Zodiac Signs And Their Collection

Model wearing Maasai Curvy Tall Longline Bralette in Mystic Red

Let’s start the new year on the right foot and set some lucky trends for our wardrobe this year. It’s time to spice up your lingerie wardrobe and explore a little more the synergy of connecting your zodiac sign to your closet. Because who could be a better personal shopper than your zodiac sign? In this edit, you will get a chance to see the strengths and weaknesses of each zodiac sign and its collection.

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

Color: Red

Bold and ambitious, Aries are no strangers to competition. As a fire sign, Aries handle competition independently and passionately and are willing to do almost everything to succeed. 

Strengths: Brave, focused, confident, optimistic, and honest 

Weaknesses: Blunt, pushy, selfish, and bad-tempered

Model wearing Maasai Curvy Tall Triangle Bralette in Mystic Red

The collection that best represents Aries is the Maasai collection in Mystic Red. Just like Aries, the Maasai collection is bold and fiery, making it the perfect collection for this confident sign. The embroidered mesh detailing and the peek-a-boo sheerness of this piece make it stand out the way that Aries often likes to.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

Color: Pink

Amazing friends, colleagues, and partners, Taurus is known for having pretty drama-free relationships. Valuing honesty above all else, this sign works hard to achieve what they want without trying to cut corners. 

Strengths: Dependable, pragmatic, patient, enduring, and persistent 

Weaknesses: Materialistic, stubborn, possessive, and narrow-minded

Model Wearing Paradiso Underwire Demi Cup Bra in Congo

For Taurus, the collection that best fits this sign is the Paradiso in Congo. This collection is adventurous and bold, just like Taurus. The intricate lace of the Paradiso collection also gives it an elegant and luxurious look that this sign is very fond of. Taurus likes to be seen, and this collection definitely helps them stand out.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Color: Yellow

Smart, passionate, and dynamic, Gemini is one of the most emotionally intelligent signs. This sign moves forward in an optimistic way, and will always land on its feet. Geminis can oftentimes be the life of the party, but are also deeply emotional and appreciate time by themselves. 

Strengths: Intelligent, adaptable, informative, connected, and communicative 

Weakness: Talkative, deceptive, superficial, and inconsistent 

Model wearing Maharaja Underwire Bra in Black

This delicate and elegant collection is perfect for Gemini. Details such as the sheer mesh and the intricate lace make this collection one of a kind, which is exactly how Gemini like to feel. But it’s not all about the attention for this sign, Geminis are deeply emotional and care about their feelings deeply. That’s why the Maharaja collection is perfect for this sign, it’s meant to make you feel beautiful as it enhances your natural curves and silhouette.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Color: Violet

Emotional and intuitive, Cancers can often read a person or situation in a matter of seconds. This sign is extremely creative and loyal, oftentimes to a fault. Cancers will go to the ends of the earth for someone they trust and love.

Strengths: Nurturing, supportive, healing, compassionate, and Unconditionally loving 

Weaknesses: Dependent, indirect, moody, and passive-aggressive 

Model wearing Paradiso Plunge Teddy in Himalayan Sky

The stunning Paradiso collection in Himalayan Sky is the perfect match for Cancers. The violet tones are a nod to this sign’s colors, and the delicate flower embroidery is a representation of the nurturing side of Cancers. This romantic collection brings the opportunity to feel elegant and stand out, while also focusing on much-needed comfort with its ultra-soft lace.

Leo (July 23 – August 22)

Color: Gold

Bold and intelligent, Leo is a natural leader who will make a name for themselves along the way. This sign does not believe in false modesty and will be the first to praise themselves for a job well done. Leos thrive with social interaction and have no problem making new friends.

Strengths: Brave, playful, Leder, protective, and generous 

Weaknesses: Egotistical, dominating, stubborn, and vain

Model wearing Usha Molded Bra in Copper

The Ushuaya collection in Copper is the subtle gold accent that all Leos look for. Their bravery and desire to stand out align perfectly with this collection, which is adorned with intricate and bold embroidery with flashes of color and gold through it to help everyone who wears it become the center of attention.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

Color: Silver

Smart and kind, Virgos are amazing friends that are always there to lend a hand. Natural planners, this sing excels in organization and planning trips, life, and events ahead of time and with extreme attention to detail. 

Strengths: Humble, altruistic, logical, organized, and modest

Weaknesses: Obsessive, critical, perfectionist, and aloof

Model wearing Pret a Porter Bodysuit in Moon Ivory/Mandorla

Delicate and elegant, the Pret a Porter collection in Moon Ivory/Mandorla is the perfect collection for Virgos. With humble luxury, this collection showcases soft and delicate lace for those who want to stand out without bold colors and intricate patterns. A touch of classic luxury and flattering designs to enhance everyone’s silhouettes and elevate Virgo’s lingerie drawer.

