6 Signs It’s Time For A New Bra!

Are you guilty of any of these?

Why it may be time to replace your bra: New year, new bra

When’s the last time you’ve changed your bra? If it’s been at least a year, then you need to replace your bra.

We hear you; a year can feel like a short time to need a new one. But think about it: You wear a bra every single day. That’s a lot of wear per mileage.

We recommend switching out your bras every 6 months for multiple reasons: your body naturally changes (weight frequently fluctuates!), the bra elastics wear out on the band and straps, your body releases oils (hello, deodorant stains!) that can ruin the bra with time and many more reasons.

If your new years resolution is to take better care of yourself (or do an overhaul to your wardrobe), then starting with the basics is the best bet.

Read on to discover if you’re in need of a new bra.

6 Reasons For a New Bra: Time to treat yourself

loose bra band

1. Is the band is stretched out? The band should be snug. Are you on the tightest hook?

If that’s the case, then chances are, the elastic on your bra band is giving out. Since this is where your bra gets its support to hold you up, it’s important to pay attention to how the band is doing. The bra should fit you well on the loosest hook, so you can adjust and tighten if needed.

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stretched out straps

2. Are the straps falling off your shoulders? Are they tightened to the max?

If you can easily slip more than one finger underneath the shoulder straps, then they’ve been overstretched. It’s possible that the straps need to be tightened, but if your bra is more than 6 months old, the elastic may be starting to wear away.

Don’t fuss with falling bra straps anymore and treat yourself to a new bra.

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bra band rides up in back

3. Your bra band has started to ride up?

If the band in the back of your bra is riding up your back, it’s too loose. Now, this could mean you’re wearing a size too big. But if this bra has aged, then the elastic on the bra band may be overstretched and needs to be replaced.

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residue on bras

4. Remember all bras get oils from our skin deodorant residue.

It’s only natural for things like deodorant, lotion, and other body oils to rub off on your bra as you wear it. If your bra is stained a different color, especially in the bottom of the cups (hello, boob sweat!), then it’s time to treat yourself to a new bra.

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ill-fitting cups

5. Are your cups too tight or gaping?

Your bra cups should fit you perfectly. We mean, there should be no gaping or extra room but they also shouldn’t dig into you. The right fitting cups will provide coverage and comfort.

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underwire poking

6. Is your underwire poking out?

A telltale sign you’re ready for a new bra is the dreaded poking underwire. Don’t suffer through this unnecessary poking; bras should be comfortable and supportive.

Underwire can start to poke through after lots of wear and washing, so be sure to replace often to prevent the fabric from thinning out and creating openings for the underwire to get out.

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