The Proper Way To Wash Lingerie

Your lingerie could last longer if you follow these instructions.

In Italy, it is said that clothing is one of the most important ingredients of self-presentation. Taking the time to care for your clothes makes you more attentive to how nice it feels to care about the things one owns. Preserving the beauty of your intimates is important and easy to do. When it comes to bras, there is no set rule on how often you should wash your bra, but aim to wash them every 2-3 wears.

Hand-washing your bra may sound like a tedious, but maintaining your lingerie’s quality is definitely worth the time. Machine washing may also lead to your lingerie becoming damaged or misshapen causing you to need a new bra.
proper way to wash lingerie

Here’s how to properly wash lingerie:

1. Always Hand Wash

Throwing your bras into the washing machine can break them down and do damage. Fill your sink with lukewarm water, enough to submerge your bras and add lingerie detergent. Gently swoosh them in the water. Let your bras soak for about 20 minutes. Next, empty the sink and rinse. Once you are confident you’ve rinsed the bras free of detergent refill the sink with clean water then let the bras soak for an additional 5 minutes. Once this is complete, gently pat the bras dry with a towel. (Do not wring them out!)

2. Air Dry

Once you are done hand-washing your bras, it is important to let them air dry. Gently drape them evenly on a drying rack or a shower rod. Doing so will prolong the life of your bras.

3. Use a Delicate Detergent

Gentle laundry soap works wonders but there are many DIY homemade soaps that work well.  A simple DIY lingerie wash can be better for the environment and easier on the pocketbook! Castile soap is a gentle and natural option, especially for sensitive skin.

4. Storage

Store your bras in your draw cup to cup. Placing socks inside your cups will help keep the original shape. Organizing your bras by color from light to dark will make it easier to find whichever one you are looking for.

5. Have Options

It’s important to build your bra wardrobe so you’ll have a good selection of bras to rotate, giving you more time between washes. Pick one evening a week when you will gather your bras and delicate underwear all at once to save time.

Machine Washing

If you must resort to using your washing machine, follow these rules:
  • Set the machine to gentle cycle
  • Be sure to put your bras in a mesh lingerie bag
  • Hook the backs to prevent snagging with other clothes
 proper way to wash lingerie