The Top 10 Thongs You Need!

Why we love thongs (and why you should too):

Thongs are awesome: they make us feel pretty and they’re necessary. Love ’em or hate ’em, thongs are a unique type of lingerie that fill a very specific duty that most other undies can’t. They prevent potentially awkward situations of obnoxious panty lines and help ward off any unwanted attention to our bums. There’s no excess fabric to get scrunched up when we pull up our pants and no uncomfortable pressing of frills and lace on our butt cheeks. What other types of panties can be so comfortable that we sometimes forget we’re wearing underwear at all – while being sexy to boot! Whether you’re a member of the itty bitty booty committee or have a lot of junk in the trunk, thongs are a must-have for every woman.

Cosabella has made a comprehensive list of the thongs you need to start your collection (or grow your existing one). Just like different occasions call for different outfits, your thong
collection needs to be just as versatile. At the end of this post is a cheat sheet you can take with you next time you go underwear shopping.



WHEN TO WEAR: With extremely tight or lowriding bottoms
WE RECOMMEND: NEW SOIRE SHEER G-STRING. New and improved Soire fabric. Low rise G-string features an elastic trim designed in microfiber that allows for a gentler and smoother feel. Triangle detail at center back. Sheer, lightweight, extremely comfortable and undetectable under clothing.


Cosabella thong, cotton thong, best thong
Dolce Thong

WHEN TO WEAR: Anytime! Cotton panties are great go-to’s since the material naturally wicks away moisture to keep you feeling fresh.
WE RECOMMEND: DOLCE THONG. Made from an ultra- soft cotton blend. Stretchy semi-sheer chevron lace detail as waistband offers a comfortable fit. Cotton lined gusset. Medium rise. Minimal rear coverage.


Cosabella thong, mesh thong, sheer thong, seamless thong, lowrider thong
Aire Lowrider Thong

WHEN TO WEAR: Professional settings where a panty line would be an absolute no-no.
WE RECOMMEND: AIRE LOWRIDER THONG. Microfiber mesh, semi-sheer thong. Raw cut. Very smooth and lays flat on the body. No coverage at back. Cotton lined gusset.


Cosabella thong, lace thong, best thong,
Never Say Never Cutie Lace Thong

WHEN TO WEAR: Whenever you need something pretty but functional.
WE RECOMMEND: NEVER SAY NEVER CUTIE LACE THONG. Ultra soft, wide stretch lace band with seamless crotch panel that lays softly on the inside thigh for ultimate comfort. Super soft stretch low rise fit in one size from petite to large. Lined gusset.


Cosabella thong, mesh thong, sheer thong, sporty thong
Metropolis Lowrider Thong

WHEN TO WEAR: When you will sweat a lot, you need breathable fabric that won’t trap moisture.
WE RECOMMEND: METROPOLIS LOWRIDER THONG. Completely sheer thong. Soft elastic as waistband. Allover elastic detail in contrasting trim. Lowrider. No coverage at back. Cotton lined gusset


high rise thong, lace thong, Cosabella thong
Trenta High Waisted Lace Thong

WHEN TO WEAR: When you’re feeling bloated and want extra support to hold your tummy in.
WE RECOMMEND: TRENTA HIGH WAISTED LACE THONG. Seamless Trenta™ lace in a sexy high-rise, retro look thong style bottom. Seamless front panel. Minimal back coverage.


Cosabella thong, lace thong, cute thong
Jolie Printed Lace Thong

WHEN TO WEAR: When you’re feeling fun! Cute prints will perk you up every time they peek through.
WE RECOMMEND: JOLIE PRINTED LACE THONG. From Paul & Joe x Cosabella: One size fits all lace thong. Print from Paul & Joes RTW collection. Lays flat on the body. Cotton lined gusset.


Cosabella thong, shaper thong, shapewear thong, highrise thong
Never Say Never Sexy Shapewear Thong

WHEN TO WEAR: Whenever you need some serious shaping to give you that hourglass figure.
WE RECOMMEND: NEVER SAY NEVER SEXY SHAPEWEAR THONG. Ultra-soft and luxurious. Features wide stretch lace band with mesh crotch panel that lies softly on the inside thigh for ultimate comfort. Power mesh tummy control panel hidden underneath the lace. High-rise panty fit from Petite to XL. Stitched-in cotton gusset.


Cosabella thong, maternity thong, pregnancy thong, cotton thong
Never Say Never Maternity Thong

WHEN TO WEAR: At the first signs of the baby bump, these comfortable thongs will stretch and grow along with your baby
WE RECOMMEND: NEVER SAY NEVER MATERNITY THONG. Cotton thong body with wide stretch Never Say Never™ lace as waistband. Cotton lined gusset. Minimal coverage at back. Made in Italy.


Cosabella thong, Italian lingerie, sexy thong
Ceylon Lowrider Lace Thong

WHEN TO WEAR: If there’s a chance someone might be seeing your panties, make sure they’re sexy and flattering
WE RECOMMEND: CEYLON LOWRIDER LACE THONG. Scalloped lace on front panel. String detail at sides for a sexy effect. Gold hardware detailing. Lace triangle at the back.

Your thong cheat sheet:


Not a fan of thongs?

A common argument against the thong is that some find them uncomfortable. But just as with bras or shoes…anything would be uncomfortable if it wasn’t the right fit for you! The key to finding a comfortable thong? Quality! You need quality fabrics that are flexible and won’t cause irritation,  as well as  high-quality cuts that are both flattering and practical. Find the perfect ones for you here!