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Need some sexy lingerie inspiration? Sarah Loven from Ready Gypset Go recently chatted with Playboy about everything from what makes her feel sexy to what inspires her to travel, but not only!

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Model blogger Sarah Loven on love sexiness and mayhem:

Sarah Loven in Trenta Underwire Bra
Trenta Underwire Bra

Sarah Loven is a free spirit who’s made a career out of her passion for travel, or as she fondly refers to it, wanderlust. Her highly successful blog Ready Gypset Go is a vibrant mix of accounts of adventure, ethereal style shots, and lighthearted musings, documenting the permanent road trip that is her life. Here, Loven gets frisky in fishnets, shot by her partner in crime Joshua Mark, and talks what motivates and moves her.

Sarah Loven in Trenta Underwire bra
Faux Fur & Fishnet

What makes you feel sexy?

I’m totally visually inspired, so I love getting to model looks that I find sexy.

I feel the most sexy when I get to dress in a way that makes me feel confident. I’m such a busy person with work, and when I’m not working, I’m just a home body. So when I get dolled up to go out and get a couple drinks in me, I love getting to be social and let my daily worries fade away. Every girl needs to explore her sexy self through her personal style, I think!

What most inspires you and your blog?

My inspiration comes from every angle! I was raised in an artistic family, so being inspired by the world is really my way of life. It changes often, depending on what culture I’m around, or what part of the world I want to be in. From movies to writing, the fashion industry, to arts and history. Right now I’m so into the 60’s era- the art and the fashion. The french Mod and Beatnik culture. It’s coming out in the way I dress, and my style of photography!

Sarah Loven polaroids in Studio Flo

What’s the wildest adventure you’ve had on the road?

Fall 2016 we decided to be crazy and drive our 31 foot vintage Airstream up the California coast on Highway 1 to get to Big Sur. It was also the middle of the night, El Nino (the storm) was raging, and parts of the narrow 2 lane cliff drive was closed to construction. Need I say more? Haha, it was terrifying and probably the worst idea we’ve ever had. But made for an epic road trip tale to share with people, and a near crash experience to make me really appreciate my life!

What’s the best way a dude could approach you? Or the worst? Hypothetically speaking, of course. What could/should/would a guy do to win you over?

I’ve always been really turned off by guys that approach me with a cocky pickup line or a compliment on my appearance. Honestly, I think the best approach is to just start a genuine conversation! Talk about something that’s happening around you. Be fun and outgoing. I’ve always noticed that guys either think a girl will make the move if she’s interested (which she probably won’t) or that they their self should overcompensate with too much confidence. Neither of those approaches will lead to anything besides an awkward exchange. So just be real, and be the gentleman who does the approaching. I’d be much more open to chatting if I didn’t feel like I was trying to be “achieved” or something!

Sarah Loven in Trenta Underwire Bra
Trenta Underwire Bra features an all-over delicate lace.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Currently…. binging on The Walking Dead until 2 am. I know, I’m late to the party! I’m on season 6 and I only started the show 3 weeks ago! I need my nightly dose of Daryl Dixon.

What makes Ready Gypset Go so successful? What is it like for you running the blog?

Ready Gypset Go is not like other blogs, where I wear an endless stream of clothes and push products in your face. More thought and time goes into it. There’s got to be a quality there. For me, I would rather spend more time making quality content, then spamming everyone’s feeds multiple times a day with forgettable content. I want it to leave an impression, as I’m invested in every part of it. From concept creation to location scouting, styling, directing the photoshoot, editing, and promotion. I start with communication with brands and clients, and I take it all the way to the end result of putting it before my audience. It’s definitely a passion project, and that’s why it’s always growing and changing with me. It’s meant to inspire people as much as I’m inspired by doing it. So much work goes into each shoot, and each photo.

With the change in your branding, what are your plans for the blog’s new direction?

