Plus-Size Lingerie Secrets: How to Find Your Fit

You probably know this, but allow it to be said anyway. Your body is gorgeous, and you deserve to feel and look sexy no matter your size. And what better way to feel sexy than to dress up in great fitting plus-size lingerie and love the way you look?

Put on something lacy and feel confident whether it’s for yourself or someone else. A huge part of feeling confident in lingerie is having the right fit. Unfortunately, no matter what size, you can be misinformed about your fit.

This is especially true when shopping for plus-size lingerie. And because every body is different, no one size will fit everyone even if they have similar body types.

Never fear; you don’t have to be left guessing. Here are the secrets that will help you find the right fit for your lingerie every time.

Start with The Right Measurements

Finding the right fit for lingerie all starts with the measurements. Unlike other clothing items, you typically can’t buy bras with standard small, medium, large and extra-large sizing.

Though some of the named sizing options may have corresponding bra sizes, you should buy lingerie specifically in that bra size to get the best fit. That will allow a more customized rather than a generalized fit.

You may already know your bra size, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t measure yourself often. All bodies go through changes, therefore you may have gained or lost some weight from the last time your measured yourself.

How to Calculate Band and Cup Sizes for Plus Size Lingerie

Luckily, measuring your band and cup doesn’t require many supplies and can easily be done at home. All you’ll need is a measuring tape. You may want to do this in front of a mirror to get assistance. Read how to do this on

To find your band size, wrap the measuring tape around your rib cage, going under your arms. Make sure that the tape is snug but not too tight. Record your results as the nearest whole number.

Find your cup size by repeating the process around the fullest part of your bust. Again, keep the tape snug but not squeezing you in an uncomfortable manner.

Finally, calculate your bra size by subtracting your cup size minus your band size. Your band size is the number you measured. The cup letter is the difference in inches between your cup and band sizes.

Find your bra size on!

Check the Fit

Even with the proper measurements, you should always check the fit of your bras and readjust accordingly. Once you bring your bra home, try it on before you get a chance to wear it out. Check the fit in the following areas.

Your Bra Shouldn’t Shift

You wouldn’t purposefully buy a bra that’s too large, so don’t settle for one with an off-fit when you’re looking for the right bra.

If you can slide one finger under the band, you have the right fit. If there’s more of a gap, your bra is too large, and if there’s no room for fingers, it’s too tight.

The middle panel connecting the cups should sit flat against the breastbone. If there’s a gap between the bra and your sternum, the cups may be too small.

Keep the Band in Place

The support comes from the band, so this is the part of your bra that has to have the right fit. Your band should sit right below your shoulder blades and rest comfortably in that position.

Take a look in the mirror and ensure that the band is in place. If it’s too loose, too tight, or moving around, you may only need to adjust it, however you may need to try a different size altogether.

If the band is riding up your back, you aren’t getting the support you need. Try readjusting the straps. If it’s still not in place, you may need to adjust the band size.

Don’t Spill From the Cups

A tell-tale sign that your bra is too small is if your breasts are spilling over the tops or sides of the bra cup. Before you throw the bra away, try readjusting the straps.

If loosening the straps doesn’t solve the issue; you may need a larger cup size. On the other hand, if there’s a large gap between your breasts and the cups, that cup size is too large. Try sizing down on the cup size only.

Cosabella's Signature Never Say Never Extended Sweetie, made of floral lace in plus-sizes.

The Never Say Never Extended Sweeite, now available in 1X – 3X, is the perfect wire-free bralette with large sized cups and a smaller band to offer all-day support. Read more about the history of the Sweetie Bralette here!

Strap Placement Is Everything

Many people believe that it’s the straps holding up the bra when the band is doing the work. But that doesn’t mean the straps aren’t important because the straps keep the cups in place.

Your straps should sit comfortably on your shoulders. If, after adjusting, the straps keep falling off your shoulders, your cup size may be too large. However, if they’re digging into your shoulder, the cup size may be too small.

