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5 Tips to Check the Fit Of Your Bra

The band

Many people don’t know how important it is your bra band fits you perfectly. The band should fit snug around your torso and straight all around.

If your bra band is too tight or too loose, then you’re not getting the support you need. Big hint: Your band is riding up in the back? It’s too big.

When shopping for a new bra, make sure that the band feels comfortably snug on the loosest hook, so you can tighten it as the elastic naturally stretches out.

The cups

Your proper bra size should not have gaps or spillage in the cups. Instead, the cups should lay flatly against your body.

If you’re experiencing spillage, you most likely need a larger cup size, or a fuller coverage bra (for example, a demi bra may not be for you).

On the other hand, if your bra cups are gaping and give too much room, go down a cup size, or try a bra with a little less coverage (like that demi bra).

The straps

Bra straps should stay put all day long without slipping off or digging into your shoulders. A good tip? You should be able to comfortably slip a finger (about 1 inch) underneath your bra strap without any effort.

If you can easily lift and pull your straps more than 1 inch off your shoulder, your bra straps are too loose. Adjust them!

If you experience your straps slipping or falling down all day long, then check the bra band. If your band is too loose and riding up your back, your straps may fall down too.

However, if you bra straps dig into you, but the band fits well, you might want to try a wider bra strap for a more comfortable feel.

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