As Light As Aire: No-Show, Non-Thong Undies by Cosabella: An LPC No-VPL Pick

Check out noted author of The Lingerie Handbook and owner of one of New York City’s top lingerie boutiques La Petite Coquette Rebecca Apsan’s review of the new Aire Collection. Rebecca I think your right Aire is the Soire of the future.


As Light As Aire: No-Show, Non-Thong Undies by Cosabella: An LPC No-VPL Pick

Summer is the ultimate no-show season. What to (under)wear when you don’t want VPL? A thong is the obvious choice, and many women wear nothing but – a case in point would be a recent ep of the ashamed-to-admit-it-was-watched show Bethenny Getting Married when Bethenny goes into early labor and at first grabs a purple thong to bring to the hospital to wear after giving birth…not the most comfortable choice. 


There are other times besides childbirth when you can’t have VPL but don’t necessarily want a thong. Sometimes you just might feel more secure going up those subway stairs in a micro mini knowing your cheeks aren’t peeking out to all the stair-steppers below you. For those occasions, a top pick is Cosabella’s Aire hotpant.


It’s a featherweight, completely seamless laser-cut undie in power mesh, which means it feels ultra-light yet won’t fall apart. The entire collection is amazing, and just might be the Soire of the 21st century (Cosabella diehards will know that Soire is a mesh collection that has had a major cult following).



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