The Ultra Curvy Collection Is Here

Everyone thinks of something different when they hear the word bralette. Many people love the idea of wearing a stylish bra that doesn’t have any underwire. However, many curvy women don’t think that a bralette can provide them with the support that they need. The Ultra Curvy Collection is here to prove that stereotype wrong. 

Our exquisite new Ultra Curvy Collection from Cosabella is a line of bralettes designed for people with the fullest busts. These stylish, supportive bralettes are made exclusively for people with I to L cup sizes. Explore our newest and most exciting collection and let us help you find the size and fit that’s right for you. 

Development of the Ultra Curvy Collection

Five years ago we launched the Curvy Collection, a series of bra styles that featured larger cup sizes paired with smaller band sizes. We designed these bras and bralettes for people with larger busts and smaller ribs. 

Our initial launch featured our best-selling Never Say Never Sweetie Style Bralette with cup sizes from DD to H and band sizes from 28 to 40. Over the years we’ve added eighteen more styles to the Curvy Collection, dropping fresh, gorgeous new bras and bralettes every single season. 

The Curvy Collection quickly became our best-selling Cosabella Collection of all time! And through it all, we listened to your feedback. Our customers wanted more sizes in the Curvy Collection, ones that were designed to support people with the fullest busts. Over a year ago, we began developing and testing a new style of bra that would meet those needs. Enter: the Ultra Curvy Collection! 

Explore the Ultra Curvy Collection From Cosabella

The Ultra Curvy Collection is specifically designed for those with I to L cups and band sizes starting at 30. It features bralettes with power mesh lining, support seaming, fitted bands, and wide straps for that perfect fit and support. 

Woman wearing black ultra curvy bralette.

The Ultra Curvy Wireless Bralette style is made with fuller cups for more bust coverage. It is also made with a smaller, more supportive band that fits comfortably without squeezing. 

Our first drop of this collection is the Never Say Never Ultra Curvy Sweetie Bralette. This style was designed after our original bestselling Never Say Never Sweetie Bralette for A-D cups and our Never Say Never Curvy Sweetie Bralette

The Never Say Never style is made with our iconic signature lace that is known for its ability to stretch and return to its original shape. Our soft stretch, non-sheer, scalloped lace is lined with power mesh for support and comfort. 

These bras feature a gorgeous sweetheart neckline that looks stunning peaking out from under a V-neck shirt or sundress. You can even wear it by itself with a pair of cute shorts for a bold summer look. 

You get to enjoy all the flirty cuteness and comfort of a great bralette without compromising on support. Our Ultra Curvy pull-on style bralettes are wire-free with non-padded cups and wide, adjustable elastic straps. These bralettes also feature mesh side slings, support seaming, and supportive bands.

Styling the Never Say Never Ultra Curvy Sweetie Bralette

The Never Say Never Ultra Curvy Sweetie Bralette is lacy, floral, and feminine. It’s a classic piece that pairs extremely well with other items in our Never Say Never collection. 

Our Extended Hottie Boyshort and Extended Cutie Low Rise Thong are two extremely popular choices. These Never Say Never styles are made with the same lace as the Ultra Curvy Sweetie Bralette. All you have to do is pick out a matching color, and you have yourself a killer lingerie set. 

Woman wearing extended Never Say Never boyshort.

We have a ton of different styles available within the Never Say Never collection, so you can pick out a set of panties that works for you. This gives you tons of pairing options to make you feel both comfortable and confident. 

The great thing about bralettes is that they’re as stylish as they are functional. Unlike traditional bras, you can show off a bralette in public by styling it with your outfit. 

For a comfy, casual look, wear your bralette under a loose-knit sweater. You can also wear it beneath an unbuttoned button-down; flannel is a particularly good choice for the fall. Show off your bralette with a sheer shirt for a smart, modern look. You can also experiment with mesh shirts or knitted jumpers. 

For a bold, daring take on this trend, forgo your top entirely and wear your bralette with a jacket or vest. Showing it off with a backless dress is another option that’s perfect for a night out. 

Woman wearing red printed ultra curvy bralette.

Our Never Say Never Ultra Curvy Sweetie Bralette comes in thirty-one colors and seven prints. The best part? We’re adding new colors and styles every single season. 

Ultra Curvy Sizing Guide 

The first step to finding the perfect bralette is taking an accurate measurement of your bra size. The size and shape of your bust can change with diet, exercise, lifestyle, medication, and hormonal changes. You should take new measurements or get sized by a professional every six months. 

Once you have an accurate measurement of your bust size, consult our Ultra Curvy sizing guide. 

  • XS: 30-32 I-K 
  • S: 32-34 I-J 
  • M: 34-36 J-L 

It’s important to follow this unique sizing guide carefully. The Ultra Curvy collection was designed and extensively sample tested so that it would fit true to size. Trying outside of our size guide won’t get you the fit and support as designed. If you need additional help with sizing, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected]

What if My Size Is Listed in Two Ranges?

Bralettes are much more flexible when it comes to sizing than bras with individually wired cups. Therefore, your size may be listed within two size ranges on our sizing chart. 

Firstly, examine the shape of your bust. If you have full-volume breasts that fill the entire cups of your current bras, select the larger size that is listed in your range. If you have breasts with less volume that don’t fully fill the cups of your current bras, select the smaller size. 

How to Find Your Bra Size

We recommend either measuring yourself or getting sized by a professional before ordering any of our bras. This will ensure you get a perfect fit the first time. Check out our guide on how to measure your bra size yourself. 

Shop the Ultra Curvy Collection Today

Bralettes are fun, comfortable, stylish pieces. They can be worn casually under clothes or they could be the centerpiece of your outfit. 

Any way you style them, bralettes should feel comfortable and supportive. That’s why the Ultra Curvy Collection from Cosabella exists. Now people with bust sizes I through L can find the flirty, comfy bralette of their dreams. 

If you’ve sized yourself and are ready to shop, take a look at the entire Ultra Curvy Collection today!