Bralette Outfits: 12 Ways to Style a Bralette

Bralette outfits - 12 ways to style these must haves.

We all love lingerie. It is a $13 billion industry in the US because sexy lingerie can play such an important part in our daily lives – in and out of the bedroom. Bralettes are a piece of lingerie that you can show off outside the bedroom – you can style a multitude of different bralette outfits and wear them out on dates, to clubs, and for days that you’re just hitting the town with your friends. Read on to learn some of the cutest and hottest bralette outfits that you can assemble with the help of other gorgeous garments!

Above and Below

First off, let’s talk about layering bralettes and clothes. This look is on-trend for any occasion!

1. Lounge in Lingerie

Bralettes are ideal for lounging at home – there are tons of different styles that are comfortable to wear while watching Netflix or waiting for your partner to come home (and see you.) This is the time to wear the scandalous, less-modest styles that you wouldn’t want to wear for a day out shopping. They’re comfortable and cute, so what more could you want?

Bralette comfy lounge outfit.

2. Layered With a Tee

Like we touched on before, layering is a huge trend with women who like to spice up their wardrobes with bralettes. You can wear them out in casual situations over a t-shirt or tank top!

Make sure that the garment that you wear under your bralette is in a solid color. You want the detail of your bralette to stand out, and you don’t want your outfit to become too busy.

3. Impress With a Dress

About 100 years ago, Coco Chanel popularized the Little Black Dress (LBD). Now, it’s a staple of pretty much every woman’s wardrobe. And with good reason! It can be worn on pretty much every occasion, from dates to dinner parties. But it can also be worn on more casual occasions with a lace bralette that stands out against it. Much like layering bralettes with t-shirts and tank tops, they can be layered with dresses to give them a more casual and sexy flair. Experiment with different styles until finding something that you like!

4. Below Your Favorite Cardigan

Bralettes don’t just go on top of other garments, though- they also go beneath them. We’re not trying to tell you to conceal it under a t-shirt or jacket, though. Instead, it’s a good idea to put a bralette on and wear it under your favorite (open) cardigan. Make sure that you choose a knit cardigan that complements the color and print of the bralette you choose.

Animal print is super popular this year, and a bralette that looks like a leopard-print bikini top? Rawr. This is perfect for a night at the park, the beach, or at a barbecue- really, it’s a great choice at any outdoor venue. Make sure that you get a few different styles of bralettes that look great under cardigans so that you can look hot even when the evening chill comes in!

Fashion how to style a animal print bralette outfit.

Strut Your Stuff

You don’t always need to wear your bralette with another top or a jacket, you can also wear it on its own, just like you’d wear a crop top. Read on for some ways that you can  style a bralette as if you were wearing a shirt!

5. Long Skirts and Elegant Vibes

One way to wear a bralette without another top is by pairing them with a long skirt. This skirt can be a tight fit or it can be one with flowing pleats. Whatever floats your boat! The contrast between the sexy vibes that the bralette gives off and the modesty of a long skirt looks stunning!

6. High Waisted Shorts: Check!

High waisted shorts are a huge vintage trend that’s making the rounds again in 2020. Because they go up over the stomach, they work perfectly with bralettes. Show off your midriff between your bralette and shorts!

how to style a lace bralette with high waisted shorts for summer 2020.

7. Short Denim and Ripped Jeans

If you want to show a little more skin, regular or low-cut denim shorts or pants also work well with bralettes. You can wear these styles in all the same situations as the high-waisted shorts/bralette combo. These outfits work best for a night out at the bar or the club. They’re casual, sexy, and more than a little comfortable.

How to get the look ripped jeans with lace bralette outfit

8. Accessorize Appropriately

Accessories are a must when wearing a bralette. One way to look awesome is by wearing statement necklaces. However, you can also wear lace accessories like fingerless gloves and ribbon necklaces that bring out the lace design in your bralette. This is a great way to create a cohesive look and draw your entire outfit together.

Cuts and Colors

Now that you know some of the best ways to style a bralette, it’s time to take a look at some of the specific bralette styles that you can buy today. Read on to learn a few of the colors and cuts that you can choose from to find the one that makes you feel your best!

9. Brights and Blacks

Black and white bralettes are a sexy staple in the world of lingerie. This is obviously for a good reason- they’re sleek and simple enough that you can focus on the patterns that the lace or silk boasts. They’re perfect for a date night or for wearing over pretty much any shirt. In short, they go well with everything!

However, they’re far from your only option. Neon bralettes come in fluorescent green, red, and purple, and they’re perfect for wearing over other clothing. To bring out their color, put them on over a solid black tee, tank, or crop top. The bright colors will stand out against the darkness and draw the eye to the areas that you want them to go to.

Besting selling longline black lace bralette outfit

10. Patterned Print

While bralettes made from simple mesh lace are amazing, you can also get them with patterns in the lace. This bralette, for example, features tiny floral/vine print. These features are both adorable and sexy, especially since the red accents stand out against the black mesh base.

We also sell front-closure bralettes in all black that feature vinelike patterns. The bottom line is that all of these styles help you to get in touch with your natural wild side so that you can look like a goddess both on the streets and in the sheets.

11. The Ballet Bralette

One of our personal favorite styles is called the ‘Ballet bralette.’ This style is so gorgeous because it features lace details beneath the bust that go down your sides. It looks like a sexy bralette, but it also makes for a great crop top if you want to wear it out over a tube top or a strapless tank.

Because the Ballet bralette is rich in lace accents, it looks amazing when worn with ribbon jewelry. Chokers have been in vogue recently, so consider stringing a single bead on a piece of ribbon and tying it around your neck or wrist. You can also wear a longer and larger necklace with it if you prefer, since it’s so low-cut. However, it might be best to just leave your chest bare and show off your lace-clad cleavage. Even on top of a tiny tank or tube top for modesty’s sake, it will look perfect just the way it is.

12. Terrific Tube

Speaking of tube tops, did you know that there’s a bralette style that can be worn alone as a tube top would be? It’s called ‘Never Say Never.’ 

This bralette has the same lace detail and design that you know and love from our other styles, but it is more than modest enough to wear on its own. While the lace goes down beneath the bust, the part that goes around your breast has a black backing to it. This lets you look sexy while wearing it and still leaving something to the imagination. If you’re going to wear a bralette out over a tube top anyway, this is definitely a style to consider when trying to make your life easier.

More Bralette Outfits to Try

Everyday bralette styles are cute and sexy, so why not try them out today?

Now that you know some of the best bralette outfits that you can wear for any occasion, it’s time to get shopping! Visit our online store to look at some of the most fashionable and classy bralettes on the market. Here, you’ll find a wide variety of colors and styles at an affordable price so that you can assemble a bralette outfit that looks perfect on you!

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