Why you’ll love our Pima cotton

There’s a reason it’s so popular!

Designed in all of our Bella PJs

If you’ve ever felt our Bella PJs, then you’d know how irresistibly soft they really are.

While all of our other laces and fabrics are created in Italy, our Pima cotton is fabricated straight from the source; rooted in Peru. After years of research, we selected the best producer we could find to source our fabrics because we knew that our pajamas (and you!) deserve nothing but simply the best.

Super soft

Renowned for its coziness, Pima cotton is softness you have to feel to believe. All of our Bella PJs are designed in this crazy-soft material — and that’s why they’ve been our best-seller! Trust us when we say you wouldn’t want to sleep in anything else.

Bella long sleeve & pant PJ set

Smooth seamless look

We love how smooth and seamless Pima cotton is. Because when you’re catching up on your beauty sleep, who has time to deal with fussy seams or bumpy lines? Certainly not us.

And if you’re traveling? No worries about wrinkles on your favorite sleepwear set. This fabric will stay smooth-as-butter through it all.

Bella long sleeve & boxer PJ set


Pima cotton is a long staple cotton. Due to its long fibers, Pima cotton has gained a reputation for producing a smooth fabric that is soft to the touch, resistant to fraying, tearing, pilling, wrinkling, and fading. The longer the staple of the cotton, the better the quality of the product.

Toss this in the wash as many times as you want; this cotton is durable, but always lay these flat or hang to dry. We only use the highest of quality fabrics we can get our hands on, including our go-to Pima cotton.

You’re missing out if you haven’t tried a pair of our Bella PJs yet. Shop our selection of Pima cotton pajamas now.