Blending Style and Comfort: The Best Loungewear for Working From Home

The best loungewear for working from home

We’ve all been working from home in our loungewear recently. But sometimes you need a little something extra. It’s still important for your mental health to follow your usual morning beauty routines, slip into something luxuriant, and brew that fresh pot of tea. And one of the best ways to turn your work-from-home days into something exciting is to up the ante on your loungewear wardrobe.  

A couple of camis, an oversized sweater to keep you warm, and silky smooth pajama bottoms to slide into is just what you need – you’re going to love a wardrobe filled with satin belts and stretchy waistlines. Let us introduce you to some loungewear that’s as elegant as it is comfortably.


Stylish tank camisole with built in bra.

Let’s start with the most foundational element of any loungewear set. Slipping a luxuriant camisole over your gently tousled bedhead should be the first thing you do in the morning. 

We like to play with the necklines here but a v-neck with lace trim will always be our go-to. If you’re feeling down-home and organic, you can also opt for a simple white cotton cami. 

And, of course, there’s the layering go-to standard – a black cami, in either soft cotton or lace-lined satin. You can even have it all with a lace-lined cotton cami, in case you need breathability all day long.


Which brings us to the cami’s best friend – soft, plush cardigans. Slipping into a pair of tights, met by a silk cami, topped with a cashmere cardigan is as decadent as nibbling on a Godiva truffle with your morning latte.

The world of cardigans is extensive and for a reason. Personally, if this is something we’re going to wrap ourselves up in all day, we want to make a small investment in it. Think of it more like an investment in a quality blanket than a piece of clothing.

We love oversized cardigans with buttons down the front, too, to keep us tucked in all day long. Don’t forget the classic turtleneck either.


Glow up in style every morning in a cosabella robe.

Of course, there’s something that’ll wrap you up with greater ease than a cardigan and tights, and that’s the right robe. Your robe will work well with your favorite camisole and panties. Or, you can keep it simple with just the robe itself. 

The basic cotton robe will work every time! For example, we’ve taken a white cotton robe, dyed it navy blue, and left only the trimmings white, i.e., the pockets, neckline, and belt. Handcrafted in Peru, featuring 98% cotton and 2% polyester for a little movement, and you have a beautiful companion for the whole day. 

On the other hand, if it’s a champagne kind of work-from-home day, you might opt for a satin or silk effect. One of our bestsellers is the Alessia Robe. It’s inspired by the intricate lace designs in Tuscan tiling, embodying a romantic feel. With its lace embellishments on the shoulder, you’ll instantly feel robed and ready for a successful, yet sexy, day.

Longsleeve Pajama Tops

Ultra soft long sleeve women's pajama sets.

Another option is a long-sleeve pajama top or sleep shirt. It’s an oversized affair here, with a button-down shirt that comes below the bum. 

In this scenario, it has to be all about the details. For example, our Bella Printed Sleep Shirt is a feminine interpretation of classic men’s pajamas. It’s a lengthy top that’s finished with soft touches of satin binding. Slip into a pair of fuzzy slippers, and you’re ready to greet the day with confidence, comfort, and ease. 


Which brings us to one of the most important elements of luxury loungewear – buttery soft slippers. We recently read an article in New York Magazine that made us chuckle. The title lured us in: The Best Women’s Slippers on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers. Okay; hyperenthusiastic must mean there’s something to these slippers. 

Some tried and true brands made the cut, like Isotoner and UGG. Isotonoer’s satin ballerina slipper would certainly pair well with any number of satin or silk camisoles. We also noted a slipper sandal that gave the impression of slipping your toes into a warm and fuzzy cloud.  

Slipper Socks

If you’re not a fan of the big, fluffy slipper (or, you want an alternative that you can easily wash), then you might be a slipper sock kind of gal. Now, you have the comfort of a sock and a slip-proof sole to prevent you from sliding across your hardwood floors. 

You can really have some fun here. For example, Dr. Scholl’s came out with lavender and vitamin E socks. There’s also a brand out there called Ozaiic that specializes in yoga gear. Their yoga socks are super cute, complete with a Mary Jane effect.

