Year of Color Lingerie

What color lingerie will you wear in the new year?

Celebrate Cosabella’s world of color

It’s a new year, which means it’s a season of change. What new years resolutions are you taking on this year to better yourself or make a change in your life?

If you’re thinking of making a life change to bring in positivity or optimism, health improvements or make more money, why not use color to make it happen?

Switch up your lingerie drawer with color to boost your mood and help you tackle (and keep) your new years resolutions for the upcoming year.

Colors & their meanings


white lingerie wireless lace bralette

White is associated with harmony and happiness. Wearing white can boost your mood and signal a fresh start. Surround yourself with white by starting with a new white bralette and panty set for a new restart.

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Yellow:cute yellow lingerie

It’s believed that the color yellow signals health. If you’re looking to include more healthy foods in your diet or start a new workout routine this next year, try incorporating yellow into your wardrobe to keep you motivated and make you feel your healthiest self.

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pink colored lingerie bralette

Maybe you’re a hopeless romantic and looking to fall into a new romance this year. Whether you’re single or happily coupled up, throw on some pink lingerie to boost your heart’s mood and make your cheeks feel extra rosy. Even if you’re just looking to fall in love with yourself this year (self-love is 100%), pink lingerie just goes with everything.

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color red lingerie

Red is the international color of love, right? Red lingerie is always a fun way to spice it up; we love wearing a matching red lingerie set to feel our absolute best, even if no one will see it. There’s something about this empowering color that gives us that extra boost of confidence we didn’t know we needed.

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green for nature and well being resolution

Green lingerie may be an unexpected lingerie color, but if your new years resolution is to be more in touch with nature and your well-being this year, then maybe this is a great way to remind yourself to get outdoors more often. Go ahead and spend your lunchbreak outside underneath the trees.

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wear blue this year for wellness and tranquility

Looking for some tranquility and calmness this new year? Blue is your color. Wearing this color will remind you to be calm and take things one step at a time. You’ve got this, sis.

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Learn more about colors and their meanings within psychology here. Shop all of Cosabella’s colors on now.