The 8 Secrets to Shopping for the Perfect Plus Size Intimates and Lingerie

Gone are the days where you couldn’t fine plus size intimates that were comfortable and sexy. Curvier women have had their say, and the plus size apparel industry has grown to a worth of about $21 billion and one of the fastest-growing subsets is plus size lingerie!  

If you’ve never purchased plus size intimates or plus size lingerie, you may be unsure of where to start. That’s why we’re here to help! At Cosabella, our passion is to ensure that every woman feels beautiful!

Here are our 8 secrets that will make shopping for plus size lingerie fun, easy, and exciting!

1. Shop With Brands That Understand Plus Size Intimates

While more companies are coming out with lines of plus size lingerie, some are not putting real effort into creating comfortable, sexy plus size lingerie. This creates the illusion that they are size-inclusive but the follow-through is questionable. 

Quality lingerie crafters know that size should not limit your options. That’s why we refer to our Cosabella plus size line as our extended line.

We took a look at the bras and panties we’ve been crafting for years, and we learned ways to take those same materials and shapes and make them available to more women. We consider it our job to make beautiful pieces that suit your body so that you may choose from a large variety of intimate garments!

Shop With Brands That Understand Plus Size Intimates. Beige Bralette - Never Say Never Extended Sweetie Bralette

2. Know Your TRUE Bra Size

Did you know that a recent survey found that 80% of women were purchasing the wrong bra size? Of those women, the majority were wearing bras that were too small. This creates a lot of discomfort over time and may convince you that there simply are no comfortable options out there for you!

If you’ve never gone to a fitting, there are ways to find your true bra size from the comfort of your home! All you need is a soft tape measure and a private space. 

First, measure your band size. To do so, wrap the tape measure around your underbust, pulling it snug but not tight. Write down this number in inches; this is your band size.

Next, measure your bust line. Wrap the tape measure around the fullest part of your bust and make sure it is not quite as snug a before. Right down this number in inches, as well.

Now, subtract your band size from your bust line. This number determines your cup size. A 5″ difference is a DD and 6″ difference is an F cup. 

Finding your proper bra size is one of the best ways to ensure that any bra or bralette you purchase will fit comfortably! Our extended collection starts at 38-40 bands, DD-F cups, and sizes 1X-3X.

Plus size lingerie for DD+ cup sizes. Black Bralette - Cosabella Amore Darling Extended Racerback Bralette

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Show Off Your Curves

As you peruse through our line of plus size intimates, remember that you’re not looking for shapewear! Our goal is not to sculpt your body into a specific shape but rather to accentuate the beauty of your natural curves.

If you prefer a covered midriff, consider a piece like our Mesh Temptation bodysuit or Cosabella Amore Darling extended chemise. These sexy plus size intimates offer more coverage without sacrificing the comfort we believe is integral to feeling truly beautiful!

Sexy red plus size lingerie. Red Set - Darling Extended Chemise & G-String Set

4. Grow a Mix and Match Collection

If you’re new to purchasing plus size lingerie, it may feel a bit intimidating to start growing your new collection. We believe that having a matching set can really amplify your self-confidence. However, that doesn’t mean that each piece should only have one matching counterpart! 

Instead, look for bras and bralettes that will complement multiple pairs of boyshorts or thongs! We find that simple, elegant lace pieces often go marvelously together, even if they are different colors or lace patterns. Or, pair a black bralette with a statement piece like our Evolution Print boyshorts

Building your collection doesn’t have to be complicated! 

Must have plus size panties and bras. Brown Brief - Evolution Printed Extended Comfie Boyshort

5. Buy Each Piece With Purpose

At Cosabella, we always encourage mindful shopping. What function do you want each piece of your lingerie collection to serve?

For example, bralettes are designed with comfort in mind, and that means no underwire. They may not be your first choice for, say, exercising, but they’re perfect for lounging and sleeping. Plus, you can style these beautiful pieces with a variety of outfits and wear them out on the town!

Some women who struggle to find bras and other undergarments that fit well tend to stick to a handful of pieces simply because they fit. The truth is, once you find your size and a brand you love, it’s best to think of function in addition to fit. When you know what you want out of each of your undergarments, you can curate a collection for all occasions! 

6. Look For Quality Design

Have you ever heard the term “fast fashion?” It refers to the subsection of the fashion industry that produces tons and tons of low-quality clothing in order to keep up with the trends and guarantee that shoppers will only get a few uses out of each piece. That way, you’re more inclined to come back for more.

Fast fashion is hard on both the environment and the women who work in the garment industry. Plus, it’s not great for your wallet, either! 

Rather than getting your plus size intimates for cheap, consider seeking out a women’s lingerie company that creates high-quality, sustainable pieces.

At Cosabella, we work with some of the finest artisans in Italy who hand-craft each piece from delicate but durable materials. We put hours of work into your plus size lingerie to ensure that each piece you receive is gorgeous–and built to last! This is an art form that we’ve worked hard to perfect over the last 35 years and take our responsibility to our customers and our planet very seriously.

Quality Design plus size lingerie. White Bralette - Never Say Never Extended Sweetie Bralette

7. Handle With Care

Your sexy plus size lingerie collection is both an art and an investment. Naturally, it’s important to take good care of it! 

You may have heard that machine washing isn’t good for your bras that contain underwire. Over time, the twisting and turning that occurs in the washing machine can cause the wire to break or weaken, altering the shape and the support of your bra.

However, it is also important to handle your underwire-free pieces with care, too, especially when you’re dealing with lace. The last thing you want is for your lace lingerie to snag in the washing machine, pulling the pattern loose or warping the shape!

The best way to wash your plus size intimates is by hand. Fill your sink or a large basin with lukewarm water, mixing an alcohol-free detergent to create suds. Gently massage this mixture into your lingerie before leaving it to soak in this mixture for 30 to 60 minutes. Then, rinse each piece in cool water until the water runs clear and suds-free before allowing your lingerie to air dry! 

8. Find What Makes You Feel Beautiful

You may shy away from sexy plus size intimates because you’re only familiar with a certain style. The truth is, there is a large variety of plus size lingerie to choose from and the goal is to find the right pieces that make you feel comfortable and beautiful!

Flattering lingerie doesn’t have to be complicated. If garter belts or bodysuits aren’t your thing, that’s okay! The most important thing is that you’ve found lingerie that flatters, fits, and boosts your confidence.

Don’t be afraid to experiment. Give both mesh and lace a shot, try the plunging cup line, and consider giving thongs a shot. Embrace your body, adorn it beautifully, and find the materials and styles that leave you smiling!

Plus size lingerie that Makes You Feel Beautiful. Cosabella Amore Love Extended  Sleep Shirt.

Shop the Cosabella Extended Line

If you’re a first-time lingerie buyer, we hope we’ve given you the tips and the confidence to try something new! We take great pride in our line of plus size intimates because we know how important it is for every woman to own the undergarments that increase her confidence.

If you haven’t already, take a moment to look at our Cosabella extended line. Many of our pieces come in a variety of colors, including Mystic Red and Victorian Pink. We’re certain that you’ll find something you absolutely love to start growing your very own collection of sexy plus size lingerie!