The Nursing Bra. Each Style You Should Own

Attention all our Mommie Bellas this one is for you. Today’s feature on the Nursing bras is brought to you by Doulight NYC, a birth/postpartum doula, lactation counselor, childbirth educator and prenatal yoga and fitness teacher.  Learn more about Doulight NYC & what a Doula is here:

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The Never Say Never Mommie Sweetie & Racerback

The Must-have Nursing Bra Styles You Show Own

Boobs. Ta-ta’s. Breasts. Whatever you call them, they occupy a large part of your day if you’ve chosen to breastfeed. Even with my background in birth work, I was surprised to discover a few things along the way.

The Sleep Nursing Bra

My first big learning curve was the mysterious sleep nursing bra. I had no idea I would need one prior to giving birth. The thought never occurred to me that I may leak milk and would need to wear nursing pads all of the time. These pads need to be kept in place somehow and that’s where the sleep bra comes into play. You basically will be wearing a bra unless showering if you have a copious milk supply like I do. The thing is, you just won’t know this until your milk comes in and regulates a bit after the first week. So buy at least one or two sleep bras before your little one arrives.

Cosabella recommends the Talco Nursing Bra

Wireless bra in spacer fabric covered with Talco fabric. Easy clip-on/ clip-off nursing straps for easy opening and double layer sling cups for a supportive fit with full coverage. 4×2 back closure. Adjustable and convertible straps.

Everyday Nursing Bra. Size up at least a cup size or two from your pregnancy size. 

When buying nursing bras, size up at least a cup size or two from your pregnancy size. I know- that seems gigantic! But trust me, they keep getting bigger even if you thought your pregnancy size was insane. I went from a 32D pre pregnancy to a 32E during pregnancy and then a 32F or G while nursing. Things get kind of wild in this area. Forget the number/ letter and be comfortable. I recommend a proper bra fitting if you have access to. Not only will you be more comfortable with a properly fitting bra but you may also reduce the chance of blocked ducts as you won’t be pinched in all the wrong places and impede your milk flow. Give yourself the gift of a proper fitting and comfortable bra.

nursing bras nursing bra

Cosabella NEWEST Nursing Bra the Never Say Never Cuvry Mommie Bralette 

Thoughtfully designed for a fuller bust and smaller band, the Curvy Mommie Nursing bra is a bralette offered for sizes 28DD to 40H. This comfortable lace bralette features easy clip-on/clip-off nursing straps and slinged padded cups for a supportive fit with full coverage. Hook and eye closure at back.

Cosabella recommends Trenta Nursing Bra

nursing bras nursing bra maternity underwear

Similar shape to the Trenta bralette with distinct nursing features. Wireless. Front hooks secure the cups. Lightly lined cups for nursing. Adjustable shoulder straps. Wide elasticized band under bust provides custom fit and support. 4X2 hook-and-eye back closure.

A Pretty Nursing Bra. You’re going to be wearing them 24/7. 

@hollybentley_yoga in the Never Say Never Mommie Racerback

And while you’re bra shopping, get one that you feel pretty in too. Because let’s face it, breastfeeding around the clock does not make one feel sexy. It does make you feel like a really tired cow though. So at least you can occasionally feel like the damn goddess you are in a Cosabella lacy bra that is also functional and pretty.

If you’re going to be working out/ wearing yoga pants while running errands, get the support you need with a nursing sports bra. I wear mine basically half of the week and I’m not honestly working out that much. But a walk to the grocery store and back while carrying a big baby certainly counts as a workout in my opinion.

Cosabella recommends The Never Say Never Mommie Sweetie & Racerback.

nursing bras nursing bra

Our best-selling Never Say Never Sweetie bra is now available in a maternity version! This comfortable lace bralette features easy clip-on/clip-off nursing straps and slinged padded cups for a supportive fit with full coverage. Pull over style bra.

This comfortable lace bralette features easy clip-on/clip-off nursing straps and slinged padded cups for a supportive fit with full coverage. Pullover style bra. New Racie racerback silhouette for extra support.

A Pumping Bra Nursing Bra. 

Oh and if you’re a pumping mama, add two hands-free pumping bras. This can fit over your nursing bra and hold your pump flanges in place so you don’t have to do so manually. There’s no need to completely undress to put this on.

Savona Maternity Longline Pumping Bralette

nursing bras nursing braThis versatile bra ensures you look and feel beautiful during pregnancy and while nursing or pumping. Finally, a nursing/pumping bralette that offers breastfeeding moms both beauty and convenience. This beautiful bralette combines your favorite features of your nursing and hands-free pumping bras, with the all-day comfort and breathtaking style of the Savona bralette.

  • Easily-accessible flange openings hidden underneath the first lace of lace for a single or double pump, or skin-to-skin nursing.
  • Specially designed side clips allow for hands-free use. No Velcros, zippers or fuss!
  • Form-fitting lace provides total coverage and support for your new-mom curves.
  • V-neckline.

So, just a recap… You’ll need 4 types of bras and I’d suggest at least 2 of each depending on how often you’re doing laundry. (Daily? I’ve been pushing it to once or twice a week) Sleep bra to hold the breast pads in place to save you from a soaking bed, a good fitting everyday bra that works well under a t-shirt, a sexy little one, and a sports bra. Let me know what worked for you!

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