The Ultimate Guide to Finding Pajamas That Keep You Warm and Cozy

Did you know that 74% of Americans sleep in pajamas? By now, we all know pajamas are one of the coziest items in our wardrobes. Pajamas bring that feeling of snuggling under a blanket with a cup of hot tea. 

It should be simple to find a good pair of pajamas. After all, they mainly need to warm and comfy. However, it’s just one of those things that are deceptively difficult and if you’re hunting for the perfect pair of pajamas, then you have a decent amount of options. While it may take a little browsing, you will find the sleepwear of your dreams. Then you can say hello to some amazing sleep and snug times. 

What Makes Pajamas Comfortable?

As winter approaches, the last thing you want to deal with is flimsy pajamas that leave you shivering all night. Our goal is to show you pajamas that are luxurious, look amazing, and still keep that comfort that you’ve known since childhood.

The thing that sets our pajamas apart is that they’re made from Pima cotton. If you’re unfamiliar with fabric made from Pima cotton, then get ready to know the secret to that ultra-soft material that puts sleepwear on another level.

This guide will go through all the best pajamas, but don’t feel guilty if you feel like you gotta add more than one option to the cart. We’re not telling!

All About Pima Cotton 

What exactly makes Pima cotton so luxurious? It’s the longer, silkier individual cotton fibers that are both soft and strong. If you’re tired of fabric that causes pilling, you’re going to love Pima cotton. Pima cotton’s resilience is because of its long fibers, which makes it a durable purchase. 

Our pajamas are made of that amazing pima cotton that will feel like a dream every time you go to bed. These winter PJ sets are going to change your comfy game forever. They’re also available from sizes XS to 3X, so size inclusivity isn’t a problem.

Bella Printed Long Sleeve Top & Pant Pajama Set

These sophisticated pajamas follow that classic pajama style. This set has classic touches of satin binding at the bust pocket and lapel collar. It comes in two cute prints: deep ruby leopard or navy leopard.

Bella Long Sleeve and Pant Pajamas are made of Pima Cotton with fun leopard print!

It has a relaxed fit, and since it’s both a long sleeve top and pants, it will keep you cozy all winter. Caring for it is simple, just wash with cold water and hang to dry.

Bella Long Sleeve and Pant Pajamas are made of Pima Cotton with fun leopard print!

Bella Short Sleeve Top & Pant Pajama Set

These pajamas are is similar to the Bella long sleeve but with short sleeves! Still made of super-soft pima cotton and modal, it’s a comfortable option if you prefer to have the coolness that a short sleeve brings. It also features the same classic touches of satin binding. 

Bella Short Sleeve and Pant Pajamas are made of Pima Cotton, now available in seasonal colors!

There are seven colors to choose from, from anthracite/ivory to navy to deep purple. 

Bella Short Sleeve and Pant Pajamas are made of Pima Cotton with classic front button closure, front pocket and contrast piping.

Bella Long Sleeve Top & Boxer Pajama Set

If you’re looking for a trendy pajama set that comes in nine different colors, a comfy long-sleeve, and some cute shorts, then this set is for you. The top has the same button-up style, but instead of pants, it’s flowy shorts for breathability. 

Bella Long Sleeve and Short Pajamas are made of Pima Cotton in a deep red, perfect for the holiday season!

Bella Short Sleeve Top & Boxer Pajama Set

Do you tend to be one of those sleepers who gets really warm at night? Even during the winter? Maybe you need a pair of pajamas that are breathable. These comfortable PJs have the same comfort as the previous while keeping you cool. 

With six different colors to choose from, these are a great option for all those hot sleepers out there.

Bella Short Sleeve and Boxer Pajamas are made of Pima Cotton to keep you cool and comfortable at night!

Why Invest in Pajamas? 

Now that you know what our picks are for the best pajamas, you should know why it’s time to ditch pajamas made of low-quality material and switch for higher quality options. You may think that any old pair of pajamas will do the job, but the truth is, investing in pajamas is important.

After all, the average person spends 27 years of their life sleeping. Just like investing in a good mattress is important, the right pair of pajamas that last you for years is one of the keys to good sleep. 

Continue reading to learn five other reasons why you should invest in a good pair of pajamas:

1. Pajamas Keep You Warm

Fabrics made of cotton keep you warm. During the brutal winter months, you’ll want to sleep comfortably without worrying about being cold. Many pajamas made of inferior quality material aren’t suited for the winter, so it’s smart to invest in a pair of pajamas that are warm.

Full-length pajamas are the best option for winter months since they’re better for covering more of your body. If you tend to sleep on the warmer side, you can combine different pajamas to fit your needs.

Long sleeve and Pant pajamas are made of Pima cotton are available to keep you warm at night.

2. Loose Pajamas Provide Flexibility

How many times have you had to sleep in something that was a bit stifling? It’s difficult to get a good night’s sleep when you have to worry about being uncomfortable the whole night. The best pajamas are loose and extremely soft, allowing for ultimate flexibility. 

Don’t feel you need to be completely limited to traditional pajamas, there are all kinds of new cozy things like sleep shirts that are sure to satisfy.

You should move and stretch around your bed with no constriction. If your current sleepwear feels suffocating, it’s time for an upgrade. 

A pajama sleep shirt is a good alternative if you are a warm sleeper, now available in deep jewel tones.

3. It’s Time to Treat Yourself

When’s the last time you did a gracious act of self-care? Even if your answer is “five minutes ago”, investing in a good pair of pajamas will improve the quality of your sleep and your life. Even if you think you already own enough pairs of pajamas, then consider gifting a pajama set to a loved one!

Whether you’re treating yourself or someone else, a pair of luxury Pima cotton pajamas are sure to feel like a treat. The good thing about this treat is that it’s long-lasting, so it’ll not only boost your mood, but it’ll last a long time. 

Treat yourself to a luxurious pair of Pima cotton pajamas with contrast piping and front collar detail.

4. It’s Linked to Happiness

While it may sound a little strange, wearing comfortable sleepwear is linked to your happiness! Better sleep means longer sleep, which also means feeling happier.

Also, think about the importance of clothes for a second. Wearing certain outfits makes you feel amazing. Just because few people see you in your sleepwear doesn’t mean you can dismiss it.

This is just a different type of outfit. Going to sleep in comfortable pajamas will have you feeling refreshed.

Your body picks up signals for when it’s bedtime. If you’re putting on luxurious pajamas before bed, you’ll be training your body to associate them with sleep. This is a big benefit if you are someone who has trouble sleeping.  

A soft pair of Pima cotton pajamas in a deep shade of red will bring you happiness!

5. Improve Hygiene

This is another fun fact about a good pair of pajamas, they aid in hygiene! When we go to sleep, our bodies recharge for the next day. At the same time, your skin renews itself and while they may not be harmful, but they can be if they end up in the wrong place. What does this have to do with pajamas? Well, they act as a barrier between you and your bedsheets. Just be sure to give them a proper wash!

Finding the Ultimate Pajamas 

We can all agree that one of the best parts of the day is getting ready to hit the hay. There is nothing like taking off any uncomfortable clothes, taking a nice shower, and putting on a comfortable pair of pajamas. That level of coziness is doubled during the winter. 

While sleep is great in just a plain old shirt, the real upgrade comes from a great set of PJs. Lucky for you, there’s a lot of great options from Cosabella. You’ll be able to feel good, look good, and keep warm this upcoming holiday season. 

If you’re ready to invest in some high-quality pajamas, check out our products!