Celebrating Cosabella’s 34th Anniversary

This year marks 34 years Cosabella has been adding a pop of color to lingerie draws around the world. Our color trend started in 1989 six years after Cosabella’s official launch in 1983. We called it our “World of Color” philosophy and soon it became a global trend.

Today more than ever you can see the “World of Color” lingerie trend. From a hot pink bra strap peeking out to our signature sheer mesh bodysuits in a rainbow of colors.

Cosabella's World of Color

To highlight our color story being bold, vibrant and sometimes unexpected we decided to check in with those who know best how to live their lives in full color and embrace Cosabella’s world of color. Here are Cosabella team members’ favorite Cosabella colors from the past 34 years: 

Cosabella's World of Color


Cosabella's World of Color

Janelle: Merchandiser

“Picasso Blue is my favorite Cosabella color. It reminds me of the Mediterranean Sea and the stunning shores of the Amalfi Coast in Italy. It’s a very tranquil and calming color.”

Ashley: Merchandiser

“My favorite Cosabella color is, Blue Med because it reminds me of my Jeep Wrangler. This color inspires me to travel and go on more adventures.”


“Oh man, it’s extremely difficult to narrow down my favorite color due to the amount of amazing colors Cosabella has to offer! But if I were having to by my last pair of underwear or bra I would choose “Rossetto”. It’s vibrant, rich, a classic color and also the color of love…it’s irresistible.”  Chelsea Cromwell Merchandiser

Shanon: Global Communications Manager

“My favorite color is amethyst. It inspired my hair color. This shot was on location at our spring 2016 photoshoot, baby goat’s name is ‘Ice Cream’ ”

Carmen: Global Ecommerce Customer Service Assistant

“So many shades of Blue. Love them all – color of the sky, color of the ocean, and color of my favorite Cosabella dress.”

Megan: Account Executive

“My favorite color is Sorrento Blue because it reminds me of my past vacations at the ocean, where I was spending time with my friends and family.”

“I’m fond of any shade of blue, from navy Blue to Sorrento, but tropical water is my favorite FAVORITE. It feels so holiday and makes me dream of wild islands, coconut cocktails and suntan.”  Bianca Pedrazzini Global Marketing Assistant

Roseanne: Merchandiser

“My favorite Cosabella color is Pink Lilly, as soft and feminine as the flower itself.”

Kate: Merchandiser

“My favorite Cosabella color is Pink Lilly. It inspires me because it reminds me to be calm and relaxed and to me it’s a romantic color.”

Nina: Merchandiser

“My favorite color is Rose Sand! It’s my go to mani color. I think it’s the perfect summer shade of nude with hint of color.”

Laura: Merchandiser

“Shocking Pink has always been a favorite. It pops, it stands out, and it brightens whatever it is around…Just how we should be! It also is a great inspiration for lipstick”

Courtney: Global Merchandise Planner

“So hard to pick one!!  My favorite color over the past year has been Nuovo Muave – it’s fresh, yet feels vintage and timeless.”

Cayce: Account Executive

“My favorite Cosabella color is Shadow. It inspires me to stay neutral in a volatile time. Make friends, not enemies…..And it matches my car and I look cool driving down the road in my Never Say Never Shadow Happie and Tootsie with my side kicks, Barker and Bebe.”

Enjoy, Bellas! Thanks for celebrating our 34th birthday with us! Feel free to share your favorite Cosabella color. Follow @shopcosabella Instagram use hashtag #cosabellstyle for a chance to be featured on our account showing off your favorite color!