5 Things to look for in a strapless bra

Our must-haves for a strapless bra

Find the one of your dreams!

Don’t neglect this wardrobe essential, ladies. Strapless bras are an important piece of any lingerie drawer. Perfect for those clothing items without any straps (hello, off-the-shoulder, one-shoulder, no-shoulder tops), strapless bras are arguably the most important thing to have on hand. And, despite what you may think, a good strapless bra can have as much support and lift like a regular bra, too. No need to make any sacrifices here.

Get your right fit in a strapless bra

The first step to finding the perfect strapless bra is to prioritize fit. Make sure that you’re choosing a size that fits you snug, so the bra can do its job. You may have to try on a few different sizes than your normal bra size in order to find the best fit here; ignore the tag and find what works for you.

It’s important to find a bra where the band is tight and snug, since that’s where it’ll get all of its support. But keep in mind that it shouldn’t be too tight where it’s uncomfortable.

1. Does it stay put?

Make sure that your bra stays put. If the band in the back is riding up, the size is too big for you. The bra band should not move or arch up when you’re wearing it. Size down if it is.

2. Silicone strips

Search for one that has thick silicone strips. These will help prevent any slippage as you wear the bra.

3. Adjustable and convertible straps

Expand your options with removable, convertible straps. This will let you add some versatility for wardrobe options. Now you can add a strap for one-shoulder pieces or convert it into a racerback (this is a great feature for packing light when traveling!).

4. Comfortable boning

Nothing’s worse than a bra’s boning poking you on the sides. Keep close attention to the boning on the construction on the bra.

5. A wider band

Having a wider bust band, especially on the sides and back, can help give more support AND make it more comfortable to wear. We love thicker bust bands because they create a smooth, seamless effect under your clothes, too!