Top 5 Strapless Bras for Special Occasions

strapless bras for special occasions

We’re all adults here right? You’re reading this blog post on the fancy laptop that you own, drinking coffee as you eye the stock market notifications that pop up on your swanky smartphone. Maybe you’re at work, wearing heels, writing important memos and making official looking diagrams on the whiteboard of the office conference room. So why-oh-why have you yet to purchase a quality strapless bra? As essential as having lipstick in your perfect shade of red, a strapless bra is one of those things that when you need it, you really need it. You quickly find that nothing else looks quite right, and ‘making do’ is a super pain. We’ve seen your type before, slinking around gallery openings and ordering off secret menus, being fabulous and sophisticated when oops, a rogue strap has been hanging out of your armhole for who knows how long.


Maybe you’ve been meaning to buy a nice strapless bra for months now: every time you get ready for a night out,  you realize you still didn’t buy one. You change your top (and consequently your bottoms…and shoes…and hairstyle) and swear that you’ll get one this weekend. Or perhaps you’re the type to think “It’s fine. No one saw. It was only for a second. I can get by without one

  1. Someone totally saw that. Hopefully, they’re as cool as we are and they’re not judging you for it – but no guarantees
  2. It’s the fashion equivalent of having spinach of your teeth – and it’s so easily avoidable!

You’ve put all this work into your outfit – killer makeup and perfect hair to match – just to have your shine taken away by a sloppy slip of your bra.

PSA: bridal season is just around the corner! It’s an unavoidable occasion that you will attend at least once in your life and a strapless bra is definitely going to be necessary (whether you’re the bride or the guest). There is going to be that moment when stuffing the straps into your bra band (and praying that they don’t slip out) just won’t cut it. Today is your wake up call. No more excuses. It’s time to woman up and finally get this wardrobe essential to complete your boss babe uniform. We’ve scoured the site for the best strapless bras for special occasions to bring you our top 5 picks:

1. Evolution Strapless Bra

5 Best Strapless Bras for Special Occasions

Technically a convertible bra, this makes the Evolution Strapless Bra the best bang for your buck – and making this our #1 pick. A new basic collection, this is an evolution of the classic Marni collection that was a crossover between shapewear with lingerie. The Evolution Strapless Bra is designed in ultrasoft Italian microfiber which lays smoothly (aka: seamless) under any type of material, no matter how thin. It has the softness of cotton, the ease of silk and feels amazing on the body. Perfectly molded cups never lose their shape and give a natural-looking lift that can withstand your washing machine. You don’t have to just take our word for it, ask the women on Cosabella Marketing Team. Nearly all of them have purchased a bra from the collection and gush about what a great everyday bra it makes! Sized 32B to 36DD in Black and Nude Rose.


What other Bellas are saying: 

“Great fit and support liked it so much ordered the other color immediately.” – D.

“I am 34DD and it’s always hard to find the perfect strapless bra. This strapless was amazing on!! It gave me just enough lift! The fabric in the cup is so soft and comfortable! Now I am really looking forward to summer and wearing all of my strapless and spaghetti strap outfits!!” – Cali


2. Marni Strapless Plunge Back Bra

5 Best Strapless Bras for Special Occasions

This bra has been a red carpet secret weapon for years. A-list clientele such as Alicia Keys, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Gwen Stefani have been spotted wearing their Marni Strapless Plunge Bra. A heavy duty bra, it’s constructed of a thick base material, wire boning, and a sturdy 3×2 eye and hook closure. This corset-style bra is great for busty gals and creates cleavage that Jessica Rabbit would be envious of. The super low back of this bra makes it great for dresses with revealing backsides, and the sheer paneling smooths you out for a flawless silhouette. Bonus! It has removable padding so you can choose your perfect amount of lift.

What other Bellas are saying:

“Gorgeous corset. Wear alone or under a top. Push up makes my breasts look amazing! Feels great on the skin too!” – Christina

“Very comfortable and sexy too! It is terrific to wear under tank tops and thin strapped dresses. I’ve been making really great use of this bra.” – Leslie


3. Papyrus Bandeau Bra

5 Best Strapless Bras for Special Occasions

Shop it now because only a few are left! Originally $94.00 but you can get the Papyrus Bandeau Bra for a steal in the sale section at only $30.98 (that’s over 60% off!).  A beautiful architecturally-inspired convertible bra has fully removable straps that make this another fantastically versatile styling option. Molded cups give you lift and shaping – but the lace is the real show stealer here. Completely sheer, it looks like art on your skin and is thin enough that it won’t show through your clothes. This bra is also lined with silicone for a no-slip grip that’ll stay in place all day.


What other Bellas are saying:

“This bra fits perfectly and does not slip when worn strapless. The lace overlay looks gorgeous under low cut camisoles. I’m in love!” – Coppi


4. The Marni Strapless

5 Best Strapless Bras for Special Occasions

Sized 32 to 36D in both Black and Nude. This bra is designed in second skin microfiber for an ultra smooth base. Marni has a shape that flatters a women’s body while still giving a sexy feel. Lightly padded molded underwire cup pushes the breasts upward and inward.


What other Bellas are saying:

“This is far and away my favorite strapless bra! And, I’ve bought a lot of them. It stays in place and is very comfortable. It’s one of the few that doesn’t slide…. “

“Best strapless bra I have worn. Very comfortable. Fits very well and is very flattering. This is the best strapless bra I have worn.”


5. The Never Say Never Flirtie Bandeau Bra  

5 Best Strapless Bras for Special Occasions

Last but not least…this is technically a bralette but if you’re looking for light support, you can’t go wrong with the Never Say Never Flirtie. Talk about love! 80% of the reviews on this bra start with “I love this bandeau” Offered in over 30 colors, you’re sure to find one that works for you. Designed in our signature floral Never say Never stretch lace, this bralette also features silicone lining to prevent slippage, and a double layers of lace in the front to provide full coverage. Sized P to XL.


What other Bellas are saying:

“I love this bandeau, it fits so comfortably because of the boned sides that help give shape and not leave you looking flat like most bandeau bras. It is probably the best bra I have ever worn” “I love this bandeau! It’s so gorgeous and feminine with the lace, all the colours look wonderful too, I got it in the blush. It doesn’t feel like it will slip down either, which is what I was worried about“

“Love the bandeau bra’s … I bought it in 4 colors and will probably go back for me. Great fit, great support and great under sleeveless tops or to add a dash of color”