Sofie’s Hospital Bag Must-Haves

Sofie Valkier, newfound mother and the founder and author of lifestyle blog FASHIONATA and NEW MOM is one of our favorite lifestyle bloggers out there. She embodies the jet-set lifestyle of the true Cosabella woman. Based in Belgium with her boyfriend, Marcio, Sofie’s platform gives sneak peek into her eclectic world and personal style.

The Never Say Never Mommie Nursing Bra named as one of her hospital bag must-haves. Keep reading to the what else was a must on her list.

hospital bag must-haves


Though I’m obviously not planning to give birth with a full red carpet beauty look, I know it’s going to make me feel put-together to at least bring some of my favourite beauty & skincare items, mostly for a bit of refreshment here and there:

  • EAU DE BEAUTÉ FACIAL MIST – CAUDALIE This is one of my go-to products to stay fresh & awake (I always have it with me when I’m traveling), so I hope it’ll have the same effect on labor day. 🙂
  • HUILE PRODIGIEUSE DRY OIL – NUXE I love a good multitasker to keep the amount of beauty supplies in check, and this 3-in-1 hair/body/face oil is exactly that.
  • AVOPLEX HAND & NAIL CREAM – O.P.I. My hands tend to get very dry, even in Spring, so this high-intensity hand & nail cream will definitely come in handy (ha!).
  • LIP GLOW POMADE – DIOR I imagine this nourishing lip balm that brings out the natural colour of your lips will be perfect to make me look (more) fresh.
  • SCULPTING BRIGHTENING CONCEALER – DIOR I’m guessing there’ll be quite some dark circles to cover up, so if I feel like it, this will be the way to do it.
  • LE VOLUME MASCARA – CHANEL Not sure if I’ll be using this, but just in case. 🙂
  • LES BEIGES HEALTHY GLOW NATURAL EYESHADOW PALETTE – CHANEL Same thinking, but if there’s one eye palette to bring, it’s this natural looking one (raved about it before in this nude beauty look tutorial).
  • SOLEIL CONTOURING POWDER – TOM FORD I find that nothing brings out your eyes more than a good round of contouring, and these 3 colours do an exceptionally good job for my blue eyes!
  • VILLA NOACARLINA TOOTHPASTE – LEBON Gotta bring your toothpaste, especially if it looks like this.
  • FOAM DRY SHAMPOO – OUAI This dry shampoo is among my favourites, because apart from smelling divine, its foam texture makes it super easy and discreet to apply.
  • BABY CLEANSING WATER – LA LANGERIE One of the things I most look forward to is that precious baby smell, so this all-natural baby cleansing water will be super great to enhance bag must-haves


As with make-up, I think I can safely assume that my outfit is going to be the last thing on my mind when going into labor, but now that I’m still thinking sanely, I’m happy to pack pieces that’ll make me feel comfy, warm & cosy – before, during and after giving birth:

  • SOFT UNDIES & NURSING BRA – COSABELLA Finding a pretty nursing bra took FOREVER, so when I came across this one I ordered it in 3 different colours and I’m so happy I did because they’re equally gorgeous in real life.
  • CASHMERE JUMPSUIT – MADELEINE THOMPSON I wondered about what I wanted to wear in the hospital for a while, and finally opted for this black cashmere jumpsuit (because the beige option is probably not a good idea with a newborn ;)). I’ll most likely rotate between this jumpsuit and a simple cotton robe, depending on the temperature and my general comfort level, but in any case, the jumpsuit feels like a nice & comfy outfit to go home too 🙂
  • WARM BOOTIES – UGG Best things to put on your feet to feel cozy & warm (proof).
  • COSY BLANKET – MISSONI Because I’m perpetually cold, I always, always, always have an emergency blanket on me, and this one’s my all-time favourite (also pictured in our bedroom reveal).

For the baby, it was twice as hard to determine which little outfit would be the very first thing he’ll ever wear (no pressure at all), so I decided to keep it sweet & simple:

  • SOFT COTTON ONESIE, MATCHING MITTENS, HAT & BOOTIES – THÉOPHILE & PATACHOU Died when this little set arrived, so I think it’ll make for a cute first look. 🙂
  • SWADDLE BLANKETS – FRANCIS & HENRYLA LANGERIE I’ve always loved the idea of swaddle blankets for newborns. It just makes sense to cuddle them up in a way that reminds them of the tummy where they resided for so long, and here’s hoping that it’ll help our little one to sleep like an angel.

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