The branding has had a change coming for it for a while now. I knew it was time to say goodbye to the boho style that got me started. I was growing up, and felt that the branding wasn’t in line with my shifting style anymore. RGG has always been designed with the idea that it’s a hub for people to come to, with creativity in every nook and cranny of its pages. It’s sort of like the inside of my mind displayed on the web, made up of pretty photos and graphics, trying to express who I am. It’s important to me that it’s always in sync with who I feel I am at the moment. And these changes have us heading in a new direction- a more playful and sexy direction. I’m highly inspired by vintage couture, old french movies, and European culture. We will leave behind the Stateside roadtripping for more jetset luxe adventures. All of the places that have been influencing my fashion will become the backdrop for our Stories, as I prefer to call them (instead of “Blog Posts”). We will be shooting more editorial, lifestyle content, along with film and video, to create a world based around the daily beauty found in our travel and styling adventures.

Sarah Loven in Trenta Underwire Bra

You have a career that any girl would covet, and your life sounds so exciting. What does a day in the life look like for Sarah Loven?

It starts with attempting to wake up early, and then spending a bit of time on my phone going through my emails, most likely while drinking matcha tea. I usually spend a bit of time on Instagram as well, following up with messages and comments, and interacting with others. If I have to shoot that day, I prep my hair and makeup, style up 1-4 outfits, and we either shoot in our Airstream or head out on location. After a typical shoot we usually go get Boba and a bite to eat, and I’ll again check my emails and social media while chilling at the restaurant. Half the week I am home editing and working on projects. And a lot of the time I’m running errands, picking up things for photoshoots, running product samples back to brands, or heading in and out of LA for events. And I still feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to get done everything I want to do!

With so many highlights in your career, what are some of your favorite moments?

I’ve gotten to connect with so many amazing people, from brands to fellow influencers and talent. Living in LA has been a huge step for taking my blog from cyber world to the real world. I got to make connections face to face, instead of just through email, because so much of the fashion industry is based here. In the last year I’ve started getting involved in bigger projects that I personally love, and that’s so exciting to get to work with the brands I’ve admired for some time. I’ve also begun work on something big for the next year, that started in spring/summer 2016. It’s with someone special who I connected with through my blog, so it’s really awesome that it’s getting to happen. I wish I could tell you the details now, but it’s still under wraps for a little longer! It’s hard to narrow down so many experiences, but whenever I get to experience a new place while traveling, whether it’s the middle of the desert or the coast, it always becomes another one of my favorite memories.

Sarah Loven in Trenta Underwire Bra

If you could raid anyone’s closet, who would it be?

Oh gosh, you know it’d have to be Brigitte Bardot. I’ve always wanted an excuse to dress like her, from her primped looks to her casual wear. She’s such an icon to me, as she seems so effortless while staying true to her style. While watching many of her films, I realized how much I relate to her persona, and it really inspired me to open my mind to new aspects of my own personal style.

What would one find if they raided your closet?

Haha, so much! Well my closet expands to shoe shelves under my bed and shoe filled baskets under my sofa. I’ve got 2 trunks I keep extra clothing and accessories in that I don’t immediately need or aren’t in season. Living in the Airstream has taught me to keep only things that are relevant out and within reach, which is usually products that I need to shoot, or my favorites pieces that I’m going to be wearing a lot. I have so many tee shirts- which is what I usually wear on the daily. My closet is filled with dresses… I’m a dress girl to the max. I never own enough bottoms to make complete outfits, because I always get distracted by pretty dresses when shopping and selecting products. I have hooks on the wall that are overflowing with necklaces. But these days I really only like to go with some simple rings, and delicate layered necklaces. I have too many shoes- velvet being my current obsession. Brand-wise, I’d say I’ve been expanding my Réalisation collection, along with For Love & Lemons, and all the Spell & the Gypsy Collective pieces I’ve been hoarding for years. But a lot of the time, I end up selling my lightly used clothes to maintain space in our Airstream for newer products. It’s hard to let go of things, but it’s also a good practice. I’m not really materialistic after cycling through so much product all the time. Though I dream of having a big closet in a studio someday!

About Sarah Loven: together with her husband Joshua, she developed a unique lifestyle and fashion, fed by their dazzling adventures: make sure to follow their travel diary for everyday inspo on the blog and here!

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