolution is an everyday lingerie collection designed to make you feel sexy while providing a practical, everyday option. 

For the most flattering look, your push up bra should lay flat against your breasts—without creating any spillover at the top. If your bra is too tight, it will leave marks on your breast tissue. 

If you find that the cups are gaping at the sides or top as you wear it, you will need to go down a size. Once you get the right fit, a push-up bra is one you’ll be grateful to have in your collection.

Evolution is an everyday lingerie collection designed to make you feel sexy while providing a practical, everyday option.

Evolution Demi Bra

Another bra from our Evolution collection, the Demi Bra is a classic underwire bra with side boning. It’s made out of the same, high-quality microfiber material as the push-up.

In black and rose nude, this Demi Bra will complete your everyday, neutral lingerie look. Plus, it’s clean-finish stitching and smooth fabric make it luxurious and comfortable enough for a night out after work.

The Evolution Demi Bra's clean-finish stitching and smooth fabric make it luxurious and comfortable enough for a night out after work.

Forever Molded Underwire Bra

The Forever Molded Underwire Bra is a mix of lace and microfiber. With underwire molded cups, it’s a high-quality, comfortable, and classic option.  

Molded cups form your breast tissue to the shape of the bra, which gives a seamless look that’s perfect under t-shirts. The edges of this bra are lined in lace details, which means you don’t have to hide it if you don’t want to. 

The Forever Molded Underwire Bra is a mix of lace and microfiber with underwire molded cups.

Never Say Never Candie Underwire Bra

If you’re looking to show off your bra under a mesh shirt or low neckline, the Never Say Never Candie Underwire Bra is the bra you’ve been looking for. 

Made of soft, stretch scalloped lace, the Never Say Never has a power mesh layer and a hook and eye black closure for added support. You’d never know it offered so much support, as it’s designed to be a lacy, barely-there option. 

Not only does it look great, but the lace is soft and not scratchy or rough, plus the deep plunging neckline is meant to show off.

The Never Say Never Candie Underwire Bra has a deep plunge neckline perfect to show off.

Experience Comfort with a Cosabella Bra

Our goal at Cosabella is to create fashion-forward, timeless designs that elicit feminine confidence and originality for all. We work with the finest Italian artisans in family-run workshops across Italy.

Our lingerie sets are made of the highest quality materials by local experts with decades of experience. While they’ve fine-tuned their skills for years, our artisans also adapt to new technology quickly, operating in the pursuit of perfection.

See what we have to offer and fill your lingerie drawer with underwire bras that are as comfortable as they are flattering.

Not sure of your size? Visit our flagship boutique or contact us at (888) 675-0828 to speak to one of our stylists. We’re happy to offer personal styling and complimentary fittings.