The Best Cotton Underwear For the Summer

During the summer months, your undergarments are doing double duty. Your most intimate clothing pieces should enhance your body shape. They must also offer moisture-wicking properties that protect both your body and your outerwear during the heat.

Cosabella knows the specific needs women have for dealing with hot weather. Read our guide to choosing the best cotton underwear for your body shape.

The Benefits of Cotton Underwear

Cotton is your best friend when it comes to underwear. It is a natural fiber that offers breathability and soaks up excess moisture. The result is healthy skin free of irritation.  

100% Cotton vs. Cotton Blends

Let’s face it. We all need a little stretch here and there depending on our body style. When shopping for cotton underwear during the summer months, choose pieces that are mostly cotton.

Elastane and spandex are often used to give stretch to the bands of panties. Therefore, the percentage used should be minimal when looking for moisture-wicking fabrics.

Polyamide is a synthetic fabric that offers great stretch and resists tearing. It is often a preferred fabric to blend with luxury cotton because it also offers moisture resistance. 

Tencel is a fabric that rivals cotton for superior moisture absorbency. Luxury cotton blends with tencel will keep you cool and comfortable throughout hot weather. Another soft and absorbent fabric used is viscose, which blends well with other stretchy materials.

Cotton Where It’s Most Needed

Do you know the names of the specific parts of a piece of underwear? The word gusset is an important one when selecting cotton panties.

The gusset of your panties is the fabric piece for the crotch area. Find panties that have a cotton-lined gusset. Often luxury panties will also feature a small percentage of stretch material in the gusset for comfort. 

The body description for underwear is the majority of the fabric used minus any embellishments such as a lace band. This part is where you want the most cotton material or other moisture-wicking fabric mentioned above.

Now that we’ve looked at the benefits of cotton fabrics and where it’s most needed, let’s address styles of cotton underwear that fit specific needs for a variety of body shapes.

Curvy Hips

If you’re blessed with beautiful hips, you also know that comfortable stretch is needed along the sides of your panties. Having full hips does not mean you have a fuller waist or bottom.

The problem with buying larger underwear for your hips is that often you end up with more fabric for your bottom than needed. This results in bunching and a less than flattering look beneath your clothing.

A strappy thong or g-string is a favorite for full hips because they give stretch without excess material. We love the Dolce Thong for hot summer days because of its high cotton content. 

Woman wearing Dolce Thong.

Never pass up the opportunity to purchase quality high-cut panties. The benefit is a fuller leg opening that is super sexy and comfortable.

Check out a minikini that is a cross between a thong and a bikini for optimal hip room. Many styles offer sheer material and a cotton gusset for summer breathability, like our best-selling Soire Confidence.

Woman wearing Soire Confidence Minikini.

Petite Derriere

Ladies with smaller bottoms have their own unique challenges when searching for comfortable panties. A g-string is often a favorite because there is no worry of saggy excess fabrics.

On very humid days, you may want fuller coverage to prevent outerwear from sticking to or chafing the delicate skin of your bum. This is where breathable stretch material is so valuable.

Invest in the Dolce Low Rise Bikini underwear for everyday comfort. Customers rave about the flattering stay-put fit and breathability. They’re perfect for everyday wear but sexy enough for evenings out or even stay-ins with a friend.

Woman wearing Dolce Low Rise Bikini Cotton Underwear.

Shapely Thighs

For those of us with graceful feminine quad areas, summer can be a hassle. Shapely thighs look so sexy beneath a softly stretching maxi skirt or dress. However, chaffing can be a real problem.

Cosabella offers many beautiful options for boy short and hot pant styles that give just a little more inner leg coverage for reducing chafing. Our Ceylon Modal Low Rise Boyshort is buttery soft and moisture resistant. It has a cotton-lined gusset for added breathability.

Woman wearing Ceylon Modal Low Rise Boyshort made of cotton.

Full Bum

A rounded bottom deserves to be free and thongs are the best choice when panty lines are the last thing you want to show for your summer fashion statement. The Soire Confidence Extended G-String is available in sizes 1X-3X. Wear with outerwear that accentuates your bottom and provides soft breathable material that beats the summer heat.

Woman wearing Soire Confidence Extended G-String.

Another comfortable panty for full bottoms is the cheeky Soft Cotton Boyshort. Made from soft pima cotton, this style gives a little more support and protection from outerwear. 

Woman wearing Soft Cotton Boyshort.

Maternity Comfort

Never Say Never has designed a Maternity Hotpant created to fit just below your sweet baby bump. Made of 95% cotton and blended with elastane to retain proper fit, these are both sexy and super comfortable. 

You can wear with maternity rompers and tank dresses for flattering comfort. Your panties will stay in place yet provide airy relief on the hottest of summer days.

Woman wearing Never Say Never Maternity Hotpant.

Just because you are expecting, don’t toss out the idea of wearing thongs or g-string panties. The Never Say Never Maternity Thong offers minimal coverage but comfortable support. Many cotton styles are buttery soft and blended to give optimal stretch in the areas you need it most.

Woman wearing Never Say Never Maternity Thong.

Complete Your Look With Cotton Bras and Bralettes

Summer heat relief is so important to the health of our intimate areas, but don’t forget that keeping cool and comfy also applies to breasts. Cotton offers superior sweat absorption and reduces skin irritation. There are many styles at Cosabella that match beautifully with our best cotton underwear.

The Soft Cotton Bralette offers cool support without an underwire in 80% cotton. The smooth material will look fabulous under t-shirts as well as work blouses. Most importantly, feel confident that moisture is absorbed and does not appear on your outer garments.

A cotton bandeau bra is perfect for sleeveless wear. Choose from a multitude of styles like the Dolce Bandeau Bra or the Free Cut Micro Bandeau Bra to match your finest cotton underwear for a pulled-together look.

Woman wearing cotton bandeau to match best cotton underwear from Cosabella.

Shop the Best Cotton Underwear for You This Summer

Feeling your best, most feminine self is a priority during the hot summer months. Too often we try to make undergarments from fall and winter work during the summer. The result is often skin irritation and excess sweating.

There’s nothing at all wrong with the bras and panties you normally wear during cool weather. You need the extra coverage and insulating material. For summer, invest in panties and bras that offer less material in breathable fabrics.

Visit the Cosabella website to explore our best cotton underwear for the summer months. We’ve been designing women’s intimates for over 35 years. Cosabella has the best cotton underwear in styles for all body shapes with exquisite craftsmanship.