Body Party: Your Guide to Fall Trending Bodysuits

Did you know that the way you dress has a great effect on both your self-esteem and your confidence?

Well, it’s true. Women who wear clothes crafted for both pleasure and comfort are more likely to feel effortlessly beautiful, classier, and have a higher sense of self-image than those who don’t put the necessary time and effort into their appearance.

If you’re looking to boost your confidence with luxury garments, lace bodysuits are likely the right choice for you. While these bodysuits can be worn at home as comfortable and stylish lingerie, they also can be layered, accessorized, and styled for a day out. Read on to learn the types of bodysuits that women love and how you can wear them for every occasion.

Beautiful Bodysuit Styles

Before you can begin styling your lace bodysuit for every occasion, it’s critical that you choose the right garment to fit your individual taste and style. Here, we’re going to talk about some of most popular bodysuits, including styles for women who wear extended sizes. Read on to learn about some of the best styles that you can choose from!


If you’re a fan of timeless floral prints, ‘Savona‘ is an effortlessly beautiful bodysuit option that you’re sure to love. The delicate lace accents provide a delicate backdrop for the rose cutouts that show off your smooth skin. This bodysuit is 100% wireless, so it’s especially appealing to women who prioritize comfort. It also has a cotton-lined gusset so that you can feel comfortably covered while looking classically sexy.

Savona is an intense beautiful collection featuring high shine florals and vivid colors in classic Cosabella silhouettes.

Magnolia Romper

If you enjoy floral print but are looking for a bit more modest bodysuit, Magnolia may be right for you. Because it’s a romper, this garment covers you from chest to thigh. However, it’s just as well-crafted as ‘Savona’ is, with semi-sheer scalloped lace and a short, cheeky fit. This romper comes in three classic colors that each feature real mother-of-pearl buttons adorning the front.

The Magnolia Collection is known as feminine semi-sheer scalloped lace lingerie.


If you’re looking to feel confident about your body and empowered by fashion, ‘Leonora‘ is the perfect bodysuit to fit your needs. Its sustainable all-over floral lace provides coverage all over your body while still showing off the right amount of skin. It has a gorgeous plunge décolleté and minimal rear coverage that’s perfect for wearing underneath skirts and shorts that you don’t want to see lines beneath.

Leonora is designed in a structured lace with a pattern that blends a floral and geometrical print for a bold look.


Are you a woman who loves adding a pop of color to her wardrobe? ‘Selita‘ features dainty flowers made from red, yellow, green, and pink lace against a black mesh backdrop. The sweetheart-shaped neckline gives this style even more character, as does the cinched waist that will look amazing when layered underneath a brightly-colored skirt. This bodysuit is irresistibly soft in addition to being luxurious, so you definitely will want to add it to your wardrobe!

Sweet by day, sexy by night, Selita is iconic and pure luxury with romantic floral embroidery lace.


Finding flattering bodysuits can be a challenge for anyone, but this is even more the case for curvy women. That’s why our designers have carefully crafted the Pret-a-Porter Curvy Bodysuit. Made for women with DD+ cups and larger waistlines, this style provides effortless luxury to ladies with all body types. The floral accents on this bodysuit are also lovely additions that accentuate your skin tone.

Pret-a-Porter Curvy is thoughtfully designed for a full bust and smaller band with multi-dimensional floral lace.

Mesh Temptation

Our ‘Mesh Temptation‘ bodysuits come in all varieties, including extended sizes. Featuring black leopard print and wide adjustable straps, this style is intended to convey both sexy charisma and effortless luxury. Additionally, the lack of rear coverage is sure to inspire confidence, especially in conjunction with the sheer lace that the garment is made from. Add in a comfortable power mesh lining, and it’s no wonder that your confidence will soar through the roof from the moment you put ‘Mesh Temptation’ on!

Mesh Temptations is a sheer mesh group that you can't wait to wear.

Never Say Never

Never Say Never‘ is a design that you can purchase many different garments in, and extended bodysuits are no exception. This article is designed for fuller busts with smaller bands, including women who wear DD+ cups. The plunge front with partly-seamed bra cups shows off your bust in a tastefully flattering way and wide lace straps frame your form in an equally timeless manner.

