What is the difference between Cosabella Jeans and Jeggings?

Cosabella Jeans are not Jeggings!…..to help you know the difference between Cosabella Jeans and the Jeggings..


Jeggings are: Denim derived leggings made with stretch denim. They are heavier and are in fact jeans.  Jeggings are heavier, take longer to dry, and can be more expensive if they are designer jeggings.


Cosabella Jeans are: Leggings and Tights derived feaux jeans made simply by creating a denim look through different colored fibers and the printing of a jeans image/picture on the tight.


We have 2 types of Cosabella Jeans:

Seamless Jeans: Seamless leaggings with Jeans-like details engineered in the weave. Feaux stitching, and pockets.

Skinnies Jeans: Opaque stretch footless tights that are printed 360 degrees with a picture of washed denim. Dry quick, super lightweight, designer leggings that cost much less that designer jeans/jeggings.


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