Size a New Bra on the Loosest Hook

With all of these tips for fitting for plus-size bras, there’s one more important piece of fit advice. You should always fit a new bra on the loosest hook. Not only will this help you get the right fit, but it will extend your bra’s life.

Bras stretch over time and with regular wear. When you fit your bra and then wear it on the loosest hook, you will be able to tighten it as the fit loosens. Try the Evolution Printed Extended Bralette, made with a hook and eye closure and adjustable straps for the best fit. Adjusting the bra as it stretches keeps its structural integrity until it’s time to replace it.

The Evolution Printed Extended bralette has a hook and eye closure and adjustable straps, in a fun leopard print.

Consider Back and Shoulder Support

Many full-figured women know that large breasts can be hard on the back and shoulders. But that doesn’t mean you should shy away from sexy plus-size lingerie.

Discomfort in your back and shoulders often means that the parts of your bra aren’t working the way they should be. Usually, in this case, your bra is too loose, not allowing the cups to hold your weight correctly.

Remember that support comes from the band, so if you’re feeling discomfort, make sure the band is in the right position. You may want to look for plus-size bras with thicker bands to offer more support. The Never Say Never Extended Plungie Bralette has wider straps and a back band for ultimate support!

The Never Say Never Curvy Plungie has wider set straps for comfort.

You Don’t Have to Sacrifice Style for Support

Walking through the extended sizes for intimates can look like a boring beige jungle. Just because you may need the extra support doesn’t mean you don’t want some sexy plus-size lingerie and intimates.

You don’t have to give up the sexy lace and decorative details of lingerie in favor of support. With the right fit, there are many styles open and available for you to try. Our Pret A Porter Extended Bralette is made of the signature detailed lace, now available in plus-size lingerie sizes.

There are also reinforced intimates that can offer you the extra support you need to be comfortable and confident. Or try pieces with wider straps that can help keep the cups in place without getting rid of fragile lace.

The PretA Porter Bralette is made with exquistly detailed lace, now in extended sizing for plus-size lingerie.

Shop for Your Breast Shape

Along with measuring yourself correctly, you should keep your breast shape in mind when shopping for new plus-size bras. Your breast shape is where and how your breasts sit on your body.

While your measurements will stay the same, your breast shape can determine what styles will look best on your body. This can bring out your natural cleavage and help distribute your breast weight evenly.

Matching your breast shape to the style can accentuate your own curves, making you most comfortable in your new lingerie.

Think About the Silhouette

Now is time to think about the silhouette or your new lingerie. Are you looking for something sleek and sexy or maybe something frilly and playful? Are you more interested in one piece or two?

If you’re looking for a one-piece of lingerie, consider a bodysuit, like the Mesh Temptation Extended Bodysuit. With two pieces, you can mix and match your bra and panties, choosing the styles that you like the best.

The Mesh Temptation Bodysuit is the perfect one-piece for plus=size lingerie.

For bras, you may want a plunge, a balconette, or a sexy bralette. For panties, you may opt for the classic bikini or get a little cheeky with a thong. The Soire Confidence Extended Boyshort is made of sheer power mesh for all-day support. No one style makes lingerie, so choose what you’re most sexy in.

The Soire Confidence Extended Boyshort available in plus-size lingerie is made of sheer power mesh for all-day comfort.

Lastly, Have Fun With The Details

Don’t forget to have fun when picking out your lingerie. This is the time to show off the body you’re proud to live in, so don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone when it comes to details.

Don’t be afraid to spice up your look by playing around with colors. Try silks, satins, and lace, or go completely sheer with mesh. Add fun details like bows, garters, or stockings to complete your look. Details make the outfit no matter how little fabric that outfit has.

Feel Confident and Beautiful in Plus-Size Lingerie

You deserve to feel confident and beautiful at every size! No matter your size, you can run into trouble finding the right fit. This is especially true for plus-size lingerie that might have different sizing from other stores.

That doesn’t mean you can’t find a little lace to flaunt. With these tips, you’ll find the right fit and pieces that make you feel like your best self.

Feel your most confident and sexiest with our collection of lingerie and intimates. View our plus-size lingerie collections on Cosabella to find your new favorite pieces.