Our Made In Italy Design Process

How We Create our Timeless, Feminine Lingerie

Cosabella’s Design Process: Italian luxury lingerie

For over 35 years, Cosabella has been developing its lingerie in Italy. We pride ourselves on our dedication to intricate, unmatched quality. Many of our artisans have been working for Cosabella since our inception in 1983.

While our design process begins in Miami, where our headquarters are located, our items are made across seas in our small labs throughout Italy.

The Design Process: How We Produce Our Items

Every step of Cosabella’s design process is a collaborative effort and balance between traditional Italian artistry and modern production techniques.

Cosabella made in Italy luxury lingerie
Our CEO’s Guido and Silvia Campello work closely with the design team based in Miami to create and develop feminine, timeless designs that are ensured to evoke confidence.

When developing our designs, we also gather inspiration from fashion trends, innovative ideas, and, of course, our customers.

We are always seeking new ways to design our lingerie to flatter every woman’s body.

Cosabella made in Italy luxury lingerie
We collaborate with our exclusive production team in Italy to find the highest quality materials for our latest designs. Our Italian artisans will develop intricate patterns for each of Cosabella’s laces. Every single one of our laces is designed by hand and produced in Italy.

You can learn more about our innovative creation process here.

From there, our laces are sewn, cut, and dyed in our intimate labs dotted throughout Italy. We then send our laces to our production labs to create our exclusive designs.

Cosabella made in Italy luxury lingerie
Once samples are fashioned, we test our pieces on models to ensure fit and quality. We constantly tweak our designs in pursuit of perfection. Our designers work tirelessly to promise our pieces to fit and flatter a woman’s natural curves.

You can learn more about our design process here. Be sure to check out our latest designs on Cosabella.com today.