Underwire vs Wirefree: Which one’s for you?

Let’s compare the features

Do you prefer an underwire bra or a bralette?

You probably already know what an underwire bra is and chances are, you have a few in your drawers that you wear every day.

On the other hand, wirefree bras, otherwise known as bralettes, have become a new lingerie staple because of their versatility and comfort.

Which bra is better for you depends on your preference. Are you looking for comfort? Or maybe more support? We like to wear our underwire bras with more form fitting clothes (they help us give lift and shape) but our soft bralettes are definitely made for weekend lounging.

So do you know all the differences between underwire bras and bralettes?

Underwire bra vs bralette

Underwire Bra – these bras have a sturdy wire in each cup to help support the breasts and give them shape.

underwire bras vs bralettes


  • Comes in specific bra and cup sizes (i.e. 34D)
  • Offers medium to heavy support
  • Helps with lift & shaping
  • Must be re-fit when your size, shape or body change
  • Can be front or back hook and eye closure closure
  • Has adjustable straps for a custom fit

When to wear an underwire bra: 

…if you need support, lift or shape definition
…if you want to avoid uniboob
…if you want to add volume

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Bralette (aka soft bra, wireless bra) – These bras don’t have an underwire so they are soft and comfortable.

underwire bras vs bralettes


  • Offers light to medium support, flexible fit & superior comfort
  • Comes in more general sizes (i.e. Small)
  • Fits throughout some body changes due to its flexibility
  • Pull on style (no hook and eye closure) or hook and eye closure
  • Has adjustable straps or no adjustable straps

When to wear a bralette: 

…if you want supreme comfort and light support
…for sleeping or lounging

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Still not sure which one’s for you? We may be biased, but we definitely think your lingerie wardrobe would benefit from having both options. Take a look at our best-selling bras now.