Libra (September 23 – October 22)

Color: Blue

Intelligent and kind, Libras are always willing to put others above themselves. This sign is a master at mediation and excels at finding a compromise for themselves and the people around them. Libras are great at making plans but oftentimes fall short at following through with them. 

Strengths: Charming, harmonious, polished, easygoing, and diplomatic

Weaknesses: Indecisive, superficial, gullible, and passive-aggressive 

Model wearing Sardegna Embroidered Underwire Balconate Longline Bra in Paisley

The Sardegna Embroidered Collection in the color Paisley is an elegant collection that aligns with Libra’s strengths and qualities. The delicate yet intricate embroidery is a representation of the compromise that Libras can find between elegance and boldness. Additionally, the beautiful jewel tone of these pieces is a nod to Libras color and their harmonious nature.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

Color: Black

Passionate and independent, Scorpios love debate and aren’t afraid to stand up for their convictions. This sign can seem intimidating at times, but what people don’t realize is that Scorpios are really in tune with their emotions and may often find themselves caught in their feelings. 

Strengths: Passionate, driven, perceptive, emotional, and determined

Weaknesses: Vindictive, paranoid, possessive, and jealous

Model wearing Chennai Curvy Cropped Cami in Tiger

A bold collection for a bold sign, the Chennai collection is the perfect collection for Scorpios. With its tattoo-effect mesh and bold silhouettes, Chennai exemplifies the strengths and qualities of Scorpios. This sign is passionate, fearless, and bold, which is exactly what this collection conveys.

Sagitarious (November 22 – December 21)

Color: Light Blue

Independent and strong-willed, Sagittarius is not afraid to stir away and walk to the beat of their own drums. This sign is known for its generosity and honesty. Sagittarius is adventurous by nature and will be the first to try new things when the opportunity presents itself. 

Strengths: Ambitious, lucky, optimistic, enthusiastic, and versatile. 

Weaknesses: Gluttonous, lazy, irresponsible, and, blindly optimistic. 

Model wearing Abri Bodysuit in Varanasi Gray

Abri is a sensual and stunning collection that matches well with Sagittarius and their lifestyle. With its peek-a-boo mesh, this adventurous collection is not for the faint of heart, which makes it the perfect collection for this sign. The intricate light blue flower details give this alluring collection some softness, showcasing the versatility of both Abri and Sagittarius.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

Color: Dark Blue

Smart and hardworking, Capricorns will always get what they want. As natural rule-followers, this sing thrives in order and believes in the power of presentation, often being hyper-aware of their appearance. 

Strengths: Driven, patient, strategic, reliable, and persistent 

Weaknesses: Pessimistic, greedy, ruthless in achieving a goal, and cynical 

Model wearing Khana Tall Triangle Bralette in Udaipur Blue

Capricorns are strong-willed and persistent, just like triggers. This is one of the many reasons why Khana is the perfect collection for this sign. Its bold jewel color and print are eye-catching, and the tattoo-like effect lace creates a powerful look perfect for a Capricorn.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

Color: Sky Blue

Independent and enigmatical, Aquarius are all unique and hard to describe as a group. This sign has a strong sense of social justice and making the world a better place. Aquarius enjoy evolution and growth and appreciate change as time passes. 

Strength: Intelligent, inventive, friendly, altruistic, and reformative 

Weaknesses: Emotionally detached, scatterbrained, irresponsible, and, impersonal

Model wearing Maasai Balconette Bra in Lagoon Mint

This graceful and elegant collection is great for Aquarius. Since they are so hard to describe as a whole, the Maasai collection in Lagoon Mint seems like the perfect fit for this sign. The signature sky blue color representative of Aquarius is the main focus of this collection, also adding pops of color to create a bolder look for this sign.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

Color: Sea Green

Smart and creative, Pisces feel things deeply and are very in tune with their feelings. This sign is rarely lonely and enjoys small groups of people, but is oftentimes overwhelmed in large crowds especially if they are not familiar with the people. 

Strength: Mystical, intuitive, compassionate, sensitive, and romantic

Weaknesses: Unrealistic, submissive, self-pitying, and dependent

Model wearing our Molded Underwire Bra Kalahari Congo

What better collection for Pisces than the Kalahari collection in Congo? This collection is a stunning combination of stretchy mesh and delicate embroidery that give a luxurious and romantic look. Standing out with this collection will not be difficult for Pisces, and thankfully the Kalahari pieces are crafted to focus also on comfort and style.

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