Lace Care at Cosabella

Lace is one of the most beautiful fabrics, maintaining that beauty makes a big difference to the look and longevity of your lace item. At Cosabella, this base fabric covers many of our ranges in part or fully in our designs. Our lace incorporates various designs such as flowers, tigers, or abstract shapes that accent your body’s curves. Lace is used in bra and panties sets, lingerie, and a variety of underwear such as camisoles, rompers, and PJs in all varying sizes. As your wardrobe fills up with our beautiful lacy lingerie, good maintenance of the fabric is important and facts about how to go about it are listed below.

First, it is very important to check the care label, not all care labels are the same.

Note: Some labels may say dry clean only, please do not attempt to launder these items yourself.

* Hand Washing

Hand wash in cold water, use a mild detergent, let the lace soak, gently massage the fabric in the water, and allow the lace fabric to soak for 30 minutes.

Rinse well and press out the water, do NOT rub or scrub as this could tear the delicate lace.

New lace lingerie that’s colored will initially leach color in the water, for this reason, washing your different color lace lingerie separately is strongly recommended.

* Whitening

Always check the care label first, polyester, nylon, and man-made lace will usually say do not bleach.

To whiten and brighten cotton lace, use an oxygen-based bleach as this bleach is considered gentler, soak the lace in the diluted bleach solution, checking regularly, it is not recommended for a soak of longer than 2 hours as this may weaken the lace if left longer. Gently swirl the lace around in the solution to ensure the bleach activates throughout the lace. Rinse thoroughly, then gently hand wash using mild detergent.

Never Say Never Pushup Bra
Never Say Never Pushup Bra

* Machine Washing

If the care label does not specify hand wash only, then you can use a delicate wash in the machine, place lace in a mesh bag, ensure you use the delicate cycle and do not put anything else in the wash as this can snag the lace.

* Drying

DO NOT put lace items in a dryer as synthetic lace in particular can melt or snag.

Also, DO NOT wring your lace garments to get the water out as it will stretch/deform them.

Lastly, DO NOT put them on top of a radiator or other heat source as it will break down the elastic properties of the lace.

If you are looking to speed up the drying process, press out excess water by laying your lace on a thick, clean towel (try to color match the lace to the towel color), use a smaller clean cloth on top of your lace, and gently press down.

Although dryers are good for cotton, do not put cotton lace in as the delicate fabric can be distorted or twisted. Lay lace items flat to dry them, it is useful to pin them at strategic points to ensure the lace dries flat.

Hang lightweight articles such as your panties you can place them on hangers to drip dry in a well-ventilated location if the label tells you to. Rompers and PJs work well with padded hangers are better as they can minimize the risk of the lace item stretching out, pay particular attention to shoulders as these are more likely to deform. For your bras, the hangers work well using the straps as a way to air dry without any concern of stretching.

Scalloped Edge Bra and Panties
Scalloped Edge Bra and Panties

* Ironing

Again it is essential to check the care label, the ability to being able to iron lace depends on the material used to make the lace. NEVER iron man-made fibers such as nylon or polyester.

Cotton lace may be ironed on low heat providing you use a presser cloth between the lace and the iron. Take care with the iron tip as this can snag and tear the lace.

* Storing

Like most clothing, a dry cool place such as a drawer, closet, or keeping them in the packaging that’s been delivered to you will work fine. You want lingerie to stay away from smoky, damp, and overly hot environments. When traveling and packing your suitcase, the use of ziplock bags can be a handy way to place your lingerie into them, and use your socks to maintain the shape of your bra cups.

Your lace items may be handed down from a grandparent or part of your modern-day clothing, either way, you cannot dispute its beauty, and the way you take care of your lace makes the difference to the overall look and preservation.

Some key Lace items from our Cosabella collections are :

* Never Say Never Curvy Foxie Chemise

Our best-selling collection is loved for its beautiful floral pattern, innovative lace, and comfortable feel.

For fuller busts with smaller bands, DD+ cups, soft, stretch, scalloped lace that lays flat.

Wireless chemise with shelf bra, mid-thigh length.

* Khana Tall Triangle Bralette

Inspired by India, Khana is for romantics, with intricate details, and Italian lace. Wireless bralette, non-padded, wireless cups lined with power mesh for added support, adjustable straps.

* Allure Thong

Designed with delicate eyelash detail and stunning lace texture, mid-rise thong, geometric detail and scalloped edges, minimal rear coverage, lace waistband, and sides. Cotton-lined gusset.

* Savona Extended Longline Bralette

Beautiful collection featuring high shine florals and vivid colors, wireless longline bralette, specifically designed for extended band sizes, detailed two-tone floral lace, and power mesh lining.

* Forte Bikini

Make a statement in bold lingerie, and sensual floral lace paired with detailed scalloped edges. Mid-rise lace bikini, wide comfort lace sides, full rear coverage.

* Maasai Boyshort

A gorgeous detailed collection, elegant lace appliqué details

Mid-rise Hotpant, moderate cheeky rear coverage, cotton lined gusset, detailed embroidery.

Bella Nursing 3 Piece Set with Print Robe and the Pret A Porter Teddy
Bella Nursing 3 Piece Set with Print Robe and the Pret A Porter Teddy

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