5 Tips for Pregnancy Comfort

Comfort & Self-Care for Expecting Moms

Guest Blog Post: Pregnancy Tips

Today we have a guest blog post by Dr. Erica Grenci as she goes through her pregnancy.

She’s sharing her tips to give yourself some extra comfort and self-care during your maternity journey!

Maternity Tips & Essentials

pregnancy tips

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If you’ve ever been pregnant, you know there are special challenges that go along with all the pregnancy bliss! Here are some of my favorite tips for pregnancy comfort and self-care:

Choose PJs you can live in

For me, pregnancy has called for a lot of relaxation around the home! And it’s so great to do it in both comfort and style. Whether I’ve been indulging in Netflix or nesting around the clock – these PJs have served as the perfect at-home wardrobe for me (I’d actually wear them out too if I could, hehe).

I also look forward to the versatility of the racerback cami as nursing is just around the corner for me and it easily snaps open for feeding. Not to mention, the pants have provided a loose and comfortable fit to my growing belly (39 weeks and counting!). The message on the back of the robe is a cute reminder for me to enjoy the zzz’s while I can.

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Take regular Epsom Salt baths

This is a lifesaver when pregnant! Leg cramps…if you know what I mean. Not only has this been a key self-care practice for me, it’s also helped curb a few of my unwanted pregnancy symptoms. The magnesium salts are so relaxing and therapeutic, helping my body to release any muscle tension. After lighting a few beeswax/eco-friendly candles, playing some of my favorite tunes, and diffusing some lavender essential oil, I’m melting and ready for a great night’s sleep.

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Go for a Wire-free bra

An actual gift from heaven. Comfort and support are everything right now and this bra does it all. It’s also got easy clip-on/clip-off nursing straps which are really going to come in handy soon. This bra has been perfect not only for my pregnancy but will be very useful once my baby girl arrives. I can’t recommend it enough!


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Indulge in fresh-pressed juice

Fresh-pressed juice is my love language. I have to admit I’ve been a bit lazier in the kitchen and it’s revitalizing treats like these that keep me feeling nourished on the daily (I also eat loads of fresh fruit – my baby might turn into a watermelon soon, hehe).

Supplying my body with quality nutrition has been integral to my self-care practice and the return on energy it’s given me, combined with a breeze of a third trimester (don’t jinx me!!), is certainly worth every ounce of consideration. Not to mention baby is really happy with her cold-pressed juice too, if you can tell 😉 .

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Select high-quality lace

Just because you’re pregnant, you don’t want to lose your groove! Lace makes me feel beautiful and choosing a high-quality one like this scalloped lace hotpant, doesn’t compromise style OR comfort! It’s a win-win. It nicely sits below my baby bump and feels like I’m barely wearing a thing.

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We hope these pregnancy tips will help provide you comfort, calmness, and happiness as you head on your exciting new journey!

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