Beauty Secrets & Fashion Confessions with Johanna Olsson

It’s the end of the day and you’re lying in bed, cuddled up in your Bella PJs. You start scrolling through the what’s-new and the who’s-who from the fashion world and your mind is flooded with questions.

Should I switch my moisturizer? Should I try that new eyeshadow palette? What do I wear the next weekend’s music festival??

To answer those some beauty dilemmas we find ourselves facing, Cosabella had a chitchat with  Sweden-based blogger, Johanna Olsson on everything Beauty & Fashion.


Johanna Olsson
Soire Sheer Molded Bra

What’s your beauty routine before going to sleep?

As long as I get all my makeup off I’m good. I never go to sleep with makeup! If I’m tired I just use makeup remover wipes. Otherwise, I use a full set of products from Mario Badescu.

Are you more of an early-bird or a night-owl?

I would say I’m more of an early-bird. Even though I occasionally sleep in a little hehe.

Three things you must absolutely do before going to sleep (i.e. check IG feeds, email, read a book)?

Drink some tea and listen to rain sounds. That puts me in a zen mood wherever I am, ready to sleep!

Being a big traveler, what is in your basic pack for the nights out?

Dresses! They’re always easy to bring because it’s a full look and yet they take up basically no space in your bag. I use the rolling technique when I pack, which I think is the best to prevent creasing!

How’s your night outfit when home alone vs in a sweet company?

I’m a pajama girl, always with matching eye mask; I especially love a short version for the pants and sometimes just the shirt!

Any tricks to fall asleep easily when traveling?

I really love listening to some sort of sound that makes me feel relaxed. My favorite is rain sound because what is better than laying in bed when it’s rain and thunder outside? Other noises that are nice are ocean noise for example. I find that lavender smell is really calming as well so you could bring a little bottle of that to spray on your pillow!

Things you can’t leave home without.

Lipstick/Chapstick and my phone are basically what I need to bring!

What’s the strongest trend of the upcoming Summer season, in your opinion?

Color! When it comes to everything from lingerie to sunglasses. I especially love pink and yellow.

Johanna Olsson
Trenta Underwire Bra

We’re in full festival season. what’s your festive outfit?

I like sheer flowy dresses with a boho vibe!

Who’s your fashion icon?

I get inspiration from everyone but I really love Victoria Beckham!

What’s your next destination?


Which is your favorite place in London?

I think Belgravia/Knightsbridge. Love walking down Sloan Street.

Johanna Olsson

Johanna’s Cosabella Favorites

Soire Sheer Molded Bra & G-String

Johanna OlssonJohanna Olsson

An everyday bra, the Soire Sheer Molded Bra features underwire molded cups and double Soire™ mesh lining for a smooth coverage. Sheer, lightweight and extremely comfortable, you will forget you are wearing it! PLUS, it has convertible straps to make it a racerback bra. Match it with the Soire Sheer G-String: its new lightweight airy construction is designed to lay snug to the body and be barely felt. *Undetectable under clothing* 

Trenta Underwire Bra & Lowrider Lace Thong

Johanna OlssonJohanna Olsson








The Trenta Underwire bra features supersoft all-over lace cups and an underwire to guarantee the right support, without compromising the delicateness of the fabric. Its scalloped edges emphasize your shapes while maintaining a seamless effect. The matching lace thong wraps your body smoothly with a single back seam, to enhance comfort: virtually invisible under clothes!

Johanna Olsson

About Johanna Olsson: a social media influencer from Stockholm, Sweden, Johanna is Scandinavia’s largest luxury fashion and lifestyle influencer. She shares her outfits, love for shoes and lifestyle on a daily basis with her followers, catering the trend-setting fashion lovers. In her own words, “I want everyone to be inspired by life in general. I try to share a big dose about what my everyday life is about, with a lot of girl power”.

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