Is Your Bra the Root of Your Back Pain?

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A bra that doesn’t fit correctly may cause back pain, especially in women with larger breast cup sizes. A professional fitting can help ensure the right bra for your shape.

If you have back, neck, or shoulder pain, try taking your bra off and breathing deeply. If your breath improves, you know your bra is to blame.

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Can Wireless Bras Help With Back Pain?

Wearing a bra is a daily necessity for many women, but it’s also a source of back pain for some. Fortunately, there are things you can do to help prevent back pain from wearing bras, like getting a good fit and choosing the right type of bra.

Tips on how to avoid back pain when wearing a bra, include getting a properly fitted bra and choosing a bra that’s made with fabric materials that are soft on the skin.

A proper bra fit is the first thing you need to get in order to reduce back pain when wearing a bra. To find your perfect bra size, measure around your chest at its widest point. Then, subtract your band size from your bust measurement to find your cup size. So if your breasts are on the smaller side, you’d be a D-cup .

The second tip is to choose a wireless bra with a wide band, Slung supportive cups, or molded cups and thick straps that won’t dig into your shoulders. The Bra is a great option because it’s designed with all of these features and even comes in plus sizes. Another good choice is the Longline Bra, which offers the look of a bralette but with way more support.

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+ Never Say Never Curvy Sweetie Bralette, our iconic soft Italian lace collection, is known for its innovative stretch and return in an array of shimmering colors. The top selling Never Say Never lace collection is a must for any lingerie wardrobe. We took our original Never Say Never Sweetie Bralette and specifically sized it for full busts with smaller bands and added supportive features, to give you our best-selling curvy bralette ever.

* Wireless bralette, designed for DD cups and up

* Wide, adjustable straps

* Lined with power mesh for support

* Elastic at the band for enhanced fit

* Soft stretch non-sheer scalloped lace

* Pull-over style

+ Sardegna Curvy Plunge Longline Bralette, made of sheer Italian mesh, the ultra-sexy Sardegna collection is complete with luxurious satin trim and structural paneling, for a classic boudoir feel.

* Wireless longline sheer mesh bralette designed as a fashion layering piece, specifically for fuller cups and smaller bands

* Sheer mesh with shiny leather effect trim and details

* Wireless, non-padded, lined cups with plunge front

* Hook and eye back closure

* Adjustable straps

Too Tight Bras

Women often wear bras that are too tight, causing skin abrasions and pain around the underwire. These abrasions can also lead to back and breast pain. Another sign your bra is too tight is if the straps glide down on your shoulders and you’re constantly adjusting them. This could be due to your bra being too small or losing its elasticity, but it can also be a sign of an ill-fitting band and cup size.

The majority of your bra’s support comes from the band, so you want it to be snug, but not too tight. To check whether your bra’s band is the right size, run two fingers under it and pull out. It should be easy to do and not dig into your sides or back. If it’s not, go up one or more hook sizes for a better fit. If your bra is rubbing against the back of your rib cage you might need to try a larger cup size too.

+ Never Say Never Racie Racerback Bralette, our iconic, soft Italian floral lace collection, known for its innovative stretch and return, in an array of shimmering colors, is a must-have for any lingerie wardrobe. The Never Say Never Racie Racerback Bralette is the racerback style you need, with wide straps and a plunge front, lightly lined cups, this style works under all your racerback tops.

*Wireless racerback bralette

* Supportive under bust

* Lined with power mesh lining

* Soft, stretch, non-sheer scalloped lace that lays flat

* Pullover style

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+ Sanika Curvy Tall Triangle Bralette, the Sanika Collection is part of our journey through India. Luxurious and decadent, perfect for bridal lingerie. Sanika is crafted with Italian mesh, lace, and silk making a subtle but unmissable statement. Available in intimates and loungewear silhouettes, build your bridal trousseau with the Sanika Collection.

* Elegant, ornate embroidery, on sheer mesh with silk trim

* Non-padded tall triangle-shaped cups, lined with power mesh for support

* Adjustable wide straps

* Hook and eye back closure

Sagging Breasts

Breast sagging can contribute to back pain. Because the breasts sit so close to the rib cage, they push down on the chest and put pressure on the back muscles and ligaments. This can lead to nagging, sharp pain, or tenderness in the upper and middle back, as well as a sore chest.

Sagging breasts can also cause the shoulders to hunch forward, which puts strain on the neck and upper back muscles. Wearing a bra that is the right size can help prevent this, as can practicing good posture.

While there are some noninvasive options for breast sagging such as breast exercises, wearing a supportive bra, and hormone treatments, surgery is the best option to correct severe sagging. However, the effects of gravity and aging are unavoidable, so it’s important to try to slow down sagging as much as possible by maintaining a healthy lifestyle, getting regular exercise, and having a properly fitted bra.

+ Never Say Never Printed Tall Triangle Bralette, Never Say Never is loved for its beautiful floral pattern and innovative lace, crafted in Italy, with the highest quality materials.

* Printed Never Say Never lace

* Tall triangle-shaped wireless bralette

* Wide, adjustable straps, pull-on style

* Non-padded cups

+ Soire Confidence Curvy Bralette, our amazing Soire mesh gets a fresh reboot in the Soire Confidence Collection, with glossy trim details, flat lock seams, and a modern look. This lightweight semi-sheer Soire Confidence Curvy Bralette is the smooth, barely-there wireless bralette, designed for those with full busts and smaller bands.

* Designed for small bands with fuller cups

* Wireless Bralette

* Lightweight and comfortable sheer mesh lays smooth

* Side slings and power mesh lining for extra support

* Wide adjustable straps for all-day comfort

* Hook and eye closure at back

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Bad Posture

Bad posture can contribute to back pain in various ways. It can cause the muscles of the spine and core to work harder than they should to keep your spine in its correct position causing them to fatigue. This can also overload the discs in your lower back, which can result in pain and aches.

Other ways that poor posture can contribute to back pain is by causing your shoulders or neck to become rounded. This is a common posture that many people assume when they are texting or on their phone. It can also cause your chin to poke forward. This is a sign that your body is attempting to compensate for the slumped posture. A bra that assists to reduce this issue is the Racerback bra as the bra tugs when adopting a bad posture and straightens your shoulders.

+ Never Say Never Super Curvy Racie Racerback, our signature style, now remastered for even more sizes. Our best selling, wireless bralette is now available in Super Curvy Racie Racerback Bralette, made with racerback straps for extra support, for smaller bands with even larger busts, upgrade your everyday with Cosabella.

* Wireless racerback bralette, designed for fuller busts paired with smaller bands

* Soft, stretch, semi-sheer, scalloped lace

* Non-padded cups, lined with power mesh for support

* Wide, non-adjustable straps that won’t dig

+ Soft Cotton Curvy Bralette, cosy and plush Pima cotton, makes the Soft Cotton Curvy Bralette your wireless bralette staple, smooth under shirts, the Soft Cotton Curvy Bralette is the perfect comfy basic, specially designed for those with full busts with smaller bands.

* Designed for women with a full bust and smaller band

* Soft, comfortable cotton, wireless bralette

* Side slings for extra bust support

* Wide, adjustable straps for all day comfort

* Wider bust band for a smooth finish

* 3×2 hook and eye back closure

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