Also, when the cooler weather hits, you’ll enjoy indulging in a pair of cream-colored hand-knit wool socks that you can pull up to meet the soft lining of your favorite pajama tops. 


Some of the mocassin slippers we browsed reminded us of our favorite old t-shirts. Do you have a t-shirt that’s been washed a thousand times and, even though it’s not something you’d ever wear out, you can’t seem to part with it? 

Sometimes, we find ourselves having a simple kind of stay at home day with nothing more than a t-shirt and panties. Our favorite way to embrace this look is a pair of boyshorts. Don’t be afraid to color match your tee with your lace boyshorts. Of course, you can also keep it casual with basic, one-tone cotton boyshorts, too. Either way, you can’t go wrong. 


Have you ever noticed how often Kim and Kanye wear hoodies? We know they’re not Hanes hoodies, so it got us wondering what that was all about. Often, she’s wearing Yeezy sweats designed by Kanye himself. 

So, a wardrobe lined with stay at home clothes would not be complete without a luxury brand sweatshirt. You don’t have to buy a full set, the way Kim and Kanye seem to do. You can just opt for the top and match it with your boyshorts and sleepwear shorts. 

Pajama Bottoms

Which brings us to bottoms. Having a rotation of pajama bottoms handy will help you pair things with your favorite camis, cardigans, t-shirts, and sweatshirts. 

Here at Cosabella, one of our favorite loungewear bottoms is our Sabrina Pant. We indulged in our love for leopard. So, with a funky black and white print on the bottom, you can pair these pants with virtually any black or white top. 

In our opinion, every wardrobe should be lined with an equal number of pajama bottoms and skinny jeans. We wouldn’t even be afraid to run down to the corner market in some of our favorite bottoms. 


Sexy slip dresses to wear at home.

Let’s step away from hoodies and pants and talk about work from home clothes that evoke elegance and class. A sweet babydoll or long nightdress will return you back to those champagne kinds of days. 

We’re talking satin, lace, and everything ace. Our Cosabella More Love Babydoll comes in six different colors, allowing you to strut into each workday with a fresh feeling of vibrancy. It’s an everyday kind of cotton babydoll trimmed in graphic lace that will boost you up. 

You can complete the look with any number of boyshorts, thongs, or high-waist panties to set the right tone. And don’t shy away from long slips, giving you a slightly more covered effect, and leaving you free to throw on a maxi dress and head out for happy hour when the clock strikes. 

Yoga Pants

Finally, we can’t leave you without one of the most debated topics in the fashion world: stretchy pants. The Editors over at Vogue prefer to call them yoga pants, so we try to shy away from the term “stretchy pants.” 

That said, a pair of tights, leggings, yoga pants, what have you, are the final staple in a wardrobe filled with comfortable clothes and effortless fashion. As we browsed what the Editors at Vogue had to say on the matter, we noticed a pair of Tory Burch leggings featuring a chevron side – super cute. 

Indeed, a pair of yoga pants met with an oversized t-shirt, cardigan, or hoodie will do the trick when rounding off a new loungewear set. All you need to do at this point is slip into some cozy slippers, turn on the kettle, and get ready to have a fabulous day. 

Luxurious Loungewear for the Ages

Cozy loungewear for home

One of the many reasons loungewear is a thing of beauty is because it can be classed up with a little satin here and a little lace there. More to the point, it almost never goes out of style. Satin pajama bottoms with a cozy cardigan are a classic.

All a beautiful work-from-home wardrobe requires is a few staple elements like camis to rotate around, a trusty cardigan, and a few pairs of pajama pants that you’re not afraid to be seen in. 

Here at Cosabella, we believe staying in doesn’t mean you can’t go all out. Embrace your feminine figure with luxurious lingerie. We hope you’ll start building your wardrobe with us today. Together, we’ll make you feel like you’re slipping into a Ferragamo slip from the fields of Florence. What a way to start the day.