Thoughtfully designed for a fuller bust with a smaller band, the Curvy collection is for the fuller cup woman now available in beautiful floral Never Say Never lace.

How to Wear Bodysuits: Your Ultimate Guide

As you can see, there are many different bodysuit styles that you can choose from – and that isn’t even our entire selection!

No matter which option you select, however, it’s important that you know how to style these garments into amazing outfits that you can wear while going about your day-to-day life. Read on to learn some ways that you can wear fall outfits with bodysuits to give yourself a look of effortless beauty and luxury!

Layered Luxury for Fall

During the fall months, layering becomes a major part of every woman’s wardrobe.

Layering is also the basis for constructing any outfit from a high-end bodysuit. One way that you can do this is to use the garment as underclothes. Your bodysuit can slip on under a dress or blouse/pants combo in lieu of your usual bra and panties. This will give you a confidence boost while in both casual and professional settings and allow you to feel empowered and invigorated.

However, in non-professional settings, you’ll want to show your bodysuit off to those around you. In this case, there are a few things that you can do.

First, you can pair your bodysuit with a favorite fall skirt or pair of jeans. This will make you appear as though you have a sheer mesh shirt tucked into your bottoms while fitting around your figure in a flattering and comfortable way. Since most of our bodysuits have minimal coverage in the back, you won’t need to worry about panty lines being visible under your clothes.

However, you may also want to layer other garments over the top of your bodysuit. The trick is to cover enough of your body to remain tastefully modest while still showing off the best parts of your bodysuit. Usually, an autumnal shawl or cardigan is the perfect way to accentuate your bodysuit and make it more appropriate to wear in public while still making the style, design, and cut visible.

If you choose one of our more revealing bodysuits like Soire Confidence, you also have the option to layer something beneath them. A high-end tube top or a tasteful bra that provides coverage is a great way to make this design ready to wear on all occasions.

Timeless Floral Pairings

When browsing our designs, you’ll notice that many of them incorporate floral accents. This makes sense when you consider that floral patterns are classics that never go out of style. Every woman looks fashionable and timeless when wearing rose print or delicate mesh flowers.

However, these accents don’t only look good with the delicate flowers that are enmeshed in Selita’s design. Clothes with floral print, lace, and trim look amazing when paired with any mesh or sheer designs made to look like foliage. Savona and Pret-a-Porter, for example, have accents that will stand out when paired with other floral garments. This allows you to draw your entire outfit together.

Match Colors Appropriately

Speaking of Selita, our most colorful bodysuit, it’s imperative that you get the appropriate color bodysuit to match your wardrobe needs. Most of the suits we sell come in multiple colors including black, white, beige, and red. Choose the color that best complements your skin tone and begin fashioning an outfit from there.

Because fall is a time for pumpkins and orange leaves crunching under boots, oranges and reds are the unofficial seasonal hues. Get a pair of orange boots or a burnt-sienna cardigan and you’ll appear timelessly stylish. Use multiple hues of the same color with either a black or white bodysuit to create one of the monochromatic color schemes that’s so en vogue right now.

Additionally, certain patterns should be matched with colors that make sense even when the bodysuit that they adorn isn’t in that color. For example, ‘Ballet‘ is a bodysuit that features large leaf accents down the front. This fall, you may want to pair warm colors with this style such as red, orange, and yellow. This is a great way to mirror the changing leaves on the trees this season.

Start Shopping Today

While there are many garments that allow you to walk around feeling confident and comfortable, none are nearly as versatile or carefully crafted as lace bodysuits. No matter your shape or size, you deserve to treat yourself to one of these exquisite styles and express yourself with layered outfits.

Now that you know some of the best luxurious bodysuits that money can buy, it’s time to start shopping. Browse our online shop to view even more comfortable and gorgeous bodysuit styles that you’re sure to love. From there, you can make a purchase and begin planning the irresistible outfits that you want to wear by layering these garments.