Robes – the Essential item you Forgot You Needed

Get Cozy with Robes 101

Warm Robes. Everyone needs a snuggly, toasty warm robe.

Cozy Robe – Perfectly warm, perfectly cozy, this robe is your go-to comfort piece.  Making pancakes for the kids? Yep. Netflix and chill? Yep. Taking the trash out? Yep. Getting the mail? Yep Yep. Pair with your favorite slippers.

Robes to do your Makeup in. You don’t do your makeup in a robe? You should….because accidents happen and you don’t want spilled foundation all over your outfit. That could add a whole 10 minutes to your routine and you are already running late…A “dressing gown” as they used to be called, feels soft and looks pretty on, starting  your day in a positive way.  

Magnolia Robe

You know you like prints and colors, and you know they light up your face… you need a fun robe! Perfect for travel, these are easy to pack and super soft.  Peruvian Pima cotton is the best there is and you deserve it. 

 Bella Printed Robe

Date night ready, this is your robe. The wine, the meal, the movie, now it’s time to ….slip into something more comfortable (wink wink).

  Seymour Robe