The Perfect Underwear: How to Choose the Best Panties for Any Occasion

Do you feel like you’re always struggling to find the perfect pair of underwear?

What if we told you that the perfect underwear will vary greatly depending on what occasion you’re wearing it for. As women, we know the right type of bras, the best type of feminine hygiene products, but not many of us know the best type of underwear.

Today, we’ve created this complete guide to help you to understand how to choose the best pair of underwear, no matter what. Keep reading to learn more!

The Best Panties to Wear for Date Night

Having the right intimates in your closet is essential and having the right panties for your date night can help you feel ultra-confident.

The right panties shouldn’t leave VPL (visible panty lines) – if you’re wearing a hip-hugging outfit, you should wear a pair that leaves your behind looking smooth and sexy. One of the easiest ways that you can choose the right panties is to wear a G-string.

We would recommend our Cosabella Amore Adore G-String for your ultra-sexy date night. This G-string will tease your date with sexy lace panties, but won’t leave you with any visible panty lines!

Cosabella Amore Adore G-String won't leave you with any visible panty lines.
Cosabella Amore Adore G-String

The Best Underwear to Wear When You Want to Feel Extra Sexy

Are you shopping around for a pair of underwear that will give you a confidence boost when you’re not feeling good about yourself? You should look for a pair of underwear that make you feel comfortable, confident and ultra-sexy!

Some women may feel extra confident in lacy, sexy underwear but if that isn’t for you, you may want to consider looking into women’s boyshorts.

Whether you’re into bright colors or bold patterns, something that’s comfy and daring can help you feel sexy underneath while you’re going through your daily motions. You may want to consider checking out our Evolution Printed Comfie Boyshort for a bold pattern that’ll help you feel extra sexy!

Cosabella Evolution Printed Boyshort can help you feel sexy underneath while you're going through your daily motions.
Cosabella Evolution Printed Comfie Boyshort

The Best Panties for Travel

When you’re traveling, the last thing you want to be is uncomfortable. You have to manage all of your luggage, passport, and make sure that you’re getting to the places you need to be. Wearing uncomfortable underwear will only make your traveling experience less pleasant.

You should invest in breathable, comfortable underwear for your trip. Your underwear shouldn’t roll down when you’re squatting or sitting down. You shouldn’t feel your underwear pinching on your inner thighs, hips, or bikini line.

Plus, you should have plenty of breathing room so that you don’t get an unpleasant odor while traveling. That’s why we would recommend our Never Say Never Extended Cheekie Boyshort for getting where you need to go.

The Cosabella Never Say Never Cheekie Boyshort is comfortable to wear while traveling.
Cosabella Never Say Never Cheekie Extended Boyshort

The Best Underwear to Wear to the Gym

Choosing the right underwear to wear when you’re going to the gym can be tricky. Depending on your body’s shape and weight, you may find that boy shorts, thongs, or bikini can ride up and irritate you.

It’s good for you to experiment with different styles of underwear when you’re exercising. The type of underwear you choose to wear to the gym will significantly depend on how active you’re being, mixed with the shape of your body.

You may find our Never Say Never Printed Comfie Thong is the perfect choice for when you’re going to the gym!

The Cosabella Never Say Never Printed Comfie Thong is the perfect choice for when you're going to the gym!
Cosabella Never Say Never Printed Comfie Thong

The Best Panties to Wear You’re Pregnant

You need maternity underwear when you’re pregnant because these styles has been specially designed to fit your growing bump and fit your butt.

Instead of stretching out your favorite pairs of underwear, investing in maternity underwear will help your underwear stay where it’s supposed to be.

You should choose styles that are comfortable and feel good on your skin. As your hormones fluctuate during your pregnancy, you may experience hot flashes and sweaty episodes and maternity underwear that’s made with cotton will be more breathable.

Our Laced In Aire Maternity Boyshort is the perfect pair of comfy underwear to wear during your pregnancy!

