Find the Best Maternity Bras and Nursing Styles for You

Each year in America, millions of women fall pregnant. Yet, finding comfortable, stylish, and cute maternity bras and clothes seems to be a sturdy challenge. Unfortunately, most women spend their pregnancy feeling trapped in their clothing and forced to deal with unflattering styles. From finding the right fit to sourcing styles that make you feel good inside and out, the need for stylish, cozy maternity fashion is undeniable. 

Is your baby bump beginning to pop? It’s time to search for the best maternity bras and nursing-style loungewear. Continue reading to discover the best styles to transition from your pregnancy to motherhood from Cosabella. 

When Should I Start Wearing Maternity Clothing?

One of the most common questions among expectant mothers is when to start their bump styling search. Every woman is different and each body will develop differently. However, most soon-to-be moms find their need for maternity clothing fires up in the second trimester. 

Because so many women decide to keep their pregnancy under wraps until they reach the 12-week mark, most ladies choose to simply size up or wear more flowy styles in the first trimester. This plays a role in ‘hiding’ that growing bump.

Of course, when your belly does begin to ‘pop’, those oversized styles begin to look and feel more like tents. Beyond this, non-maternity styles can quickly become snug in all the wrong places. 

The best time to start wearing maternity clothing is when your outfits become uncomfortable or unflattering. If you’ve had a baby before or begin to show early, this could be as early as 10 weeks in. On the other hand, some women don’t begin to really show before the 20-week mark and can manage with their regular wardrobe for much longer. 

No matter when you begin to show, there are suitable styles for every stage of growth. 

Why Do I Need Maternity Clothing?

If you’ve already ‘sized up’ a time or two in your pregnancy, you’re probably already familiar with your body’s changing proportions.

When you simply choose a larger size, that garment is larger everywhere, not just in the tummy. This means you’ll end up with t-shirts that are incredibly roomy across the shoulders or underwear that don’t flatter your new curves.

Beyond the confidence-boosting benefits of styling that cute little bump, maternity clothing is designed to hug and hold your changing body for post-pregnancy too. This alone proves the importance of investing in the best maternity bras and nursing clothes for your pregnancy and postpartum.

How to Find the Best Maternity Clothes

Now that you know the importance of maternity clothes and when to swap your closet in favor of comfort, it’s time to start your search. Below are the key aspects to keep in mind when searching for cute maternity clothes, well-fitting pregnancy panties, and the best nursing and maternity bras. 


First things first, you want to make sure you choose maternity styles that are comfortable and realistic for your pregnancy. There’s nothing worse than feeling restricted in your maternity clothing, especially your bras and panties. Your number one goal when shopping for maternity clothing should be to find options that will move with your body. And of course, it’s always good to have a little extra space to grow.

Tight styles may look cute at the moment, but growth happens quickly when you’re pregnant. Instead of choosing tight tops and stretch-less pants, opt for choices that will grow with you right to the end. We love soft, unrestrictive styles with a little bit of detailing to make you feel pretty as your body changes. 

The Talco Maternity Camisole is designed in Cosabella’s signature soft viscose fabric, Talco is known for its smooth wearability and comfortable breathability. Available with maternity features, like clip on and off straps, for new moms. This tank top will stretch with your growing body to keep you comfortable through pregnancy.

Woman wearing black maternity style tank top with built-in bra.

When it comes to your maternity and nursing bras, Cosabella’s Never Say Never Maternity Mommie Nursing Bralette is the perfect option to provide you with as much comfort as possible during this ultra-sensitive time. What’s more, is that they are still just as beautiful and delicate as your pre-pregnancy styles. We’ve amped up these nursing-friendly styles with lace, color, and detailing to keep you feeling feminine and divine!

Woman wearing green lace maternity style bralette.


One of the downsides of pregnancy is that your body is more sensitive to irregularities. While you might have been able to get away with fashion undies every day of the week before, your system will likely respond unfavorably now. Instead, opt for materials that are breathable and wick away moisture to keep your body clean and dry. 

We recommend 100% cotton, especially when it comes to your underwear. Choose the Never Say Never Maternity Boyshort in this breathable material so you don’t struggle with chaffing during your pregnancy. Also available in a thong, for those who prefer less rear coverage.

Woman wearing black maternity style boyshort with lace waistband.


Who says comfy can’t be cute? Believe it or not, you can maintain your unique style through pregnancy with ease if you choose the right maternity clothing sources. By shopping with high-quality brands like Cosabella, you’ll have access to nursing bras that don’t make you feel like a frumpy mom. 

If boring maternity bras aren’t your thing, you’ll love the variety of maternity bras we have available at Cosabella. If you love the Never Say Never Maternity Mommie Bralette, it is available in a fun leopard print to add some style to your maternity wardrobe.

Woman wearing leopard printed lace maternity bra.

Since maternity bras with clip on and off straps are crucial to motherhood, the Ceylon Modal Curvy Nursing Bralette is a must-have to your pregnancy journey. For larger busts and smaller bands, this Curvy maternity bralette is made of soft modal fabric and signature chevron lace.

Woman wearing soft modal curvy bralette with lace band.


Perhaps the most important element of looking and feeling great in your maternity clothing is choosing the right fit. When it comes to choosing maternity style loungewear, you’d be surprised how many women find it difficult to find a size that works well. In general, maternity clothing is built to accommodate a bump. This means you can choose your pre-pregnancy size, knowing there will be enough space in the midsection to fit your new curves. 

Our Cosabella Bella Nursing Pajama set opens easily in the front for effortless breastfeeding. As a bonus, these styles can help keep you cool during those hormone-induced hot flashes. 

Woman wearing blue pajama set for nursing.

In terms of bras, your nursing and maternity bras may take a little extra measuring to master. The perfect nursing bra will hold your sensitive assets without making you feel like you are’ falling out’. There should be no ‘spillage’ or lumps in the cup and the center of the bra should sit flat against your body. You also want to ensure that your bra stays snug under your breasts and doesn’t ride up in the back. 

While shopping online at, use our measuring and fit guides to find small to plus size nursing bras that fit you. 


Finally, it would be a shame to invest in items that only last the length of your pregnancy. After all, 9-months isn’t long in the grand scheme of life. To get the most out of your maternity wear, we suggest opting for nursing-friendly options to last you well into your breastfeeding journey. Each Cosabella maternity style bra is made with clip on and off straps for easy breastfeeding.

For loungewear, daywear, and everything else, stretchy materials often bounce back and allow you to transition back into your pre-pregnancy wardrobe. This can make those early stages of motherhood much more enjoyable and gentler on your self-esteem. 

Shop Maternity Bras, Panties, and Loungewear 

Here at Cosabella, we specialize in finding women the perfect fit and style to suit their needs. With so much time and energy invested into lingerie and other undergarments, there’s no better option for your maternity needs. From choosing the perfect fit to making your maternity styles last long past pregnancy, we can’t wait to help you stock your maternity wardrobe with the best and most stylish choices. From panties that make you feel fab to nursing bras that make breastfeeding a breeze, we’re confident you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for. 

Ready to get your hands on irresistible maternity bras and the coziest maternity style loungewear? Shop our maternity exclusives today and say hello to pregnancy in style.