Cosabella Laced In Aire Maternity Boyshort

The Best Underwear to Wear on Your Period

When it’s that time of the month again, the last thing that you want to do is be uncomfortable. Not only do you have to manage cramps, hormones, and mood swings, but you also shouldn’t worry about wearing underwear it doesn’t fit your bloated body.

Black underwear is the best color to wear when you’re on your period. Why? If you leak, you won’t have to worry about staining your underwear.

We would highly recommend our Forza High Waisted Bikini to wear when you’re on your period. They’re high wasted, so these will help to suck in any extra bloating that you have. The wide waistband goes all the way up to your belly button and you’ll feel sleek and smooth in these panties!

The Cosabella Forza High Waisted Bikini is highwaisted which is perfect to wear on your period!
Cosabella Forza High Waisted Bikini

The Best Underwear to Wear to Work

Dress pants and dress suits aren’t necessarily what we’d all wear to feel extra sexy in. If you’re stuck having to wear an unflattering uniform, wearing slimming underwear can boost your confidence while you’re at work.

Our Never Say Never Sexy High Waist Thong Shapewear has power mesh tummy control! Don’t worry, this tummy control panel is hidden underneath the underwear lace, so you can still feel sexy during the long hours.

Plus, you can order these panties in a blush or black color that’ll naturally blend in with your skin tone. That way, you won’t have to worry about the color of your underwear being shown through see-through bottoms.

The Cosabella Never Say Never
Sexy High Waist Thong Shapewear is the best to wear under unflattering clothes.
Cosabella Never Say Never
Sexy High Waist Thong Shapewear

The Best Underwear to Wear for No Underwear Lines

Do you have an important event coming up and you’ve got a tight dress or skirt to wear? No matter if it’s dress pants, a skirt, or a dress, you shouldn’t have to feel embarrassed about VPL.

Underwear lines can show up when certain parts of your underwear are too tight on your body. You may get underwear lines on your hips, butt, or waist. If your underwear isn’t the right size on your waist, you’ll have VPL through your clothes on your stomach.

You can easily skip over having to worry about VPL with our Aire Low Rise Thong. This thong is made with a raw cut, so that our underwear is seamless and lays directly flat on your body! In the back, there’s minimal coverage, so you don’t have to worry about your underwear lines showing on your bottom.

Don’t worry- this underwear is still breathable. The Aire Low Rise Thong and the Aire Boyshort come with a cotton-lined gusset so that your body will still get healthy airflow!

The Cosabella Aire Lowrise Thong is made with a cotton gusset for airflow.
Cosabella Aire Lowrise Thong

The Best Underwear to Wear for Everyday Style

Don’t get us wrong, we love gorgeous lingerie. But sometimes intricate styles aren’t the best choice for every day. When you’re just looking to wear something that’s comfy, having a pair of simple underwear is the best way to go.

When you wear tight underwear that doesn’t breathe, it causes an increase in your body heat, as well as moisture in your intimate area. These conditions in your body make it very easy for an infection to develop.

The easiest way that you can greatly decrease your chances of developing an infection is to choose breathable underwear. Choosing a pair of underwear with a cotton gusset, such as our Cosabella Amore Adore Extended Boyshort, is a great alternative because wearing cotton underwear over other types of materials help to wick away excess moisture.

The end result? You get to wear comfy underwear all day long without having to worry about risking your health!

The Cosabella Amore Adore Extended Boyshort is made of cotton to help wick away moisture.
Cosabella Amore Adore Extended Boyshort

Understanding How to Choose the Perfect Underwear for Any Occasion

Learning how to choose the perfect underwear for every occasion in your life doesn’t have to be difficult. It really comes down to choosing the underwear that fits your body, feels the most comfortable, and that you feel sexy in!

Are you looking for the perfect bralette to match your underwear? Click here to browse the bralette section of our website to find a piece that you’ll fall in love with! We’ve got tons of styles, sizes, and collections.